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A Visit to DV Boer Farm : A Community Based Partnership

Mr. Dexter A. Villamin was a former OFW based in Thailand . His trail , hardship and lack of education did not deter him from reaching his ultimate success in the field of agri-entrepreneur .

Mr. Dexter A. Villamin and wife 

Hence the name DV Boer Farm was conceptualized . The number of people’s participation to  “Pa-Iwi System” taking care of one’s livestock which is a common practice in Southern Luzon provinces of Laguna , Batangas and Quezon . Unlike the usual pa-iwi system which relies on pure luck and honesty system .

DVBoer Farm 


This methodology were simple using an old system and integrating a new one ( which is already testing in many countries)  some features like livestock insurance. Currently the members  kept on increasing (following the series of seminars abroad aside from the occasionally scheduled on-line seminars or webinar). Hence, to accommodate the influx, DV Boer Farm had expanded by way of establishing satellite farms or sub-farms , Now they have farms located in Pangasinan which had a combined area of about 40 hectares and in Sorsogon province.

Lian , Batangas 

Lian is just a few minutes away from the beaches of Nasugbu and its rustic beauty and picturesque view of the surrounding agricultural areas are worthy place to visit, especially those who are keen in setting -up a new farm model  or just simple relaxation .

large nipa hut which can accommodate guests for overnight stay complete with modern day amenities like air-conditioned rooms and an area for meeting place or dining area which can accommodate between 30 to 50 people .

buffet table

The farm is self sustaining , they have a lot of homegrown vegetables . While the nearby mango orchard were also well taken cared -off .  Another nice feature about this farm is that they are also gearing-up for farm tourism potential .

suckling pig

Our group were treated to a lunch buffet which consists of rice, grilled pork liempo , kalderetang kabing , sinampalukang manok , sinigang na sabaw , grilled fish ( caught from the nearby Nasugbu area) suckling lechon with their own version of  sauce cooked Balayan /Lian style and their buko salad.

grilled fish and pork liempo 

The place had a nice topography , landscape features, magnificent views and farm life. They are also planning to add more nipa huts to accommodate the influx of local and well as foreign tourists. There was also some instances that their farm was also

Boer Goats

Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. Their name is derived from the Afrikaan ( Dutch ) word “boer”, meaning farmer. Boer goats are a popular breed for meat . The breed is carefully breed  with the local goats to achieve higher yielding meat . There is a growing need for goats in the country , in which local backyard growers cannot supply the market . That is “why” the price of goat meat is still relatively expensive .

Aside from goats, there are also sheep, cattle, pigs , different breeds of chicken ( heritage breeds) turkey, horses , and ostrich.


Unlike other farms, the animals are well-taken cared off , There are about 80 to 130 farm employees , which also provide  income opportunities to Filipinos . The farm also conducts a regular monthly seminars and training for those interested with their project.

group photo with media groups 

Community Partnership 

For those who are interested with their program and would like to replicate their Pa-Iwi system , one can try to reach them via at their FaceBook: Dv Boer Farm .


Address: Poblacion 1, Barangay Balibago , Lian , Batangas province.

Cellphone ( 0917-208-9388) / 9255323186






BAHAY BUFFET Exciting Farm Tour and Buffet Meal at MOCA Farm

Barangay Castillo ,Padre Garcia , Batangas province- Philippines

MOCA Farm buffet meal

BAHAY BUFFET  is a new out of the box concept  offering buffet meals .The word bahay ( house )  is capitalized to mean: Buffet At Home is Always Yummy. This new venture aims to introduce consumers to up-and-coming hole in the wall eateries, small farms, family style -resort , micro-entrepreneurs and other stake holders in the food industry.

opuntia cactus with minimal spines

We met at around past 8:00am at Hotel Intercontinental , Makati city and traveled more than 2 hours to MOCA Farm in Padre Garcia, Batangas province. We arrived past 11:30am .

The town of Padre Garcia is known for their several farms which are family owned , while some are owned by large and multi-national companies.

zinnias in bloom

We were treated with some late morning breakfast meal and (Kapeng barako/ baraco ) Batangas style brew which used Liberica coffee beans as the main ingredient.

Creamy Kalabasa Soup with Malunggay Flakes

Creamy Kalabasa Soup with Malunggay Flakes, MoCa Farm Seasonal Garden Salad ( which consists of (  alugbati leaves , fresh pineapple , katuray/ katurai -Sesbania grandiflora  and blue tertanea flowers  ) Clitoria ternatea. 

