PHLPOST Issues President Corazon Aquino Second Series Floral Paintings with Scent Stamps

Boracay Room- Sofitel Luxury Hotel , Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Pasay City – Philippines

Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz , Ms. Pinky Aquino -Abellada and Ms. Deedee Siytangco

The Philippine Postal Corporation in observance of former President Corazon ” Cory ” Aquino sixth death anniversary on August 1, A second series of special scented stamps which depicted her lifeworks on her favorite subject matter ” flowers ” was finally launched on July 29, 2015 at the Boracay Room of Hotel Sofitel in Pasay City.

There was a small gallery of stamps and first day covers from the past issuance of PHLPOST. There were 11 such stamps that depicted President Corazon Aquino from 1986 People Power stamps to the current scented paintings on stamps.

As her duties in Malacañang Palace ended in 1992 , a new journey for President Corazon Aquino was invited by a group of friends to join a painting class. She hesitated because , she said, she could not even draw. Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, the eldest child of Cory and the late senator Benigno Aquino Jr. prodded her mother to pursue painting.

painting featured in stamps

” I told her , Come on mom, they’ll make nice gifts’ . It’s not so much the painting but the one who painted it. A painting is also something that you can leave to your children ; it becomes a treasure . Because of my persistence , she finally gave in , ” Ballsy told SELYO ( official magazine of PHLPOST )  in an interview.

SELYO Magazine – July, August , September 2015 issue

A GIFT that MONEY Cannot BUY :

Cory would paint on different surfaces and materials including trays , flat stones , porcelain, canvas and even bags. Painting relaxed her, and it brought her closer to her family. Soon she became enamored with the craft , Cory started giving them away her paintings as gifts to family members, close friends, colleagues in politics and wedding godchildren.

MMDA Chairperson Mr. Francis Tolentino

We also saw Mr. Francis Tolentino during the lunch, he just stayed for a few minutes

According to Ms. Deedee Siytangco, They received their first and only painting by Cory in 1999 when her daughter Ms.Sandeee Marasigan , gave birth to daughter Amanda on January 24- which also was the birthday of Cory Aquino .

L-R Ms. Zyann Ambrosio ( ABS-CBN channel 2) , Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo -(GMA channel 7 ) and Ms. Ina Andolong ( CNN-Philippines)

The event is well covered by major television station and broad sheet like Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin and Philippine Daily Inquirer. I am quite lucky together with Ms. Jimmy Ang ( APO Philatelic Society ) to have the privilege to cover the event .

Ms. Rina Jimenez-David and Ms. Julie Yap -Daza

The former President stood as sponsor at the wedding of Sandee and husband Andrew . She gave them an oil on wood painting of flowers . Famous People like Mr. George Schultz , a former Secretary of State of US President Ronald Regan , remarried , Cory gave him a painting on wood . He send Cory A wonderful “thank you ” note.

Mrs. Teena Sarino and Mr. Jeffrey Consumo

Mr. Jeffrey Consumo is the art instructor for former President Corazon Aquino and her friends. While Mrs. Teena Sarino is one of Mrs. Cory Aquino friends and classmate in painting sessions.

Ms. Ms. Lilia de Lima, Ms. Teena Sarino, Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña , Mr. Ceasar Sarino with Ms. Deedee Siyangco  and Ms. Macaria Leonardo ( standing )

Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña, Metrobank Foundation president, former Cabinet Secretary, said: “Tita Cory played a pivotal role in the development of our country even after her presidential term. She served as Metrobank Foundation chairperson in our board of advisers from 1993 until the time of her demise.  The foundation had purchased Php 100,000 worth of stamps and First Day Covers.
 a short press conference and q and a portion was held Bulong Pulugan sa Sofitel 

Another prominent figure , Brunei royalty , invited Cory to visit even after her presidency . ” She brought him , ” Your Majesty , I know you can buy anything you want but I’m into painting now and I thought I’d give you something that’s not for sale.” She presented him with her painting. They were pleased , and it made mom happy” This was according to Ms. Ballsy Aquino -Cruz. recalled.

