Baga Manila Scenic Sunset Grill at Lakefront in Sucat , Muntinlupa

Lakefront , Sucat , Muntinlupa City – Philippines

A stroll and a fun way to relax  the sunset grill is a way to bring the residents of Lakefront, their visitors, and the surrounding villages to enjoy the Vista community’s open spaces. I have went to this place several months ago and enjoyed the great view , however i did not brought any camera to capture the moment .

white tents at the center

The organizers ( BAGA Manila ) has placed several big white tents at the center together with white wooden dining tables and chairs.  The place also boasts of outdoor tables complete with cloth lanterns that festoon the place  . It is well-lighted had had established a walking path within the picnic area. There is also an ample parking space for those planning to bring their cars or vans.

a family find an ample space to eat

What better way is there to appreciate the great outdoors than to put up those tents, lay out the picnic tables, and heat up the grills.  The place is also friendly to pet dogs and cats. I have seen several pet owners taking their pet for an afternoon of stroll.

pork barbecue

It was organized by Barbecuers and Grillers Association ( BAGA) or BAGA Manila, the event attracts a lot of people from all walks of life. Among the top favorites are their barbecue, chicken intestines , betamax and isaw . They only cost between Php 25 to Php 35.00 which is much cheaper compared to the other food stalls in Metro Manila. There are 4 to 5 stalls which offered different arrays of home-style barbecue, Their only difference is the way they have marinated the pork ,  dipping condiments usually made from vinegar and how they grill them. One of the most popular is Donna’s Grill – Its pork barbecue is quite tender and marinated to perfection.

My Juice

My Juice stall specializes on a variety of juices like 4 season with real fruits bits , buko pandan, buko , black gulaman and  dalandan juice.

Nissan Philippines GT Academy top 20 finalist Mr. Juis Antonio Moreno and a friend

People can also borrow mats while enjoying the sunset and stroll the area.  BAGA Manila started out as a Food and Night Bazaar at A. Venue in Makati several years ago until they moved out to the current place .

Mr. Manfred Manalo – an online writer, enjoying the meal and Ms. Kay Almienda of BAGA Manila


wooden white tables and chairs

The tent dining ares can sit between 400 to 450 people at any given time plus small tables in which  customers can sit down , relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place.

Thai Breakers

This is one of the stalls which specializes in food like Pad Thai . The owner/ chef studied Thai recipes and was trained in Thailand .

Brillants Desire

This stall specializes on ice tea and other juices

There must have at least 18 stall holders selling different kinds of meals, barbecue , drinks and mobile bar  . We have tasted Donna’s Grill and Sogah Grill barbecue while Liquid Mobile Bar is the only stall which have mobile drink that are available . Jasha’s Fruit Drink stand offers natural fruits such as  mangoes , avocados, cataloupe , orange ,watermelon, lychee, grapes, apples and banana as refreshing fruit shakes .There is also Hainanese chicken with rice toppings .

Jeph’s Jerks

Jeph’s Jerks which offered Jamaican inspired- sandwiches and burgers. Some of the best sellers are Jerk Burger at Php 135, Jerk ala Pobre at Php 145, Hot Jerk Wing at Php 135,  Jerk Chicken burger  at Php 135 , Jerk Pork burger at Php 105 and Piri-Piri Chicken at Php 155

Shawarma , Burger and Fried Talangka , Mongolian style noodles and grills, siomai ,rice and some sweet  desserts like cup cakes

Mongolian rice with beef and seafood cost Php125.00 set meal , Mongolian chicken and pork cost Php 100.00.

For those who wanted an eclectic mix and fusion of flavors, one must try eating at BAGA Manila Lakefront tents.

It is open from Thursday to Sunday from 4:00pm to past 2:00 am . There are bands , acoustic music every weekends which entertain the crowd .

Note: I would like to THANK Ms. Dawn Mawis and the rest of BAGA Manila for the entire day of relaxation.

Note: photos are taken by the author

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