Basella rubra  is known as Malabar spinach, Indian spinach , Vine spinach  Alugbati ( Bisaya ) Grana ( Tagalog ) Arogbati / Arugbati ( Bicol )

Zesty Santol with Pork in Coconut Milk and Chillies \

  Cotton fruit or more popularly known as Santol  Sandoricum koetjape  ) in the Philippines. It is a seasonal fruit which ripen around April, May and June depending on the locality.

I have tasted similar santol recipes when we went to Quezon ( less spicy ) , Laguna ( less spicy ) and Bicol region.

There is a souvenir store where one can buy fresh produce and preserve chilli oil

The owner is from Bicol region ( Albay province )  Her recipe is authentic and very similar to Bicol express ( with the use of santol pulp, siling pansigang , pork  topped with finger chillies) . While the one that i have tasted in Quezon  and Laguna uses santol pulp , little ground pork / shredded fish ( tilapia ) and grounded black pepper with little or no chillies. It is a good way to use santol for cooking , since whenever there is an over supply of santol  fruit, prices tend to goes down and there are a lot of fruits that are gone to waste.

group photo Ms. Maria  Louisen Manuel, KM Sevilla, Edong Reyes and kuya Dodong-Edong’s driver, and Mr. Roman B. Mawis Jr. and Mrs. Dawn Bolus Mawis

Native Suckling Pig Lechon, Pinaputukang Tilapia  (stuffed with finely chopped onion , tomatoes)  wrapped in Galangal leaves, and Sapin Sapin Rice ( Tri-colored Rice )

Clitoria ternatea

Clitoria ternatea, common names including butterfly pea, blue pea,blue ternatea , Cordofan pea . ) This is popular among Southeast Asian countries as ornamental plant and it is being used as coloring for foods, juice , salads, and had been known for centuries as a memory enhancer, nootropic, antistress, anxiolytic and herbal remedies.

sapin-sapin or tri-colored rice

The tri-colored rice was made  from ordinary rice,  extract from luyang dilaw and blue colored rice extract  from blue ternatea

Hubad na Lumpiang Saging

This is a different style of lumpia /lunpia – Unlike others, this is presented using saba banana cooked in syrup and the wrapper is toasted / fried

Ms. Gigi Morris with her famed Santol Juice and Bignay Cider

The host for this month’s buffet meal and farm tour is MOCA FARM , a 1 hectare  family owned and managed farm which used to be an Indian mango orchard before Ms. Gigi Morris slowly converted the farm into what we see today. The farm is brightly decorated with sunflower tablecloth reflecting the sunny personality by the gracious host.

The farm is very quaint and had a charming atmosphere which can accommodate up to 50 person at a given time. ( appointment must be made weeks in advance)

The area is now slowly recovering from the onslaught of Typhoon Rammasun ( Bagyong Glenda) which struck the Southern Luzon provinces  only last year 2014. Trees that were toppled down during the typhoon were carefully festooned with flowering plants or designed into wooden chairs.

Tamales with sunflower syrup

 We were served with a late breakfast meal – Tamales ( Padre Garcia version ) with dried coconut latik and syrup made from sunflower seeds !  I have tasted different Tamales from different provinces  and this tamales had no stuffing like meat , shrimps and eggs .  It is made from sticky rice grounded  ( galapong ) and wrapped in banana leaves.

tamales wrapped in banana leaves

This is a different style and squarish .The coconut latik and syrup made from sunflower seeds made it quite different . This native delicacy had gradually evolved thru centuries from the original Tamales from Mexico.

There were also different kinds of coffee beans – Liberica ( bigger seed granules) –Excelsa , Robusta

Geodorum densiflorum

Geodorum densifolium is a common terrestrial orchid found in many areas of the country. I was able to spot a living orchid with seed capsules  I told the owner about the status so that they will not pull them off the growing area.

native pigs

The farm had native chickens, native pigs, Chinese silkie chickens, rabbits , vegetables , fruits and large Indian mangoes.

Chinese silkie chickens

After the hearty meal and a short farm tour. We left the farm around past 3:00PM on our way to the next venue place. I would definitely invite friends and tourists to the event hosted by Bahay Buffet and MOCA Farm .

