Pet City Exposition 2014

Activity Area , Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City – Philippines

 poster of the event

Pet City in cooperation with Bonifacio Global City , Taguig City government , Department of Environment and Natural Resources ( DENR), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ( BFAR), CARA Welfare , People for the  Ethical Treatment of Animal ( PETA ), Hikari, Air Mac, AZOO, Mr. Aqua, OTTO, GEX, UP, Marfield , PrettyMan among others. The opening ceremony  started at around past 1:00pm but the exposition area was opened to the public at around past 11:00am .


The site is easily accessible via a short walk from Market !Market ! , 1 jeepney ride from McKinley road or Bonifacio Global City  bus .

L-R Mr. Eric Tiu , Mr. Joselito Campos , Mr. Tom Barr and Dr. Boniface Lan led the ribbon cutting ceremony

Pet City is considered as one of the major suppliers of pet supplies ,  aquarium filters and set-ups in Metro Manila.  The exposition will last until May 4, 2014 , The event is OPEN to the public and free public lecture will be held on May 2, 3 and 4, 2014 .

L-R Mr. Eric Tiu, Mr. Joselito Campos , Dr. Boniface Lan, Mr. Hansel Sy and Ms. Kristy Huang

 There will be scheduled talk about aquarium set-ups,  guppy talk, hamster talk  . Since the seats are limited , pre-registration is a MUST to attend the lectures.

Guppy Club of the Philippines

Bonifacio High-street exposition area  was divided into several sections, lecture area -covered area, small mammals, pet bird section, betta exhibition and competition, planted aquarium exhibition and display .

Mr. Joselito ” Butch ” Campos enjoying the company of¬† the Mollucan cookatoo

Mr. Joselito ” Butch ” Campos is an avid lover of plants and animals. He is one of the special guests of honor during the opening day.

Mollucan cookatoo is also called Salmon-crested Cockatoo  from Indonesia

guinea pig

planted tank with nipa hut ( bahay kuo inspired accessories) and a carabao to complete a Philippine rural scene. There are 21 planted tanks on display and entered into a competition .

visitors at the exposition

There were hundreds of local as well as foreigners who went to the opening . Some even brought their immediate family and friends.

Koinoburi add color to the hot summer day

Koinoburi meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese, are carp -shaped wind socks¬† traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku.

Asian Betta Alliance exhibition and competition

There were about 1,000 betta fishes ( Siamese Fighting Fish ) entered by the club members for the competition.

fancy chicken breeds on display

PETA booth

Peta Philippines gave away interesting stickers , leaftlets , flyers and a petition form for the eventual release of ” Mali ” an Asian elephant¬† being held captive in Manila zoo for more than 35 years.

Compassion And Responsibility for Animals ( CARA )booth

L-R Mr. Earl Andrew A. Aguirre, Ms. Pamela Luber, Ms. Alcea Aira De Jesus and Ms. Laura Legaspi

The show will run until May 4, 2014 , Don’t forget to bring the entire family, friends to the show!!!!! IT IS FREE with no entrance fees

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AngelHack Manila: Global Hackathon Attracts Hundreds of IT Specialists ( Day 2)

12th Floor  Anson’s Building , Asian Development Bank  Avenue , Ortigas Center ,  Pasig City- Metro Manila -Philippines

Angel Hack- Manila  2013 poster

Angel Hack Manila 2013 sponsors and donors

worn-out and tired participants

I went back at the Angel Hack – Manila 2013 after several hours. Have seen some participants taking a quick nap .

two female programers caught asleep

While majority of the participants are still wide awake, according to them , they are used to work overtime and with little sleep.

last minute team meeting

Hot Synth team L-R Mr. Mariano Mejia ( senior developer) , Mr. Noli Pionilia ( (senior designer ), Mr. Joel Eya ( database administrator ) , Mr. Mark Leo Jalandoni ( designer /developer) and Mr. Lawrence Benitez ( designer)

This is one of the team, that is still wide wake during the early morning . They even posted¬† interesting ” motto”¬† in their cubicle .

Mr. Mariano Mejia and Mr. Mark Led Jalandoni

” Think Different ! Good Artist Copy Great Artist Steal ” ,¬† ” If you don’t know where you are going, Any road will take you there ” . It was catchy motto,¬† a good inspirational note with a lot of humor .

Holocorp group members proudly shows off their software application

When i went to the event on day 1 , we already took notice of their unique designs and their application software. When we saw the group , we quickly took the chance to interview them.

