Walking Tour at the 70th Annual Orchid and Garden Show

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak) , Quezon Memorial Circle- Quezon City , Philippines

Pioneer Epoxy 

Pioneer Epoxy is one of the companies that is a partner of the show . This is a wise move on their part, There are people looking for their products whether in their homes or gardens.

  Website : http://www.repchem.com/

It was past 7:00am when i arrived at the meeting / assembly area . After a waiting for at least half an hour . I saw Philip Reyes and a couple of participants joining the walking tour . The group was composed of an interesting mix of people with different background . Mostly bloggers, online writers , photographers and backyard hobbyists .

group of painters

We decided to organized a tour last month when the Philippine Orchid Society had formally announced the date of the show.

participants at the entrance

 We also met fellow blogger Mr. Stan dela Cruz of http://philippinewide.blogspot.com . He was quietly taking photos of the orchids and we had a short but meaningful chit chat .

Allied Botanical Corporation

There was also a group of people  ( a family ) with blue colored shirt from a well-known elite university who seem do not know the proper etiquette while visiting a plant show site. The middle- aged lady began picking the petals of the sunflower , thinking it was nice or artificial.  We then approach the Allied Botanical Corporation booth . The group  quickly fade away as if they had done nothing wrong .

  Boogie’s Koi Garden

Mokaras and Kagawaras mounted on driftwood

These Mokaras and Kagawaras are displayed at the First Bloom Orchids – They have a farm in Laguna and had a corporate office and stall at Sgt. Bumatay in Mandaluyong.

Contact : Ms. Tess L. Batac (0918-5547635)

70th Annual Philippine Orchid Society ingress

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ) Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

Allied Botanical Corporation booth

The 70th annual Philippine Orchid Society’s show had already started . Ingress had started yesterday and for more than 2 months the society had been preparing for the annual show.

Here are some of the early birds and commercial stalls which started their ingress. The show will open tomorrow for special guests and members who shall witness the societies milestone.

This is just a preview of what is upcoming and judging will commence tomorrow from 8:00am until past 12nn, I do not want to pre-empt the judges . This is just a teaser for those who wanted to come and experience the show.

Try to come as early as possible from February 25 , 2016 and  attend the daily lectures and seminars every 1:00pm to March 7, 2016.

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