Team Tanders versus Team Pia at Tree Top Adventure in Baguio

Tree Top Adventure is a great destination for outdoor activities and team building sessions.

Tree Top Adventure -Baguio

Team Tanders¬†comes from the word ” Matanda ” or Old . ¬†( term use for older person, elder bloggers, heritage bloggers ) were coined by the members of the team compose of the author , Ms. Cha Sy, Mommy Cheryl Luis , Sir George Nava True , AXL Guinto , Wilmar Nicolas Duldulao , Clint and out team leader Mr. Orlee Pasion . However, not everyone will agree, since Sir Ver Garcia ( seasoned journalists and blogger ) was part of ¬†Team Pia .

This was the first activity that the team did when we arrived at the Tree Top Adventure after  eating our breakfast last March 25 around past 10:30 am .

FB page of Mr. Allan Gokongwei

Team Pia ( Confidently Beautiful and Handsome Dynamic Young Bloggers ) was coined by their team leader and members .  This is like a friendly competition.

visitors must undergo briefing and orientation 

Team Building Challenges 

This is not your typical team building activity which involves rock climbing , running around on trails and shouting out loud . Each Team is given 3 tries .We had to finish each activity with the fastest allotted time period. We have 8 challenges plus 1 cheering competition a total of 9 challenges .

The first challenge was the cheering game.

View Deck

Our second challenge was held at the view deck area РIt is called ABC or Alphabet challenge -Standing back to back with the other team members, each must recite the letters of the alphabet in proper sequence at the shortest possible time.  Our team took us about 27 second in our first try , 15 second in our second try and 11 second in our last try.

photo courtesy of Mr. Orlee Pasion

Bar Lift Balance Рteam effort and proper coordination is required. There are marbles  that are need to be lifted . this is our 3rd challenge.

LOOP LIFT -Using only your index fingers, each team member tries to lower a loop until a certain height, practicing team patience and coordination.

 Team must transfer the loop to the other station without the marbles dropping. We finish the first 4 challenges with less time compared to the other team .

 We went back at the Azalea to eat lunch and return after 1 hour and completed 5 more team challenges.


 facilitator briefing the group
Gem Drop involved hand , feet and mind coordination.  Using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible- In this case, using only one hand in holding the rope.  Our group manage to get 26 minutes and 36 seconds . Team Pia got them at 39 minutes and 12 seconds
Kamikaze airplane see-saw
Team See Saw– This will surely test your balancing , coordination of weights . Our best time was just 9 seconds, while the other team got 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Plank Step–¬†Team members must travel from one station to another without touching the floor using only the planks provided. Team Tanders manage to finish the race by just a hairline time of 6 minutes and 32 seconds while Team Pia manage to clocked in at 6 minutes and 42 seconds.
pipeline- photo courtesy of  Allan Gokongwei 

Pipeline ‚Äď ¬†Team members are given pvc pipes which they would use to transfer a ping pong ball from one station to another without letting the ball fall to the ground using only one hand .

treasure map

Treasure Hunt ‚Äď quick mind thinking and speed. Team members are given pieces of a map that they need to form to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the treasure. Then a word ( Over 10 scrambled eggs ) was the final answer . Team Pia members was able to get the wooden idol just beating Team Tanders by few minutes .


Team Tanders – Won almost all the team challenges except for 3 challenges , Cheering- 74% Team Pia and 73% Team Tanders. Overall – Team Tanders got 854 points followed by Team Pia

This was announced last March 26 at the board room of Azalea Hotel and Residences.

Reflections and Moral Lessons

There were some mix emotions before the winners were announced. Some members of Team Tanders thought it was Team Pia who won the overall team building challenge . We all did our best and just enjoyed the team building activities.

Just as what out team leader Mr. Orlee Pasion said ” STOP, LOOK and LISTEN “. We may have our differences , but as a team settling our differences , combining our talent, communication, intelligence and patience -Makes Wonders.

That makes this team building activities closer. All of us became friends at the end of the journey .