ceremonial autograph signing

Cory’s subjects revolved around faces, landscapes, rosaries and most notably flowers.Her favorite subject was flowers. People would say , Your mom really likes flowers ! Yes, she did but she always said she painted flowers because it was the only thing she could paint” ! Ms. Ballsy Aquino -Cruz recalled.

complete set of stamp souvenir, sheetlet and first day cover with cancellation marks

Five different paintings of ” Tita Cory” is included at the special block of 4 stamp and a souvenir sheet. About 400,000 copies in four design of the special scented stamps is printed using imported unwatermarked paper and floral scented ink.  PHLPOST has also printed 50,000 copies of the souvenir sheet at Php 120 each plus 12% VAT.

Here are the link to last year’s stamp launching :

President Corazon Aquino memorabila exhibit at Glorietta


Pinoy Big Brother 737 Controversies Ruled by MTRCB Board

Quezon City , Philippines

hearing conducted by MTRBC

Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) on Thursday ordered the management of reality show “PBB 737” to establish self-regulatory measures, undergo audience-sensitivity seminars, and closely collaborate with the censors’ board.

This come after numerous complaints that supposedly offended the sensibilities of viewers who viewed “Bromance” is a coined phrase for brotherly romance, used to refer to generally non-sexual relationship between two males.

The show earned flak from netizens when an alleged “bromance” between two contestants, 18-year-old Karlo Lorenzo “Kenzo” Gutierrez and 12-year-old Bailey Thomas May was interpreted as “romantic relationship.” With referral number CL-15-06-28BM , the 4 page resolution which was address to ABS-CBN channel 2 and Sky Cable  management .

The  resolution which cite Republic Act 7610, MTRCB resolution ordered PBB to “immediately cease and desist from requiring participants to engage in activities and tasks which may be deemed to be hazardous to their life and safety, or prejudicial to their physical, psychological, emotional, moral, spiritual, and social well-being.”

ABS-CBN channel 2 had likewise decided to stop airing the live-streaming episodes of PBB following the hearings and public clamor .

A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines by Mr. Jim Cootes and Co-Authored by Mr. George Tiong

Mr. Jim Cootes, “A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines”, co-authored with Mr. George Tiong, and printed in glorious full colour, by Natural History Publications (Borneo).

The book combines 35 years of Study on the Philippine DENDROBINAE, (Dendrobiums and it’s close relatives) by these two Celebrated International Orchid Authorities. The book features an astounding 102 Dendrobium, and relatives, species found all across the Philippine Islands, 69 of which are found only in the Philippines!

There are 142 Pages of 247 colorful pictures! And masterfully composed descriptions of some never before seen or photographed newly discovered Philippine Dendrobium species.

A must have of any Orchidophiles (Orchid Lovers), Student, Hobbyists, Naturalists  or Aficionado alike!

Books will be available on for sale on Feb 22nd at the Tropical Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City . Mr. Jim Cootes himself, who shall autograph every copy of these first release books sold on that day only!

Discounted price for just only Php 850.00  with a chance of meeting and having your book autographed by the authors .   A portion of the proceeds helps the cause of Philippine Orchid Conservation and League of Orchid Conservationists – Philippines (Loc- phil)

For orders, Please try to call or email :

Ms. Rowena Aben Daquioag : (0922) 380 7118

2nd Stamp Collector’s Night at Manila Central Post Office

Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita , Manila-Philippines

L-R Mr. Ceasar Sarino, Mr. Willard Cheng , Senator Grace Poe -Llamanzares and Postmaster General Maria Josefina Dela Cruz

November is traditionally celebrated all over the country as ” National Stamp Collectors’ Month ” It is a time where stamp , letter and postcard collectors celebrate the entire month on the big role that Philippine Postal Corporation is playing .  Stamp issuance which promotes art, culture, history , events, flora, fauna and other related events.