BAHAY BUFFET facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bahaybuffet

MOCA Farm: http://www.mocafarm.com/

MOCA Farm Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MoCa-Farm/144927215529014

Apolinario Mabini 150th birth anniversary commemorative stamps unveiling and celebrations

Apolinario Mabini Shrine , Tanauan City , Batangas province – Philippines

President Benigno S. Aquino III receives a commemorative stamp presented by Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) postmaster general and chief executive officer  Maria Josefina dela Cruz during the commemoration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Apolinario Mabini at the Apolinario Mabini Shrine in Barangay Talaga, Tanauan City, Batangas on Wednesday (July 23, 2014). With theme: “Mabini: Talino at Paninindigan,” the yearlong festivities aims to honor Mabini, the “Sublime paralytic,” as the brains behind the Philippine revolution. (Photo by Ryan Lim / Malacañang Photo Bureau)

Technical Description of the Commemorative Stamps

The Mabini sesquicentennial commemorative stamps feature the four
winning entries of the Mabini@150 postage stamp design contest which was awarded to Ms. Pinky Luduvice, Kenneth Katimbuhan, Julius Ratparam Mark, and Dylan Ray Talon.

First Day Cover

Born from humble beginnings, Apolinario Mabini showed early a rare
intellect. A teacher, a writer, a lawyer, a reformist – the life of the
Brains of the Revolution is a testament that poverty is not an excuse
not to do great things.

“Mabini inspires us all that challenges – be it in terms of financial
capabilities, illnesses, and even politics – are never hindrances to do
the tasks at hand and achieve our goals,” said PMG Dela Cruz.

About 105,300 copies of the stamps were printed using imported
unwatermarked paper, in Php10 denomination. These are available at the
Post Shop of the Manila Central Office and at regional offices of the

Website link:www.phlpost.gov.ph

Opening Highlights at the International Beauty, Health and Wellness Exposition 2013

Function Rooms 3 and 4 , Second Floor SMX Convention Center, Pasay City-Philippines

vips, invited guests and organizers

The ribbon cutting ceremony was graced by some of the country’s leading personalities in the field of beauty, cosmetic,  lifestyles, health and wellness such as Mr.  Joven Alcala, Healthway Marketing Manager, Ms. Carmie de Leon ( VP Sales and Marketing – Healthway Medical ) Ms. Cynthia Lagdameo ( President and CEO of Asian Holistic Medical Alliance , Dr. Hernando Delizo ( President – Chair and CEO – Healthcare Business Development Partners Holdings, Inc.  Francine Prieto- Ever Bilena Cosmetics endorser; Mr. Rodolfo Biescas, President of Filipino Inventors Society.   Ms. Susan Barlin (VP Forever, Mr. Sonny Villariba , Jr. – Director -Philippine Coconut Authority ) Mr. Justin Seow- ( College Director) Raffles Design Institute – Manila and Ms. Carol del Rosario ( Sales and Marketing Manager, Raffles Design Institute – Manila) and Biz1 Global Solutions COO Michael Lu.

Chinese lions resting

Aside from trade bazaars where buyers can buy beauty, health and lifestyle products at a discounted price. There are FREE seminars , lectures about health and wellness.

Chinese Lion dancers courtesy of Pagoda Philippines

The festive atmosphere was capped with ribbon untying ceremonies led by the organizers of the event ( Ex-Link) invited guests from the beauty industry, international lifestyle and wellness gurus , celebrities and media partners.

Ms. Mitch Ballesteros

Ms. Mitch Ballesteros  is CEO of EXLink Event  Management said ” The expo is also a perfect venue for international companies to gain a foothold in the Philippine market , by partnering with local companies to further their expansion efforts and business growth in the country. This can be very timing endeavor since the Association of South East Asian Nations ( ASEAN) is preparing for full integration by 2015 under a single ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC).” 

Ms. Francine Prieto

Ms. Francine Prieto represented Ever Bilena company in which she was the endorser of their products.

289 Reparo St., Sta Quiteria, Caloocan City, Philippines

Contact Nos:

Landline: (632) 330-0088

Fax: (632) 361-3964

Email: customercare@everbilena.com.ph

Ever Bilena: http://everbilena.com.ph/

Ms. Carol T. Tongco in Kythe Booth

Ms. Tongco is a volunteer ( mad artist) , thru the volunteers help how art helped the children in hospitals cope with emotional and physical challenges in battling against cancer and chronic illnesses.

Artist Madhouse : http://artistmadhouse.com/

contact:  info@artistmadhouse.com


Kythe advocates for the adoption of the Kythe Child Life Program in Philippine hospitals. Through the help of partners and donors, Kythe has institutionalized the Kythe Child Life Program in 13 government and private hospitals benefiting over 8,000 pediatric patients with chronic illness.

The volunteers are very happy that they were sponsored a booth during the exposition, they aim to help more children with chronic illness.