Thru this team building challenge organized by TAGMedia , Tree Top Adventure , Azalea Hotel and Residences and Pinoy Bloggers Baguio Weekend Getaway.

group photo at Azalea Hotel ( courtesy of Mr. Orlee Pasion )

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374 442-0800
M: +63932 404-1112

For more update please follow Tree Top Adventure’s Social Media Accounts




hashtag: #treetopadventureph


Spooktacular Tour of Diplomat Hotel

Dominican Hill, Baguio City -Philippines

It was May 18, 2016 when Azalea Hotel management , travel , fashion and lifestyle bloggers conducted a tour this spooktacular place. This place is considered by a lot of residents and people with third eye as one of the spookiest if not the most haunted place in Baguio.

main building – Diplomat hotel ruins

This is my second time to visit the place . This first visit was before was around 2011 . Unfortunately , Most of the photos were lost when our computer unit got infected with virus which destroyed all the valuable photos . The place is a lot cleaner compared the last time we have visited the place .

historical marker

Some locals would say that it was the location which made the place attracted to negative energy . Some residents also told us that the site might have been used as a burial place during its early days-( however , the author would not have verified if this is true or not) .

Hotel Diplomat side walls

There were also large pine trees which add a certain aura to the haunting experience of the place.   The ground have planted bed of annual flowering plants, blooming at this time of the year.

photo exhibit


The Dominican Order in the country decided in May 1911 to construct a vacation house on top of what was later called the Dominican Hill. Its good location and mild climate , makes it an ideal school and retreat house in Baguio City.

The total land area is about 17-hectare property that the Dominican acquired from the previous American owners. Construction works was believed to have started in 1913 under¬† Father Roque Rua√Īo and the¬†building was inaugurated about¬†two years later on May 23 , 1915¬†¬†. To take advantage of tax exemptions, a school called Collegio del Santissimo Rosario was opened in June 1915¬† to 1918 . A period of a little over 2 years.

cross on top of the building and surrounding hills


The Dominican building is considered first and grand house or edifice with reinforced concrete cement and had a water collecting devices from its roofs .  The building was an example of classic architectural design which illustrates massive fortress  and protective like character in response to pirates and marauders. There is a fusion of European church designs, blended local materials and motifs. Architecture style infused the consideration of the geologic condition of the city.  This is also the first hotel in the country and even in Asia to have cross atop of gabled main entrance.

history of the place

Japanese Occupation

The building compound was briefly occupied by the Japanese forces from 1942 to 1945 .  The Japanese had made the compound as its headquarters and command a vantage point of the city . There were many nuns , priests and children which were killed within the courtyard of the school and its grounds.

courtyard with fountains

There were two courtyard with multi-tiered fountain , This is also one of the sites where babies , nuns , priests some residents met their untimely death when the Japanese killed and bayoneted them. The fountain waters turned red with the blood coming from the dead people killed during the occupation.

There were also reports of some nuns and local that were raped within the main building during the brief occupation by the Japanese.

The Americans which liberated the city had to drop bomb on April 1945. The building was restored and rebuilt from later part of 1945 to 1947 .

Post War Era

Diplomat Hotels, Inc. started to administer the property in 1973. The old convent was remodeled into a 33-bedroom hotel without completely eradicating its Dominican ambiance.

Mr. Antonio ” Tony ” Agpaoa conducts a psychic surgery ( photo gallery of the hotel )

The large white stone cross was retained. Antonio ‚ÄúTony‚ÄĚ C. Agpaoa ( 1939 to 1982) , an entrepreneur ,psychic surgeon and spiritual healer managed the hotel and received his local and foreign patients in it.

room where Mr. Tony Agpaoa would conduct his faith healing activities

Agpaoa became famous for psychic surgery, using his bare hands to ‚Äúoperate‚ÄĚ on his conscious patients without leaving a trace of any incision. He had been branded as a hoax¬† by some skeptic and non-believers.¬† His spirits still linger at the room where was healing his patients.


Historical Landmark

From the PMS, the property was conveyed to Baguio through TCT No. T-85948 in 5 April 2005. The Deed of Conveyance and City Resolutions provided for the rehabilitation of the old building and the development of the property into a park by obligating the city. The entire property was declared as a historical site through City Resolution No. 168, series of 2013.

this is one of the rooms where there are ethereal sightings


Mr. Samuel Joshua Baliwan Likigan is an officer of the day and a volunteer tour guide which help some of bloggers understand the rich history behind this heritage site.