Philippine Postal Corporation main lobby

During the 1950’s to 1960’s,1970’s , 1980’s and even up to the early part of the millennium,  different stamp clubs would have a lot of activities held to commemorate the event. There are lectures, stamp competitions, exhibitions , guided tours and swap meets where young and old collectors share their passion.

Quezon Philatelic Society members

I would remember attending events hosted by different stamp clubs – years ago and stamp collectors would be very busy sharing their stamp collections to the public.  Presidential Proclamation Number 494 signed by former President Fidel V. Ramos declares the month of November as National Stamp Collecting Month (NSCM). President Fidel V. Ramos is an avid stamp collector and started collecting stamps during his teens.  Thus he was one of the special guests of honor during last year’s celebration. In a Presidential Decree 490 during the time of President Marcos – He proclaimed November 24 to 30, 1968 as National Philatelic Week.

Mr. Carlos Co and Engineer Ranjo

Here are some of the events that Philippine Postal Corporation will be doing for the entire month:

Pope Francis traveling exhibit with mysteries of the rosary- each beads contain a religious stamps or an event related to a religious event.

However missing in the beads are the 1937 Eucharistic Congress commemorative stamps

Pope John Paul 2 exhibit

Among all the current Popes, Pope John Paul 2 had probably the most number of stamp issuance in almost all post offices in the world. Philippine Postal Corporation had issued several Pope John Paul 2 stamps .

Traveling Exhibits:

With this year’s celebration carrying the theme “PHLPost: Going Beyond Tradition,” highlights of the occasion include the opening of the Papal Exhibit Preview of Pope Francis Souvenir sheet to be held at the Manila Central Post Office (November 10 to 14), Manila Cathedral (November 17 to 21), University of Santos Tomas (November 24 to 28). The exhibit showcase the stamps issues which commemorates Papal Visits to the country.

Stamp Launching:

There are several stamps which will be issued by the corporation this month, This includes 2014 Christmas stamps,On November 7 and 8, respectively, will be the launching and presentation of Waterfalls Stamps, in Tinuy-an Bislig City, Surigao del Sur,  Tindog stamp to commemorate and thank the local and international community  with their help during last year’s Typhoon Haiyan aka Yolanda destruction in Visayas region.

ASEAN stamp design contest winners

The First Place – Mr. Arnaldo C. Ramirez  Jr. of Laguna , Second Place – Mr. Rommer Fajardo from Imus , Cavite and Third Place – Mr. Fangon Tadeo IV of Bustos, Bulacan

First Place Winner- ASEAN Stamp Design contest

The winners of the ASEAN stamp design contest will have a chance to have their winning featured in the stamps- They also got Php 5,000 cash, Php 3,000 and Php 2,000 plus a certificate

First Place Winner- Pope Francis stamp

Unveiling ceremonies of the winners of ASEAN stamp design contest “One Asean Stamp Design Contest (winning design will be sent to Thailand as the Philippine Official Entry to the “Joint Issue of ASEAN Community Commemorative Stamp”), Pope Francis commemorative stamps to be issued by January 2015 . There are 4 winners – 2 professionals and 2 amateurs/ students

unveiling of the 160th anniversary commemorative stamp( FIRST STAMP of the Philippines -Queen Isabel 2 )

closer-view of the commemorative stamps and souvenir sheet

The 160th anniversary commemorative stamp of the FIRST Philippine stamp issued in 1854. It seems that all the stamps issuance would keep stamp collectors very busy collecting them for a while.  I will try to elaborate of these different stamp issuance in my upcoming posts and articles.


Philippine Postal Corporation will be issuing  a brand new Postal ID system with brand new security features . It can also be used to apply for other government IDs. There are scheduled traveling dates in which the public can apply at their regional post offices.   We hope that this brand new security features does not include the increase of the application rates.

Letter Writing Contests:

There will also be the letter writing contest “Salamat Po Letter –Writing Caravan” for elementary and high school students from all over the country.

Partners’ Night:

This is like an appreciation night for all the business partners , suppliers and corporate customers that the corporation is handling.

