8th I-Blog Philippine Summit- Day 2

Day 2 ( May 26, 2012 )

Malcolm Building – College of Law, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

I arrived early at around past 7:00 am on the second day of the 8th i-Blog Summit . I saw some friends and early birds congregating at the lobby of the building.

Mr. Rem Tanauan an inspirational blogger and  Mr. Raymond John S. Naguit a UST nursing graduate , writer, blogger

The first speaker is Mr. Rem Tanauan, He is seated beside me before the lecture the  Soul of Blogging focuses on how to tap this deep inspiration to write, share and blog. He was very engaging to talk with .  He advocates for the more philosophical take on love and how we can find it even in the most non-conspicuous of places. After his inspirational talk , we manage to talk with this guy.

Ms. Janette Toral

Website : http://www.janettetoral.com/

Bloggers who decided to take this craft seriously will later on realize that the blogosphere, like any other industry segment, has its own share of politics.

She again made a comment which delighted most of the participants ” Walang Basagan ng Trip ” !

Here are some of the sub-topics discussed by Ms. Toral:

  1. Identity Building (give time for bloggers to grow first 20 blog post and finding voice)
  2. Freebies and Give-away ( as much as possible do not ask for loot bag )
  3. Free domain (Don’t rule as out. Having a domain name doesn’t make anyone better than those in free sites.)
  4. Tyrant bloggers
  5. Group politics (we need “tribes”)
  6. Blog marketing,paid blogging and social media consultants competition.
  7. Blacklisting
  8. Blogosphere or Egosphere
  9. Cyber-bullying
  10. Mob-Thinking

After the lecture, She had a few minutes of Q and A among the participants of the summit.  Some of the popular questions :

1.) As an event organizer , what can we do when we see people and bloggers came to our event UN-invited ?

2. ) Do we need to treat bloggers and the traditional  media the same ?

3. ) Loot bags and other perks of a blogger

A short mid- morning break was sponsored by MC Donald- Philippines . This allows blogger participants  to mingle with each other and have some time for photo opportunity with the speakers .

Dr. Wendell Glen Cagape

E-mail: wendellglenncagape@gmail.com

Website : http://www.journeysandtravels.com/

Dr. Wendell Glen Cagape is from Pagadian City , Mindanao. He worked as a senate staff and studied  graduate study program in Foreign Service from the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

He was a guest speaker and presenter at the 2010 XIV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies entitled, “Indigenizing English Instruction in the Classroom: Issues, Challenges and Innovations”. Dr. Cagape is also the Board Secretary of the JH Cerilles State College. He used to oversee the academic policies and its implementation on courses like Law, Nursing, HRRM, and Information Technology.

                                                                                                                   Mr. Bien Eli Nilos, M.D.

Dr. Bien Nilos is a  medical doctor by profession , a professor in University of Saint La Salle and  a part time blogger.

  1. What is Public narrative?
  2. How we FEEL about something influences what we THINK and what we DO!
  3. Dialogue of the heart
  4. What’s stopping you from taking action?
  5. How to use stories to attract and engage more readers to your articles,books and newsletter.

Mr. Marcelle Fabie

Here are some of his tip :

  1. The best material comes naturally! (even if your comedic voice doesn’t.)
  2. Write about what you love! (And find the reasons why!)
  3. Write about what you hate! (And exaggerate the annoyances.)
  4. Write about what scares you. (And absurdity what you don’t get)
  5. Know your memes (They will serve you well)
  6. Just look around you! (Let real life write the jokes for you.)
  7. The Rule of three (And the basic comedy standby’s.)
  8. Write in list format. (So you know where you’re going.)

Mr. John Henrix as a role model

  Everyone in the audience got a sample of his comedy skits and funny voice ! There is never a dull moment in his  lecture that brought the house down .

After his lecture , We ate lunch sponsored by Mc Donald- Philippines.