Try to visit the website and know more about the group advocacy and how you can help save lives!

Office : Rm 201 FSS1 Building, 20 Sct. Tuason cor Sct. castor streets, Barangay  Laging Handa, Quezon City. Tel. (+632) 376-3454, email: kytheinc@yahoo.com

Kythe Foundation : http://www.kythe.org/

Bio Normalizer

Bio Normalizer was first established in the city of Gifu, Japan . The company for more than 40 years had expanded  to various countries. They have a papaya plantation in Santo Tomas , Batangas . Papaya is already in the formulary of traditional healers in South East Asia and other tropical countries in the Americas.

Bio-Normalizer (Food Supplement with Papaya Enzyme) is derived from fermented green papaya. Based on several clinical studies and scientific researches, it has
1. immumeregulatory function
2. bacteriostasis
3. Free radical regulation properties
4. Metal chelate
5. Excretory actions
6. Anti-aging as well to mention a few.
Briefly, this is a product that promotes and restores the total wellness of the human body system.

The company practices its corporate social responsibility by helping the community which plant papayas and practices sustainable agricultural practices.

Website: http://www.bio-normalizer.com/english/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bio-Normalizer-Nutraceutical-Corp/235741496489109

 Farcent Enterprises Company

The company was first established in 1983  and won several intentional accolades like  Golden Pin Design Awards and Asia Pacific Brands Award.  The mission has always been “to create quality of life and provide a comfortable life “. Based on this mission, Farcent has been dedicated in developing new items as well as improving existing products. In order to meet customers’ needs and wants, Farcent strongly emphasizes on applying user-friendly design, high quality materials and sophisticated packaging.

Mr. Hank Cheng is an overseas department supervisor and he visited a lot of trade shows around Asia and the World.  The company had been looking for local distributor of their various products . Like charcoal base deodorizers, de-humidifiers, air fresheners and cleaners.

The company had ventures in Brazil ( Largest country and Population is south America ) , Hongkong , Singapore , Malaysia, Japan , Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam , China PROC, Taiwan ROC and now in the Philippines!

Website: http://www.farcent.com.tw/en/

Contact: TEL : +886-2-2592-2860 extension ( 1191)  FAX : +886-2-2594-4800

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FarcentEnterprise

World of Wellness booth

Ms. Cory Quirino World of Wellness Retail Stores in 2008 with entrepreneur Ms. Sheila Mae Velilla

World of Wellness : http://www.wowdirectsales.com/index.html

Power Plus Shower with Vitamin C

The new technology from South Korea, used in the Vitamin-C Shower Head astonishingly uses a natural vitamin to instantly remove the harmful chlorine in water we use to shower. As water passes through it, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter releases the exact amount of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C .

The product is locally distributed by FILHIGH Trading – General Services Corporation

Address: 6th Floor Metro View Real Estate , 915 San Antonio Street corner Quirino Avenue , Ermita- Manila

(02) 664-28-67, (02)354-8683

used in the Vitamin-C Shower Head astonishingly uses a natural vitamin to instantly remove the harmful chlorine in water we use to shower. As water passes through it, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter releases the exact amount of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C to neutralise all chlorine and chloramine. When the water is turned off, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter stops releasing the vitamin, prolonging its life.T – See more at: http://www.allergybestbuys.com/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/dechlorinatingshowerheadwithvitamincfilter-901139m.shtml#sthash.Yh5ksFHe.dpuf
used in the Vitamin-C Shower Head astonishingly uses a natural vitamin to instantly remove the harmful chlorine in water we use to shower. As water passes through it, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter releases the exact amount of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C to neutralise all chlorine and chloramine. When the water is turned off, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter stops releasing the vitamin, prolonging its life.T – See more at: http://www.allergybestbuys.com/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/dechlorinatingshowerheadwithvitamincfilter-901139m.shtml#sthash.Yh5ksFHe.dpuf
This is a totally natural and environmentally safe way to remove chlorine from your shower water.Highly recommended for sensitive skin and eczema, asthma and chemical sensitivity – See more at: http://www.allergybestbuys.com/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/dechlorinatingshowerheadwithvitamincfilter-901139m.shtml#sthash.Yh5ksFHe.dpuf
This is a totally natural and environmentally safe way to remove chlorine from your shower water.Highly recommended for sensitive skin and eczema, asthma and chemical sensitivity – See more at: http://www.allergybestbuys.com/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/dechlorinatingshowerheadwithvitamincfilter-901139m.shtml#sthash.Yh5ksFHe.dpuf

DLA Natural Booth

The company is exporting in more than 40 countries . The production reaches 700 metric tons per month.  In 2006, The company diversifies in Biotechnology in the Philippines becoming the pioneer producer of Spirulina in the country.