Stamp Collectors’ Night:

Ms. Elvira Yap Go

Ms. Elvira Yap-Go- President, AnakTV Foundation, Chairman Promotion and Publicity, 51st International Eucharistic Congress  was also there during the stamp collectors’ night. She had a weekly program on NBN channel 4 and the chairperson of the  Columbia International Food Products, Inc (makers of Potchi candy) . The candy corporation was established in 1937.  I had a privilege of chatting with her and she gladly signed an autograph .


Quezon Philatelic Society members,    together with Mr. Willard Cheng and DZMM Sky patroller  Mr. Ricky Velasco and  Mr. Dionne Taeza from Cavite ( far right )

I am quite fortunate to be one of the several stamp collectors invited by to the collectors’ night.   I have seen a lot of familiar faces and well-known personalities during the event.  The biggest contingent was from Quezon Philatelic Society headed by Mr. Stanley Siu which traveled more than 4 hours from Quezon province.

Mr. Willard Cheng was also given a token of appreciation by PHLPOST for being a stamp ambassador and his promotion of the hobby. He is an ABS-CBN channel 2 reporter and have been collecting stamps since he was 8 years-old.  I have met him on several occasions when he was still a student and if my calculation is right , He must been a stamp collector for at least 20 years!

ceremonial autograph signing

Mr. Willard Cheng , Mr. Ricky Velasco and the author

Mr. Ricky Velasco is another ABS-CBN channel 2 ,DZMM reporter and sky-patroller .  When i was holding a postcard of Tacloban , Leyte with some stamps , He told me that his daughter is also a stamp and a postcard collector , I quickly asked her name and i told him that we belong to the same facebook community page which collect , exchange and swap postcards .

Mr. Marc Christian Paul Ison being interviewed by a local television station

I have again met some younger stamp collectors like Mr. Jonathan J. Blaza and his student which eventually became a stamp collector, another is Mr. Marc Christian Paul Ison which also actively promotes philately to his students and amateur stamp collectors.

 stamp collectors and PHLPOST employees quickly take the opportunity to let Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares signed an autograph

Related link to last year’s Stamp Collector’s Night:

Note: Stamp Collectors’ Night is not just one day affair to remember, BUT this is a year-long commitment.  PHLPOST role is not just to cater the local stamp community but  the entire world.  There are still BIG shoes to fit- in and there are still some problems that needed to be address properly .

20 Exciting Reasons to Come to the 35th Manila International Book Fair

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City , Philippines

Senator  Paolo Benigno ” Bam”  Aquino IV is among the several distinguished guests of honor during the book fair.

Manila International Book Fair  is organized by Primetrade Asia, Inc. in partnership with Asian Catholic Communicators, Inc. (ACCI), Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP), Philippine Booksellers Association, Inc., (PBAI) and the Overseas Publishers Representatives Organization of the Philippines (OPRAP).

20. INTERESTING 3-D Postcards

Asiatype Distribution Incorporated sells interesting 3-D postcards at Php 125 pesos per piece. There are over two dozen designs to choose from . The company also distributes maps and they are the ones which published and distributes ” The Rise and Fall of Imelda Marcos ” book for just Php 599.00 . The book also also available in e-book format and Amazon .com sites.  The publisher had printed additional copies second edition .

Ms. Grace F. Lacaste

We all know that it is internet and electronic mail era , but collecting postcards especially 3-D ones are collectibles although it is a bit more expensive compared to the common ones.  The company also have inexpensive hardbound books for sale.

Contact Person : Ms. Grace F. Lacaste

Mobile 0922-876-5075

Direct Line (632) 744-05-75 Fax (632) 744-0506

Address: Suite 113/114 Columbia Tower Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
Mandaluyong City / Telephone No. 7256262 loc. 302


Philippine scenes , festivals and tourist attraction on postcards

Each pack cost Php 125 . The postcards are ideal for sending to important person, promoting the country’s tourist spots and festivals and for collection.