Mr. Noel Feria

Mr. Noel Feria is a graduate student of the  UP College of Education  specializing in Educational Technology. He finished his undergraduate degree of BLIS from the UP School of Library and Information Studies. He is now currently employed as a graduate research assistant at the UP Department of Computer Science , lecturer at the UP School of Library and Information Studies ( UP SLIS ) , lecturer at the UP College of Education , short course trainer at the UP Information Technology Training Center  ( UP ITTC ), and course ware administrator of the Java Education & Development Initiative Project ( JEDI ).

blog : http://noel.feria.name/Site/Main.html

Ten reasons why EDU- Blogging is FUN

  • Blogging is educational
  • Blogging builds a network of online (and offline) community
  • Blogging as a process of reflection.
  • Blogging is a way for knowledge and skills sharing.
  • Blogging is a tool for motivation
  • Blogging changes viewpoints
  • Blogging expands horizons
  • Blogging spreads like wildfire
  • Blogging is fun fun fun
  •  There’s no number 10

Mr. Victorino Q. Abrugar

Website: http://businesstips.ph/

Mr. Victorino Q. Abrugar  is a Certified Public Accountant and a business consultant from the Philippines.

His topic is to guide aspiring bloggers on ensuring that their blogs will become competitive amidst the tough competition in the blogosphere.

Mr. Jeoffrey Solas

Blog : http://theteacherisblogging.blogspot.com/

Mr. Jeoffrey Solas – BS Management from Centro Escolar University as One of Five (5) outstanding Students and One of Five (5) Model Presidents while granted with full-scholarship grant and with various academic and leadership citations. Currently I’m pursuing my MBA from De La Salle University, and completed my accreditation as one of the few Certified Digital Marketers by Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP).

Aside from his professional affiliation , He is also active in The Love Yourself, Inc. , Purposeful Stewardship Institute (PSI) , Blogger Society and more , The Teacher Is Blogging (TIB).

Engineer  Grace Bondad Nicolas

   Engineer Grace Bondad- Nicolas is working as a Project Engineer for House and Building Construction-Political Blogger under Blogwatch.tv and Mulat Pinoy-Columnist under Klipping Times (a local newspaper circulating at Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Quezon)- Philippine Information Agency IV-A Regional Media Coordinator under the Office of the President Communication Group- Human Rights Advocate

Blogsite: http://www.empoweredgrace.blogspot.com/

Her topic was Social Media in Business and Advocacy.  Her topic was based on her personal experiences on  why did she started blogging , business and social networking and promotion of her construction and interior decoration thru her blogs.

Mr. Jeoffrey Solas, Engineer Grace Nicolas and Mr. Carlos Angelo Gonzales

     The three presenter were  on hand to answer the queries of the participants before the afternoon break, the afternoon snacks  was provided by Mc Donald- Philippines.


   Atty. JJ Disini

website: http://www.disini.ph/bespin/

He presented  to the participants  that in the United States copyright  infringement law states  that fair use means that one can copy 5% or 200 words of a work, whichever is less. Internet marketing plays a vital role , securing DTI permit and other government agencies is also very   important.He cited some examples like promotion, sales, marketing and discount .

After his presentation ,  He was swarm with a lot of questions from the participants with regards to the legality and copyright issues  from photography, music, movies, posters , on-line promotions.

Nurse Alvin Cloyd Dakis

Nurse Alvin Dakis is a registered nurse  founder of  Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA), a national organization of nurse advocates. He is also a blogger & youth and is a health blogger. He had a lot of advocacy  and even gave stern warnings to those who would like to venture into health blogging. Recent events like those unscrupulous bloggers posting pictures of people inflicted with HIV and AIDS  like  patient confidentiality was already violated.

As the 8th I-BLOG summit  drew to an end, items like 8th i-Blog t shirts , USB , I-POD , refrigerator magnets , Multi-Vitamin Packs , gift certificate and among others   were raffled -off courtesy of TV channel 5, Unilab, Villar Foundation , Sulit and other sponsors and donors of the event.

group picture taken after the summit

Ms. Janette  Toral and  Mr. AXL Guinto

Ms. Janette Toral and Mr. Raymond John Naguit

group picture after the end of the summit

It was very hard to say goodbye to all those new found friends and old acquaintances , from my tour guiding buddies , travel and lifestyle bloggers.  I think with this year’s memorable experience and tons of information , i will surely mark the 9th i-Blog Summit in my calendar ! Kudos to all the organizers, secretariat , volunteers , sponsors and other people behind this summit !

Maraming, Maraming , Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay ang mga Filipino Bloggers !

Try to visit the 8th I-Blog Summit Day -1 Link:



i-Blog : http://iblogph.org/

Mc Donald – Philippines : http://www.mcdonalds.com.ph/

Sulit.com.ph : http://www.sulit.com.ph/

Villar Foundation : http://www.villarfoundation.org/

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