Our group finally bid farewell to this heritage site and many of us wish to come back .

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  • Personal communication with residents near the hotel
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A Memorable Encounter with Mr. Ben Cab at Ben Cab Museum

Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet province 

The BenCab Museum is a project of the BenCab Art Foundation, a non-stock organization that supports activities related to the arts and environment. There are 12 founders of the organization and Azalea Residences together with group of media , bloggers and Instagram users visited the museum.

Ben Cab Museum facade

The museum and the restaurant is getting a lot of positive reviews from both local and international travelers . There is also an Eco- Trail , where one can visit the forested area for 2 to 3 hours trek to at least half day trek.  There is an additional fee for the tour guiding, briefing and trek .

an ifugao hut , native hut and forested area 

The forested area were planted with pines and other native trees  by Mr. Ben Cab and his artists friend . Although there is a portion of the property where non-native trees species ( like mahogany  and african tulip trees ) and exotic ornamental plants like bromeliads are incorporated in the landscape .

back portion of the museum 

trip advisor and visitor’s guide

Among the well-known personalities who form part of foundation included Mr.¬†Benedicto ‚ÄúBenCab‚ÄĚ Cabrera ‚Äď Founder , Mr. Rico Hizon ( television and international anchor ) , Mr.Bobby P. Gopiao ( bonsai and antique furniture collector ) , Professor Ambeth Ocampo ( historian, professor , author and columnist) among others.

group photo

It was in early 2008 when we have heard from local people around Tam-Awan Village that Mr. Ben Cab is constructing a museum / workshop / gallery within Benguet and Baguio area.

 steel sculpture 

Unfortunately , We were not able to visit the museum/ gallery in our last visit in 2011 , as we went to different places like  BSU and farms around Benguet , missing the opportunity to visit the famed place.

32 variation of Sabel glaze on Mariwasa tiles 2008 РEdison T. Co Seteng Patio 

nude painting

National Artist Ben Cabrera’s art collection in a four-level building. This is also where BenCab lives and where his actual workshop is located. Exhibits of exciting contemporary artists in Manila ¬†and Benguet can be found here, too.

group photo

We are fortunate to have spotted Mr. Ben Cab while queuing at the main lobby of his museum / workshop area.

museum shop 

There are different galleries , each are thematic which focuses on a particular theme , sketches, drawing , paintings, sculptures ,  contemporary art works , artifacts , furniture . There is also a museum shop , where interesting art works , view cards and postcards by Mr. Ben Cabrera are being sold.



Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(last entry at 5:30 pm). Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Admission to the Museum:

General admission ‚Äď Php120
Students with valid school ID ‚Äď Php100
Seniors/ PWD with valid IDs ‚Äď Php80
Special rates for student & organized groups with minimum of 30 guests
EcoTrail tour ‚Äď same as above


Experience Nature and Team Building at Tree Top Adventure Baguio


 Camp John Hay , Loakan Road -Baguio City

Experience nature, fun and team building at Tree Top Adventure in Baguio , The location is fairy accessible.  The place is a special tourism and economic zone within  Club John Hay/ Camp John Hay  adjacent to the Bell Mansion.

Tree Top Adventure -Baguio

Tree Top Adventure- Baguio AVP

The Tree Top Adventure -Baguio was established in 2010 . The park uses an original tree trunk clamping mechanism to make sure that trees are not harmed in their spectacular natural setting. One can experience close to nature , pine trees and wilderness area .


