Angelina Taruc Farm

Clean and  Green Foundation in partnership with Philippine Orchid Society, Smart Communications and the government of General Nakar in Quezon.

The group went to Rizal, Laguna and Quezon for exploratory expedition to survey the remaining plant habitat last August 20 to 21, 2007.

The group met at the Manila Seedling Bank and the group went to the rolling hills, fertile plains of Antipolo and parts of Rizal.

Before heading to General Nakar, the convoy decided to visit the farm of Mrs. Angelina Taruc in Baras Rizal.

Dendrobium anosmum aka sanggumay and Hoya pubicalyx

We were met by the caretaker of the farm and showed us what available plants that were on sale. Most of the farm are is dedicated to growing different orchids genus namely Dendrobium hybrids, Cattleya hybrids, Mokaras, Kagawaras, Oncidiums, Terete Vandas and native orchids such as Dendrobium anosmum and Hoya pubicalyx were naturalized on the acacia trees fronting the main entrance.

Brassavola nodosa hybrids

The group went into a buying spree and reserved a lot of important cut flower varieties and promise to come back after the 2 day exploratory trip to Quezon. Some of the semi-terete Vanda orchid mounted on kakawate driftwoods were bought by the Clean and Green Foundation for a discount.

a yellow cattleya hybrid

Being familiar with the group, the caretaker obliged to reserve some plants. The farm was said to be the main source of plants in the Rizal region. Wholesalers and retailers who had small plant and landscaping stores within the vicinity of Rizal are the frequent buyers, but according to the caretaker, they also encounter buyers from as far away as Quezon, Laguna and Bicol region.

The farm also produced several varieties of ferns, ornamental plants and gardening equipment and fertilizers.

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