1. Boil fish for 3-5 minutes in water with ginger.
2. Strain and put in a container. Remove the heads entrails, skin and bones. Flake the fish
3. Peel and chop the carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes. Mix and combine with the fish flakes
4. Mix the  the eggs, salt, pepper, and cornstarch/ flour.

5. Quennelle ( using 2 spoons to form an oval or round shape ball the flesh of bidbid fish and batter mixture   )
6. Drop fish ball mixture one by one into the boiling oil.

deep fry the fish ball mixture

How to make saukan / dipping sauce

Saukan is the term used by people from Pamarawan as reference to condiments . While people from Santa Maria, Bulacan refer them as Sawakan.

People use 50% soy sauce and 50% sukang sasa ( nipa vinegar ) as mixture and adding finely chopped garlic, onions , chillies and calamansi . Adjusting on the preference of the person.