This is one of the main entrance to the Tree Top Adventure- the one at the main entrance had a steeper terrain while another entrance is located beside the information office.

pine trees
There are several mature pine trees within the adventure park , you can see pine cones and some epiphytes like Davalia ferns .

bulletin board
The bulletin board shows there are 4 packages which the visitors could avail -Package 1 which includes Canopy and Funicular Ride / Silver Surfer -Php 500 , Package 2 Canopy and Funicular Ride , Superman Ride Php 600 , Package 3 Canopy and Funicular Ride , Superman Rode and Silver Surfer Php 800 , Package 4 All Activities Php 1,000

briefing and orientation

bridge way
The the a bridge way connecting the trail and entrance going to the tree walk

The employees are there to guide the visitors and put safety gears like hard hat and harness . There is also a 5 minutes briefing for those who wanted to experience the adventures.  Here is the link for the Park Rules

hard hats and hardness
Tree Top Adventure traverses horizontally and soars up to 100 feet above the forest floor and features adventure rides ranging from slow ones to fast paced ones.


bloggers and online writers

tree top platform
The platform is made of steel and poses no harm to the visitors.  hard hat and hardness is provided by the company . Safety guidelines and regulations are strictly enforced.

canopy ride
This is one of the most popular ride , one can experience to travel through trees 100 feet above the ground using a network of five motorized cable rides, and see nature from an entirely new perspective.

team building ( see saw ) 
Tree Top Adventure also offers team building for companies, call centers, schools and family apart from zip lines, obstacle courses, trekking , nature watching , sections comprised of ladders, wires, logs, discs,  dance revo , airplane balancing see saw and other team building related activities.
Note: Due to the sudden change of weather , We were only able to tour around the place and joined the trekking, I must recommend this place for all those who wanted to experience nature and adventure.
I would like to ” Thank” Ms. Grace Nicolas Bondad , Mr. Melo Villareal¬† and Azalea management for the tour .
Loakan Road, Camp John Hay ·
8:00am  until 4:30 pm
Mobile +63932 404-1112
Landline+6374 442-0800
Tree Top Adventure Subic
JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Contact No..: (074) 442-0800 or 0932 404 1112
Facebook page: Tree Top Adventure Camp
Instagram: @tree_top_adventure


A Busy Morning Bell Temple Visit in Baguio

Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City-Philippines

A must place to visit Baguio is the famed Bell Temple or Bell Church , This was a last minute adjustment in our Baguio itinerary since everyone opted to visit this temple , forgo the strawberry and flower farm visit. This is near the La Trinidad arch border .

La Trinidad arch

entrance to the temple

This was the first itinerary before we visited the Ben Cab Museum last May 18, 2016 .  The tour was arranged by Azalea Hotel and Mr. Melo Villareal , What i did was to go inside the temple and lighted an incense and pay homage to the deities of the place.

undulating walls with Chinese names

The undulating walls have Chinese characters written in red paint. I think they were the names of Filipino-Chinese and Chinese families who have donated money for the building of the temple and its upkeep.  It also doubles as cement plant boxes .

Bell Church manicured lawn

Paifang or Pailou entrance to the temple compound

Bell Church is a Taoist church, and is open to public at 6am to 5pm. There were 2  lions that are guarding the entrance to the center garden .  The architecture of the temple compound is a mix of traditional Chinese and modern ones.

main temple

Unlike my previous visit, photography is not allowed inside the main altar and the Kau Cim or Kau Chim is a fortune telling practice that originated in China in which the querent (person asking the question) requests answers from a sacred oracle lot.


Beside the temple is another hall in which we saw some children practicing Chinese martial arts. They also teach these children the art of lion dancing and other routines. These children sometime participate in Manila during Chinese New Year and some auspicious occasions.

day time blooming water lily

Unfortunately the person was not present in the temple , otherwise We  have to try to Manila branch.


dragon fountain

There is a water lily pond  at the middle of the courtyard  in which people throw coins to make their wish come true . There is another pond with a dragon fountain spouting water with dozens of kois and tropical fishes . There are a lot of bell design at within the garden and its garden.

The bell temple ground had beautiful landscaped gardens and gates leading to several sections . What makes the temple grounds beautiful are the flowering plants, bromeliads, roses, water lilies , ferns , orchids and annuals flowers .

Kok Fan bust

Kok Fan is also known as Ng Pee who is said to have founded the Bell’s Temple .

roses in bloom

Bell Church | Baguio Taoist Temple
Address: Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City
Telephone: (0917) 355-4788
Open Hours: 6:00AM ‚Äď 5:00PM
Entrance Fee: Free
( voluntary donations are accepted inside the main temple for its upkeep and charity works)
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