Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in several countries . Sending letters and postcards to their loved ones is part of the age old tradition which is also celebrated even in the Philippines.

Dover Halloween Reto Vintage Postcard

This is the time of the year in which halloween is celebrated in many parts of the world. Halloween postcards is popular tool for collectors around the globe.

Far Eastern University Nicanor Reyes Sr. Memorial Building Vintage Postcard

Far Eastern University is one of the colleges and universities that is popular feature in many postcard issuance. Her art deco architectural style was an icon during the times.

Vintage Mount Rushmore Postcard

Mount Rushmore is an iconic monument in South Dakota state of the United States of America. This popular landmark is always featured in postcards, photos and memorabilia items

Vintage 1960’s Manila Postcards

Manila is the gateway into the country. A great place to capture her famous city-views, buildings, ruins, historical places, and aerial views thru the lenses of a professional photographer and mass producing them for tourist market thru postcards.