DLA Natural : http://www.dlanaturals.com/

John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers speakers gave interesting lessons to the audience ( posture ) and modeling skills

Interaksyon – the online news portal of TV 5  – one of the media partners of the event

The expo had about 120 booths showcasing different kinds of products, services , health and wellness products. There are a lot of international distributors from the ASEAN member countries and International known brands. The International beauty , health and wellness exposition runs until September 28, 2013. Do visit the site, a lot of the products are discounted during the 3 day event !

Entrance FEE is Php 50.00

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Orly Ballesteros for the accommodation during the event.

Website Link:

EX Link Event Management: http://www.exlinkevents.com/

Galleria Taal Tour – a camera museum and heritage house in Taal, Batangas

 Galleria Taal , Agoncillo Street, Taal, Batangas province – Philippines

 This colonial house is also called Ylagan- Barrion house

Galleria Taal- is part of the jam-packed itinerary prepared by Mr. Derrick M. Manas- President of the Diwa ng Batangas  (Heritage Conservation Society -Batangas Historical Society) The group was recently formed last year and its aim to promote the beautiful heritage of Taal and the entire province of Batangas.  He is also the political, heritage and social development consultant to the governor of Batangas.

Sangley- Tagala

This photo of a Sangley-Tagala ( Chinese / Tagalog) mestiza is a rare example of the photography  late 19th century . What makes this  photo unique ?  The lady had a seductive pose with matching low cleavage  in an era where women must cover the bust area with pañuelo ( handkerchief  shawl ) . Speculation over this photo , Is that the Sangley- Tagala woman might be a mistress of the photographer or a prostitute !

gallery of old cameras


The  camera museum is considered as First in Southeast Asia  and one of the few camera museums in the world.  I first saw an exhibit of Mr. Manny Inumerable in Photo World Asia in 2010.  According to Mr. Inumerable , the museum can only exhibit some 60% of his personal collection which started when he was a teenager when his uncle bought him a film camera. Then he acquired his collection from relatives, friends from various camera clubs and local antique shops. Then,  He added more on his collections through bidding at local and  international auctions , in the internet or scouting them during the  yearly flea market fair  in Europe !  Aside from camera collecting , He had become an expert in camera restoration, cleaning , repair and even preservation .  Now , There are more than 120 cameras in the collection and still counting !

Mr. Manny Inumerable personally touring the group

History :

Galleria Taal used to be the ancestral home of Don Domingo Ylagan and Maria Martinez-Ylagan in the 1800’s. Composed of two sections, the early house, located at the back portion has a distinctive tiled roof and was built in 1870.  Approximately thirty years later, the facade fronting the main street was built, roofed this time with GI sheets. The house is also called Ylagan- Barrion house.

Royal 35-M circa 1957 made in Japan

Domingo and Maria Ylagan had six children, namely, Aniceto, Rosario ( Villanueva), Candida ( Barrion ), Concepcion ( Sison), Julita and Juan Ylagan.  The third child, Candida, married to Antonio Barrion, lawyer and a delegate to the 1935 Constitution Convention (1st District, Batangas), paid off her siblings and moved into this home in 1944 after their conjugal home in Batangas City was burned down by the Japanese army.  Candida lived in this home with their three (3) children, Nellie ( Inumerable), Corazon ( Rodriguez)  and Charito (Ahorro).  After her death in 1975, the once stately home fell in disrepair until 2004 when a grandchild, Mr. Emmanuel Inumerable ( Manny initiated its restoration together with the assistance of his brother, Roberto, a civil contractor.  Both painstakingly reconstructed the house, preserving the antiquity of the stately ancestral home.

Rolleiflex cameras

Rolleiflex cameras were manufactured in the 1930’s and up to the late 1950’s and is popularly used by news correspondence during the Korean war in the 1950’s  . The 500 pesos bill replica  shows Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.  during his correspondence in the Korean war .

Mr. Manny Inumerable personally greeted the group

In March 2010, Manny Inumerable opened Galleria Taal as an exhibition venue of antique cameras and antiquarian Philippines photographers.