L-R  Mr.Louie David, Francis Fajardo , Mark Segalle, Harold Ocampo and Ian Tappa

The team name is ” Holocorp ” and their product is called Zander, The name was derived from a rare type of fish ( Sander lucioperca, syn. Stizostedion lucioperca) a freshwater fish species from Europe and parts of Asia.¬†


Here are some of the important details of the team ‘s project:

1.) SMS remote controlling

2.) Fishpond temperature manipulation

3.)Real time temperature sensors

4.) Andriod supported mobile

5.) Microsoft web application

Mr. Alan Wong -Application Development Consultant of BlackBerry

L-R Mr. Patrick Cadelina , Alex Sales and Ms. Ross Panopio

Team Kwaderno L-R Mr. Dan Leland Suarez, Jay Saringan and Luigi Dollosa

a foreigner based in China is one of the participant in the hack meet


A timer countdown ,  with just  20 minutes and .02 seconds  to go before the end of the event.

Y-Tech team led by Mr. Yhanco Grey Esteban and Ms.
Lolidie Jeena Zubiri


a participant won a NERF gun

Angel Hack РManila is not just all about hacking and software programming , It is all fun and there are on the spot contest for all the participants. In this case ,  just answering a question.

The Y-Door  team application

Y-Door is social network that will help you find people just like YOU. It matches your interests and hobbies with other users, and suggests people you might want to meet based on how identical your interests and hobbies are. Register now in their  website to get EARLY ACCESS before the launch!

Website link:

lunch buffet meal

Before the final deadline  , Lunch buffet were served by the caterer .  Fried chicken, Bistek Tagalog , vegetable with bottomless ice tea or orange juice . There was also several cases of San Miguel apple flavored beer still unfinished from the night before .

new found acquaintances

close door deliberation by the panel of judges

During the first round of the event , The teams were assigned a room  where they  present their application software to the judges for about 2 minutes . The top 12 teams was announced after about an hour or so .

Mr. Diego Jose Ramos conducting a final reminder to the participants

panel of judges

Then after an hour or so , the top 12- team were finally announced. Judges include Mr. Winston Damarillo ( founder  of Exist and Morphlabs) , Mr. Raph Wunsch ( founder of Mr. Alvin Gendrano ( Microsoft), Mr. Frederic Levy ( founder of , Mr. Floyd Piedad ( Narra Ventures) Mr. Jay Yao ( international graphic designer) , Beryl Li ( SeedAsia) Mr. Adrich Scheuders ( Mr. Ernie Imperial ( Meralco ) and Ms. Anne Jacobe ( founder of

Top 13 teams

  Instead of top 12 semi-finalist , another team was added in the final roster of the semi-finalist slot due to the tight scoring between the 12th and 13th place .  thus a TOP 13 semi-finalist was announced .

Here are some of the finalists , presenting their pitches at the stage.

Call Me

Call Me application was made by a team which aims the public  can use their mobile application  for a premium

Page Snapp

Page Snapp is a group a software developer and I.T. professionals from Davao City. They flew all the way from Davao City just to participate. H aving a mobile application version of the page, business owners or Facebook administrators would just have to find their app on the home-screen and they’re good to go . Their group is one of the most applauded when they presented their software program.

Nearby Geeks

Nerby Geeks is a group of technology experts, They aim to provide software device to help those people who had problems with their computers or anything that with require any technical assistance .  By using mobile application or sms . Anyone can avail of their services for a certain fee.

Pinoy Explorer

The team had a very catchy name , Similar to the popular DORA the Explorer РTheir primary aim is to promote popular tourist destination spots  by using mobile application program and can also cater the young students with their cute characters

Mr. Harold Ocampo of Holocorp

Aquaculture is one of the major industry in the country where millions of people would rely on the annual fish catch from fish farms and tropical aquarium fishes for pet trade. However periodic fish kills can also cause severe problems to the local fish industry.  By creating a software program which can help improve  aeration of fish ponds thru mobile applications can help reduce the fish kills and even manual labor costs.


BFAR statistics:

Special Award:

 Holocorp won $20,000 worth of Google application engine and bragging rights!

panel of judges

Finally the top 2 was announced  Call Me and Page Snapp

Page Snapp won the top prizes

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs like a dream come true, yes,‚ÄĚ said by Mr. Rolly Rulete, one of the members of the team. The group is¬† familiar in joining to other hackaton event . Their group joined 3 other events.

L-R Mr. Marvin Consuegra, Mr. Raymund Delfin, Mr. Paul Pajo ( SMART ) , Mr. Rolly Rulete ,  Mr. Mio Galang and Mr. Jay Albano

Page Snapp – L-R Mr. Marvin Consuerga , Mr. Raymond Delfin, Mr. Rolly Rulete , Mr. Jay Albano and Mr. Mio Galang

As the winners of AngelHack 2013 in Manila, the Page Snapp team will not only get a chance to fly to Silicon Valley, but they will also be getting mentor ship from incubation hub IdeaSpace aside from P2 million worth of prizes !

Note: I would like to personally ” Thank” Mr. Mark Anthony Wagan , Ms. Elaine Cedillo and Mr. Diego Jose Ramos for the accommodation during the event.

Hopefully , Angel Hack will organize a yearly event !

Please visit the link : Angel Hack- Manila ( Day 1)

Angel Hack- Manila Facebook:

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