A Visit to the Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Quezon City

An unplanned visit was arranged by distant relative who lives within Barangay West Triangle near Examiner street in Quezon City.

The distant relative wanted to show their garden because they are planning to re-landscape their garden with flowering plants and native plants which they are planning to buy at the weekend market or in the province.

Cymbidium finlaysonianum

Cymbidium finlaysonianum and a pocket garden near the parish

We were given a short tour within the parish, park and their garden.



Parish of Hearts of Jesus and Mary History



The Chapel of the Nativity initially was makeshift altar,was built upon the initiative of the employees of DBP Housing area, led by Mr. and Mrs. Delfin Palacios.


side view interior

It was later administered by Msgr. Alfredo Reyes, parish priest at Sta. Rita in the Philamlife Village. He was assisted by guest priests, notably Frs. Ben Villote, Israel Nacu, Dick Freiss, and Dave Veihland.


commemorative marker

The Chapel of the Nativity community was made by Jaime Cardinal Sin, a new parish, renamed “Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,” on February 27, 1988. Fr. Gio G. Evangelista was designated as the first parish priest.


Through the persistent efforts of barangay captain Atty. Arturo De Leon and Fr. Dave Veihland, the Quezon City government, through mayor Brigido Simon, awarded a contract of lease of the church site to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila. Built on the site was a beautiful church, which was formally consecrated and dedicated by Jaime Cardinal Sin, D.D, on May 3, 1992.


statues of jesus and mary

Garden and Park


garden with all purpose community center


Trichoglottis rosea

There is a mini park, columbary area, playground, covered community court, manicured lawn, fruit trees like mangoes, manila palm, orchids planted within the area.


garlic vine flower or Mansoa alliacea


garlic vine growing on a cement trellis


variegated agave

The parish is also famous for their beautiful baptismal front, manicured garden and wedding place.




 schedule of daily mass

 homeowners have a nice garden and ornamental plants like gumamelas, variegated agave, herbs, mini- vegetable garden, orchids.


tropical zen garden with Buddhist statues

Mass and Confession Schedule

Confession schedule: 6:00pm to 7:00pm Wednesdays and Fridays or by appointment

Weekday masses at 6:30am and 6:00pm Mondays to Saturdays; anticipated mass at 7:15PM Saturday

Address: Daily Mirror street corner Bulletin street, Barangay West Triangle, Quezon City

Contact: (02) 371 9102 /Fax 371-9102

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