19. Vertical Gardens

I think this is the first time that a plant and fertilizer company is participating in a book-fair. Ramgo Seed and Fertilizer Company eye-caching exhibit which showcase vegetables and DIY starter kits . Their friendly sales staffs are there to answer one question on how to start gardening.

some of the products being sold by the company

  They also have a garden kit with packs to seeds, fertilizer, soil mixture and eco-bags . They are being sold at Php 400 . I bought some slow release  and water soluble fertilizer packs before leaving the booth.

Office Address: Maybunga, Pasig City , 1607 Philippines

Outlet Store: 33 General Lim St., Heroes Hills,Quezon City, 1104 Philippines

Contact Numbers: +63(2) 641-6808    +63(2) 642-5828
+63(2) 643-8482    +63(2) 642-5804
+63(2) 643-8883    +63(2) 642-2810



There are several booths in which visitors can post small messages and thought. There are also interesting slogan message like ” Oppose Piracy ” especially on books and other intellectual properties .

Oppose Piracy slogan

17.  Komikon , Comics

I am glad that organizers of Komikon were invited by the organizers. Their booth gave away interesting comics made by Filipinos .

16. Pocket Events and Simultaneous Events

There are a lot of pocket events organize by the booth tenants from book launching, meet and greet with book authors, on the spot contest , promos , seminars , free lectures and there are also 2 other events which are also happening at the SMX Convention center.  Digitech 2014 and the Best of  Anime.

15. Technology and Science

Edutech  had partnered in providing a software application program for tech savy people to be updated with the on-going MIBF event.

Data Science Technology Corporation are among the companies which showcased their latest technologies and partnered with the organizers. Data Science Technology Corporation meanwhile sponsors qualified students to the International Robotics Olympics to be held in Beijing , China.

They also have an interesting black globular shaped exhibits which teaches young visitors to the site about the galaxies and planets.

DSTC Booth

They also have a 3-D printer available.



Goodwill Bookstore Philippines

There are 2 Goodwill Bookstores at the fair . One is my favorite and suki bookstore which sells quality books and cheap postcards . The store manager of their Greenhills, San Juan branch ( Bridges) gave me some complimentary tickets.  NOW that is a touch of GOODWILL !


  Goodwill Publishing Company which is based in New Delhi , India .

The company had a lot of children books , coloring books and dictionaries . They are open for local distributors .

G-1A, Rattan Jyoti Building, 18 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008, INDIA

Tel.: +91 11 25820556/25750801/ 25755559/25720209/25755519

Fax: +91 11 25764396/25763428



Charts Unlimited provides good educational start -up learning tool for children and pre-school teachers.  The charts are colorful and helps young students in their needs. What is nice about the materials ( teaching aids ) are manufactured locally and thus also helps local industry .

12. Educational Toys and Play Items

Gentle Star Trading Company had several outlets in well-known malls in Metro Manila . They have several educational toys. Worth to visit their store for an early Christmas shopping .

11. Science Made Easy

Uchida Yoko Science booth showcases how science works. A small hand crank tool which can generate energy in form of electricity . The tools and educational materials are from Japan . The booth is highly interactive with visitors . The company is involved in a wide range of activities that promote ICT education. In addition to providing educational support tools such as computers and projectors which make it easier to conduct lessons


10. VCD, DVD’s Bargain SALE

They are not the pirated ones being sold in Quiapo or Divisoria,  but these are educational DVD’s and VCD’s for sale !  The target market are for students and schools .

9.  Unique Stationeries and Other Office Supplies

These stationeries and notepads  are unique and offering different quotes like ” Stuffs To Do On Filipino Time” ,  “I Beg to Deter!”  or simply ” Salamat ” . They are cute and ideal giveaways this coming Yuletide season.

8.  Meeting New Friends and Acquaintances

At the 35th MIBF trade fair , Meeting new friends and networking is one way when going to a trade fair. We were met by friendly staffs and managers of Biblica Publishing and Distribution Foundation . The company sells bible and new version like Salita ng Dios ( Tagalog version ) They also have other version in different languages  . The book is being sold at Php 115.00 during the MIBF event . The company is also open to distributorship .

