Senior Citizen Garden launched to the Public

Senior Citizen Garden , Luneta Park, Manila -Philippines

Department of Tourism Secretary Mr. Ramon Jimenez, Filipino- Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry board members,  Architect Elizabeth H. Espino

The Department of Tourism ( DOT) and the National Parks Developement Committee (NPDC)  opened to the public the Senior Citizen Garden launched to the public on February 24, 2014 .

 Father Shitol Costa led the opening prayer

senior citizens dressed in traditional Filipinana dress

The Senior Citizen garden , which can be found near the Musical Dancing Fountain. The area was designated for seasoned park visitors as an area which can be used for various activities such as aerobic dance classes , zumba classes, ballroom dances, traditional folk-dances  and get-together .

senior citizen dancing traditional Filipino dance

The senior citizen garden is open for 24 hours . The garden had beautiful landscaped areas, a place for relaxation and a venue area which is ideal to celebrate events and meetings.

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