 Nikon F-A Gold camera was made in 1984

This is one of the favorite collection of Mr. Manny Inumerable . This camera was made in 1984 in celebration of Nikon being declared as the European camera of the year . Only 2,000 pieces of this 24-K gold plated camera were made . The body is covered with lizard skin and had matching gold plated lens and is encased in a nice wooden box. This is highly sought by camera collectors around the world because of its beauty and rarity .

early prototype of camera -projector

According to a grapevine source, There are only 2 or 3 such collectors which acquired this camera in the Philippines and one of them is Mr. Manny Inumerable !

Contact Information :

Mr.Emmanuel Inumerable  -proprietor

email: mannyinumerable@yahoo.com

mobile: +63 (918-9124051 )

Ms. Dolores Bautista -Museum curator

Mobile +63 ( 906-7632449)

There is an entrance fee of Php 100 pesos and special buffet meal can be pre-arranged.

Website link:

Galleria Taal: http://taalgalleria.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Galleria-Taal/198736170138069

Malvarosa Farm

When you think of Cattleyas, the first think that will come into your mind is Orchids !!!! and Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Farm is one of the local farms which supplies the local market.

Philippine Orchid Society organized  field trip

Dr. Hernando Perez started growing orchids as a hobby in the late 1960’s. The orchids were  mostly given to him by his clients and friends . He started to acquire his specimen orchids in 1973.

He began his operation as a backyard hobby. He and his partner decided to go into full operation in 1989.  Hence ” Malvarosa ” orchids was born.  The name was derived from Malvar – the town’s name were the orchid farm is located and  Rosario stand for the name of his wife.


The company initially focused on their production on Cattleyas , they continued to expand their production to other orchid genera such as Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis , Doritis , Vandas and other native Philippine orchid species.

The company is is producing ornamental plant varieties. In 1990 , the company started their maiden operation. The company initially to sell their orchids via catalogs and word of mouth  .

The farm was  hit by a super  Bagyong  Rosing ( Typhoon Angela )  in 1995 , The typhoon destroyed most of the greenhouses which were built on wooden bases. The damaged caused their orchid stocks got diseases, thus the company stopped  temporarily their operation. Slowly after the rehabilitation of their greenhouses ( now built of steel frames and concrete).

The farm started to re-acquire new stocks and started mass propagation of new orchid hybrid cultivars.

a pair of peacock roaming the property

The company is proud to have  named over 100 Cattleya hybrids,2 dozen  Phalaenopsis croses, a dozen Dendrobium and 2 Vanda hybrids crosses registered with the Royal Horticultural Society of England.

Cattleya hybrids have been awarded ” Best Philippine Hybrids ” included BLC. Corazon Aquino , BLC. Malvarosa Sunrise, BLC. Malvarosa Sunset, BLC. Malvarosa Princess, LC. Annette Castro among others.

BLC. Corazon Aquino ( yellow form)

The company had consistently won awards in the orchid shows and exhibit of the Philippine Orchid Society , Philippine Horticultural Society, Los Banos Orchid Society , Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Exposition among others.

Best Orchid landscape exhibit – Batangas Road Show of the Philippine Orchid Society held May 10 to 18, 2008 at  SM Batangas City -Barangay Pallocan

A visit to their farm would show all the trophies , medals, ribbons that the company received during its 20 year operation.

The farm had some peacocks, native chickens, native deers which roamed the property.

The farm can be visited via appointment:

For further inquiries :

Ms. Beth Quidagen (+632)409-6731 / (+632)638-2355

Telefax (+632)636-0504

Uni- Green Ornamental Plant

rows of cryptanthus or earth stars

Uni-Green Ornamental Plant is one of the  farms in the country which  exports of potted tropical plants in Japan and other Asian countries.

The company is also a frequent commercial participants in orchid, horticultural and agricultural shows and event.

The company specialized in sansevieras , hoyas, cryptanthus , palms, dracenas etc…


Sanseviera whose common names include: mother -in-law’s tongue , devil’s tongue, and snake plant is a genus of about 70 species of  flowering ornamental plants in the family Ruscaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions .

They are xerophytic herbaceous to shrubby succulent plants perennial plants, with evergreen strap-shaped leaves , growing to 20 cm to 3 m tall, often forming dense clumps .

The genus was named in honor of Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771), prince of  San Severo in Italy. Spellings “Sanseveria” and “Sanseviera” are commonly seen as well, the confusion deriving from alternate spellings of the Italian place name.

This particular plant is in demand abroad since the plant can withstand indoor light can can clean indoor pollutants.

Farm tour may be arranged with prior notice.

For contact:

Barangay. Anilao-Labak, Lipa City