Contact Person: Mr. William Roy Lim


Address: Unit  201Benelisa Mansion , 223F Roxas street corner 4th Avenue Grace Park, Caloocan City

7. Pope Francis to Meet and Greet

Jesuit Communications Foundation booth had exhibited Pope Francis in their booth. Visitors can take photos and buy some of his published books about philosophical views and works.


Contact Information:

6. Freebies , Raffles and On- the- Spot Games

There are several booths which offered a lot of freebies, discount prices , on-the spot raffle and contests to the visitors .  Jehovah’s Witnesses gave away reading materials to the visitors of their booth.
5. Interesting Exhibits and Company Displays
Coming to the book fair is not just an intellectual treat but also a visual treat . The booth and company exhibits excites every visitors .  Rex Publishing Company is an example of such visual treat.
smallest books are displayed by the company  (3.3 x 3.3 mm ) only !!!
Many visitors would stop at their booth and marvel at their collection of small and large books ! They recently opened a Book Museum Ethnology Center in Marikina City .
Almost all of the miniature books were from the personal collection of Atty. Dominador D. Buhain .
collection of largest and smallest book on display
The museum can be visited from monday to saturdays.  It is advisable to make some reservations or bookings before the appointed schedule of visit.
Book Museum Ethnology Center
Address: 127 Dao Street Marikina Heights , Marikina City
Contact information : 570-44-49
5. CUTE Mascots on Parade
There were a lot of mascots during the event. They serve as goodwill ambassadors of their respective companies. Some of them gave some freebies and gave the visitor a chance to have their photos taken .
mascots were part of the pocket book launching
scribbler art
Dong-A company had recently sponsored a scribbler art contest or pen art in which students from different schools had participated  . The award- winners of the pen arts were exhibited .
students and visitors having a fun time doing graffiti on wall
4. Graffiti and Scribbler Art
People who visits the ongoing book fair will be welcome by  a giant tarpaulin poster .

3. Organization and their Advocates

  Yoga and Indian Philosophy promotes healthy living , yoga and even incense . Their office is located in Cubao, Quezon City .

Goethe Institut- Philippines

Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.

The Institute  promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation.  They also convey a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany’s cultural, social and political life.


Goethe-Institut Philippinen
G/4-5/F Adamson Centre, 121 Leviste St., Salcedo Village ,1227 Makati City, Philippines

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1744
Makati Central Post Office
1257 Makati City, Philippines
Tel.+63 2 8405723/+63 2 8405724/+63 2 8170978
Fax:+63 2 8170979

Mr. Chingkee Tan – A lifestyle and motivational speaker with his latest book ” Secrets of the Rich and Successful ” . The book is being sold for just Php 100 at the fair.

I met him several years ago at the Philadelphia High School in Quezon City in one of his book launching ” Till Debt Do as Part” in December 6, 2008 . The book is one of his best sellers .

Here is the link or the previous article :


2.) Celebrity Authors Meet and Greet

Bibliophiles troop to the annual book fair to show support to their favorite authors . It is a also a time where one can get their books sign and autograph and get their photos taken with their author.

Ms. Ilsa B. Reyes together with Ms. Maria Rona Beltran

DZMM radio host , Health and Self Love author Ms. Ilsa B. Reyes . The book is being sold in all Saint Paul Bookstore outlets for just Php 100 each.  Saint Paul gave 10% discount and buyers get a chance to have their book signed by the author.


I have a chance to acquire a book and will give my book review in the coming weeks.

C and E bookstore

C and E Publishing Company gave up to 90% discount on selected books .


1.) Bargain Books and Great Finds

books being sold for just Php 10 each

Great Discounts for all the books, school supplies , instructional materials and even fertilizers ! Discounts can range from 10% to as much as 90% !!!!


The 35th Manila International Book Fair had come a long way since its humble beginnings.  We saw several international book publishing companies joined the annual fair.

Note: There is a small entrance fee of Php 20 general public and Php 15 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s