Cooking, Baking and Roasting with BOSCH Series 8 Ovens

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City – Philippines

Bosch exhibit booth – WOFEX 2015

The company BOSCH had unveiled today at WOFEX its latest built -in cooking series . The new Bosch Series 8 , which was granted the 2015 German Design Award , features 21 new technologies that will make hosting your next dinner party a breeze.

Chef Jean Charles Dubois

The results of years of dedicated research and development by 130 engineers , as well as feedback from over 7,000 customers , the BOSCH Series 8 oven range will definitely suit the cooking needs of everyone.

Bosch models

Chef Jean Charles Dubois made a special French inspired desserts ( ile flottant , mango gazpacho with grated yuzu )

Executive Chef Jean-Charles Dubois proudly serves up a classic taste of home, drawing inspiration from his own family’s recipes. He had been working as an executive chef in Singapore for the past 20 years and opened several restaurant chains in the island country.

Chef Jean Charles Dubois

He brings his culinary philosophy of delicious, classic French cuisine to the Balzac Brasserie’s kitchen. He maintains his individual style and approach to food, combining the modern techniques he has learn along the way with his love for the freshest and most distinctive of ingredients.

Tahitian vanilla mascarpone choux fleur de sel caramel

He continues to delight diners with his rustic style of French food inspired by simple recipes from his family kitchen and is already on his way to putting Balzac as one of the best French Restaurant on the culinary map in Singapore


Ms. Denise Tan – Director ( International Sales)

With its tagline BOSCH-” Invented for Life ” tagline , Its products and quite durable and can last for long time.

different kinds of products to suit different lifestyles and needs

4D Hot Air technology ensures even heat distributed for well-balanced cooking results .  The consistent heating is delivered by a symmetric , alternating fan.-driven by the efficient EcoSilence Drive motor .

Chef Jill Sandique

Chef Jill Sandique is a  popular personality in the Philippines.  Her job as a manager and, at the same time, a skilled chef of one of the pastry, hospitably opened the doors to locals and tourists vacationing on the islands.

She was  born in a family of professionals, doctors and engineers, so her choice of profession chef began to everyone by surprise. Although her memories before you come to an understanding of his addiction to cooking she comprehended her initial lessons in her family, where family meals cooked by her mother Dr. Lita Fran Sandique. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of sauces.

sponge cake

Jill Sandique in due time entered the top ten experts in baking magazine «Chocolatier» and became the winner in the “Expert baking”, awarded by the votes of leading chef cooks in the United States of America.

But the biggest influence in her opinion it had three short courses in Italian signoras since 1986 have such notables as Mary Innoscenti in Florence, Jo Bettoja in Rome and Hell Parasiliti in Milan, in the course of these lessons, she realized the true soul of homemade Italian cuisine.

Chef Kim Castillo cooking and roasting with  ” The new Bosch Series 8 Ovens”

Note: all photos are taken by the author , I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Marlon Aldenese and Ms.Marjorie Ann Rodriguez for the invitation.

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