15th World Building and Construction Expo 2010

Worldbex 2010 or the Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition is Asia’s Biggest and Most Attended construction exposition. It has become an indespensible source of information and technology for the past 13 years. An industry-by-word, WORLDBEX is the scale which Filipinos use to gauge world-class exhibitions.

Date : March 17 to 21, 2010

Worldbex will continue its triumphant display of excellence and leadership in mounting world-class expo for the building and construction industry. Furthermore, it will feature more than a plethora of op-notch and comprehensive products and services in the construction industry.

Why Exhibit at WORLDBEX 2010?

– It is in Worldbex where numerous global ties have been established and various opportunities have been opened for the country’s professionals.
– It is an ideal venue for business.
– It is the proverbial meeting of minds in the international construction industry.
– It is a venue for launching and promoting innovative products and technologies in the building and construction world.
– It expands business-matching opportunities for the big and sall players in the industry here and abroad.
– As a gateway to the expanding Philippine market, it is supported by the industry’s leading organizations and trade offices.
– Expected visitor base of 130,00 with over 800 exhibition booths from 20 countries.

Visitor’s Profile

• Property Developers
• Interior Designers
• Architects
• Engineers
• Contractors
• Trade Professionals
• Product Designers
• Distributors
• Importers / Exporters
• Construction Developers
• Government Representatives
• Consultants
• Direct Corporate Users
• Purchasing Officers


Exhibitor’s Profile

• Building Materials, Equipment and Services
• Construction Materials, Equipment and Services
• Interior Designs
• Renovation Products
• Mechanical Engineering Systems
• Electrical Engineering Systems
• Construction Promotions
• Information Technology
• Telecommunications
• Real Estate
• Housing

Articles from : WorldBEX 2010 website

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