Simple Delights of Snow Panda at SM Bicutan

Snow Panda  serves Korean shaved ice desserts similar similar to our own halo-halo, but the shaved ice had its flavored infused during the making of the process and somehow the flavor is infused together . The ice is even finer compared to some halo-halo or shaved ice restaurants within Metro Manila.  There is not a big fuss about eating this simple delights that captivate every person.

In the last couple of years, There are a growing number of Bing Su places popping up in every area in Metro Manila. The first branch have opened in Vito Cruz , Manila gradually spreading more branches in different parts of Metro Manila.

This is my first time to visit the Snow Panda –  SM Bicutan branch and was quite impress with the serving , the serving is good for 2 persons .  But i think, Some outlets had also started to serve smaller portions.

Snow Panda -Sm Bicutan branch

Snow Panda is one of the growing foreign  desserts brands that entered the market . This is partly to  the growing Korean and Asian influences in our country . People are slowly attracted to the culture and foods of these Asian countries.

The sitting capacity of the branch is between 60 to 80 persons at any given time . The ambiance is very comfortable with good lightning and cute fixtures.

Snow Panda cashier area and commissary

Bing Su or Bing -Soo is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and Azuki beans. normally served in bowl .


Strawberry Bing Su 

Strawberry Bing Su is a combination of strawberry flavored shaved ice , topped with strawberry syrup , real sliced strawberries , soft ice cream and small marshmallows.

Mango Bing Su is a combination of mango flavored shaved ice , mangoes , milk ,  bits of almonds and syrup. This is not overly sweet and can be shared between 2 persons.

Chocolate Bing Su – Another popular treat for children and chocolate lovers . The shaved ice had chocolate flavor similar to a popular powdered chocolate brand in the market , with chocolates , candies , wafer sticks with chocolate syrup .

Injeolme Bing Su – Is a Traditional Korean Ice Rice Cake with Soya Powder topped within sliced almond bits. This is most popular Bing Su shaved ice dessert  at the Snow Panda .

The price  is between Php 170 to Php 250 per bowl , but this can be shared between 2 or even 3 persons.


Snow Panda also have Korean bubble cup ,smoothies, fruit ade  and some well-loved foods.

Korean Kimbap  is a delicious Korean seaweed and rice roll similar to Japanese sushi sometimes spelled as Gimbap.

Snow Panda -SM Bicutan employees

This was part of the series of restaurants and food stalls crawl that foodies and reviewers in partnership  with ZomatoPH and SM Bicutan branch .

So the next time you visit any of Snow Panda’s outlet , Try their Bing Su and smoothies.



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