Agri-link 2011-Integration: Key to Sustainable Agriculture

This year Agri-Link 2011 was opened by Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala has extended his welcome to Mr. Willy Co as this year’s Agri-Link chairman, citing Co’s expertise in localized breeding for tropical vegetable seed and his numerous, successful field programs.

Hon Proceso Alcala, Mr. Willy Co ( Allied Botanical Corporation) and important VIP’s graced the opening ceremonies at the World Trade Center

Co-organizer for the event is Ms. Dulce Gozon of the National Onion Growers Cooperative Marketing Association.
In cooperation with LGUs, Co had partnered with Alcala, then congressman for Quezon, in the ‘Aral Saka,’ aimed at helping farmers improve their farming technologies and create their own produce, which have enabled the Quezon province to produce all types of vegetables.

Opening day speech introduction at the World Trade Center

These programs have since been replicated in farms like Isabela, Pangasinan, Cebu and even urban areas like Quezon City.

Entrance to the Agri-Link  2011  exhibition

Mr. Co is also a multi-term Philippine Seed Industry Association president and the first and only Filipino president of the Asia and Pacific Seed Association.

Allied Botanical Corporation exhibit booth at the World Trade Center, Pasay City

ABC has set up localized breeding programs for vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds along with hybrid rice. ABC’s 23-hectare research facility conducts breeding, screening, testing and distribution of different crop seed varieties that have high yield, resistance to diseases and pests as well as improved adaptability to specific geographical and tropical conditions. These inputs enhance the farm’s sustainability, improve their income and provide healthier food for consumers.

Alatone Plastic Company

Alatone Plastics, Inc.was founded in 1969; emerge as one of the first companies in the Philippine industry of manufacturing plastic products. Its production plant is located at # 7 Industry Rd. 1, Araneta University Village, Potrero, Malabon City. Its humble beginnings started by manufacturing only two items, pails and basins. At present, Alatone Plastics is engage in producing various sizes of commercial items ranging from utility cans, baskets, chairs, dish drainers and real heavy-duty crates for the industrial market. From its very humble beginnings, Alatone Plastics diversified and expanded its product line. Today, dealers and end users know Alatone Plastics for its durability and elegance, a trademark that made them sought after.


This year’s theme, “Integration: Key to Sustainable Agriculture,” emphasizes the significance of a holistic, integrative approach—from production system down to consumer households—towards a more efficient, productive, profitable and self-sufficient Philippine agriculture.

Allied Botanical Corporation is also a top seed wholesaler in the country

Foundation for Resource Lin-kage and Development (FRLD) president Antonio V. Roces ex-plains: “The integration of environment friendly yet effective farm and post-production technologies, government inputs, comprehensive marketing strategies, efficient networking systems and other support services will empower farmers and stakeholders of small and large agribusinesses to better adapt to the needs of the time.

B -Meg rooster mascot-

Daily lectures and technology transfer is the greatest linkages that this show had provided with multitude of people from all walks of life went to this show.

Sagrex Fertilizer Company

Sagrex Corporation
office and Warehouse in Davao City and Gen. Santos City. Sagrex Corporation (Sagrex) epitomizes the edge of innovation and its relevance in today’s world. Formerly known as “Southern Agro Export Corporation,” the company set out in 1980 to engage purely in the trading of agricultural products and inputs. In the span of three decades, Sagrex has evolved into a conglomerate of inter-linked operations that led to the current challenge it is now tackling – gearing up for the world food market.

Sagrex started out as a local trader of copra coffee beans and sugar. The company next ventured into the consolidation of volumes of castor seeds, cotton seeds and pineapple and banana degum fiber for exportation to Japan and Germany. After Eight (8) years, the company decided to venture into importation and distribution of NPK Soluble foliar fertilizers when it was awarded the Philippines exclusive distributor of GrowMore, Inc; a California based manufacturer of micro-nutrients.

Environment buttons on sale

Security Issue

There are reported incidence of theft in the retail section of the exhibit , one Filipino- Chinese businessman reportedly lost two cell phones, and an undetermined amount of cash and important documents such as ID’s and credit card. There was also another person who lost a laptop , while another trade exhibit guest also lost an undetermined amount of cash .

It is also important that the public must know that theft and pickpocket is not just confined in one area . according to one of the victim “The pickpockets, might be working in teams, apply distraction, such as bumping into the victim. These distractions sometimes require sleight of hand, speed, misdirection and other types of skills.

I hope that the organizers and WTC, Pasay City would seriously look into this matter!

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