Feathers in the Field : A Photo exhibition of wild birds in IRRI

Asia Room, Riceworld Museum, International Rice Research Institute – Los Baños, Laguna province -Philippines

facade of International Rice Research Institute building

Feathers in the Field” provides a glimpse of birds that are rarely seen even by those who work in the fields. The photographs are supplemented by scientific names, descriptions of the birds, and information on their habitat and diet. There are about 60  photographs of birds which are found in IRRI are on display.

ribbon cutting ceremony

“IRRI sees the rice fields wholistically,” says V. Bruce J. Tolentino, IRRI’s deputy director general for communication and partnerships. “The exhibit on the birds of IRRI underlines the Institute’s attention to rice production as part of a functioning ecosystem that not only supports human food security, but also serves as a habitat for flora and fauna.”

poster of the exhibit

The photographs on exhibit were taken by bird enthusiasts Professor  Tirso Paris, Jr., vice president of the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines, and Mr. Segfredo Serrano, bird-watcher and photographer.  Professor Tirso is also an economics professor at the University of the Philippines- Los Baños while Fred is undersecretary for policy, planning, research and development, and regulations at the Department of Agriculture of the Philippines.

foreign delegates

Two other bird fans— Mr.Paul Bourdin and Mr. Richard Smedley—provided the content for the exhibit. Paul is a bird-watcher and researcher and is also a teacher at BRENT International School. Richard is a Ph.D. student at the University of Reading in the U.K. He is currently a scholar at IRRI investigating avian biodiversity in the rice fields of Southeast Asia.

part of the photo exhibition

The bird exhibit was attended by over 50 foreign delegates from about 30 countries .


After the short program and a tour of the exhibit area, the vips, guests were treated to an afternoon of cocktails by IRRI. This is the first time that a bird photography exhibit was held at the IRRI compound.

The exhibit opening on 3 May is by invitation only, but the exhibit opens to the public on 5 May and will run until 27 September 2013. Admission is Free.

Contact Person:

Mr.Paul Benjamin Hilario
Riceworld Museum and Learning Center
+63 2 580 5600 ext 2428


International Rice Research Institute: http://www.irri.org/

Facebook: Wild Bird Photography Philippines: http://www.facebook.com/wildbirdphotog.ph

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