Dining Experience at G&B Restaurant in Nueva Viscaya

G&B Restaurant and Pasalubong Center is located just about a kilometer away from the G&B Pasalubong Center where we bought our buko pie and other pasalubong items.


The restaurant had a spacious parking area with a sitting capacity of between 100 to 120 people at any given time.


G&B signage

The comfort room is also large and clean. G&B Restaurant interior is large with chairs and tables made from local wood. The tissue holder is from local material.


G&B restaurant interior

According to Mr. Jhong the server, The restaurant is one of the few accredited restaurants by the Department of Tourism. There is also a bar area where one can order liquor.

G&B Restaurant


G& B Menu board

The group ordered two specialties of the region and took a quick late breakfast around 10:00 am. We ordered Pancit Cabagan and Pancit Batil-Patung platter which is good to share between 6 to 8 people.


instant chocolate

We think it is a little bit cheaper to order the platter size compared to ala carte which cost Php 85.00 per order. We also ordered instant coffee mix, powdered chocolate and buko juice.


Pancit Cabagan

Pancit Cabagan-local miki noodles with generous mix of vegetables, hard boiled chicken eggs, chopped spring onions leaves, and topped with deep fried pork.  This also comes with chopped onions, calamansi and chili paste.

This originated from the town of Cabagan, Isabela province.  This version did not use pechay, kutchay, hibi ( dried shrimp) and quail eggs. But used hard-boiled chicken egg.


Pancit Batil-Patung– local miki noodles with julienne carrots, cabbage, poach eggs, minced carabao meat and topped with chopped spring onion leaves.  This also comes with batil soup, chopped onions , calamansi and chili paste.

The G&B version had a slight twist from the recipe. This is a good stop over since they have some dishes which are combination of Filipino, Chinese and local favorites.

We are planning to come back and try their other specialties.

G&B Restaurant and Pasalubong Center

Address: Tuao south, Maharlika Highway, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya 3711


7 Pasalubong Treats from G&B Nueva Viscaya

Our group passed several towns and cities like Santiago city in Isabela province on our way back to Metro Manila.


G&B Pasalubong -Opens 24/ 7

It was a bit overcast with light rain showers over Santiago City, Isabela province.


I Love Santiago City standee

Ms. Lorraine Bersamira Casimiro our companion from Boy Kanin. A native of Nueva Viscaya province, told us that the pasalubong center also specializes in tasty buko pie and other pasalubong treats. The kilometer long stretch is also known as Buko and Pasalubong center.


Gelyne’s Special Bibingka for just Php 70 per box and Jake Mark cassava cake

Another treats were the special bibingka and cassava cake from Gelyne’s and Jake Mark. These are best eaten hot and self life is just two days.



Nice pasalubong or to go treats are tupig which are commonly sold in streets and peddled by ambulant vendors.  There are several other stores within the national highway that were known for their buko pies like Joyce which are retailed at Php 80 thin crust and Php 110 for thick crust.


7 Pasalubong Treats from G&B


7.) Brownies – Is not to sweet for our taste.

6.) Tarts– Another must BUY pasalubong.


black kutsinta

5.) Black Kutsinta by Raff’s Kutsinta– The black coloring makes this kutsinta stand-out. One can add grated coconut or yema as toppings.


4.) Mango Pie– Try to consume the mango pie as soon as possible. (Php 100 per box)

3.) Ube Pie– This is another specialty of the pasalubong center, Although there were none available during the time we visited the store. (Php 100 per box).


2.)Special Pineapple Pie– Just like the buko pie, This had a think crust and best eaten when hot.


G&B Buko Pie

1.) G&B Buko Pie had a different twist to the usual buko pie which had a think crust. Unlike the ones being sold in Tagaytay , Laguna or Quezon provinces. G&B buko uses thin layers of soft coconut meat or buko/buco with creamy fillings usually condense milk, sugar in between layers.


It used to be sold for just 3 pieces for Php 110.00 way back in 2007. But the prices increased several times. The retail price for their buko pie is ( Php 80 per box). Shelf life of these pie is between 2 to 3 days and best eaten hot.

The first time that i have tasted this delicacy was in 2007 when a friend from Nueva Viscaya brought 6 boxes of these pies as pasalubong.

G&B also had a restaurant and outlet pasalubong center in which the group had a brunch.

G&B Buko Pie
Address : AH 26 Tuao North, Bagabag, 3711 Nueva Viscaya province

Contact: (+63) 78 332-2136

Operations : Everyday 24/7

Savoring the Taste of Adam’s Pizza

Adam’s Pizza was our second stop at the San Miguel, Bulacan Culinary and Heritage tour. The quaint restaurant is the ancestral home of Mr. Ariel Adriano Roura. The house is located just a few step away from the municipal hall. Adam’s pizza name was derived from the couple oldest son ( Adam).


Adam’s Pizza tarpaulin menu board

There used to be a eatery (carinderia) stall for 33 years. Then, the couple decided to specialize in selling local pizzas, buko pie, bicho-bicho pops, samalamigs like buko juice and sago’t gulaman about 3 years ago.


bicho pop dough

Among the clear stand-outs were the sisig flavored pizza which gave the pizza a native twist ( with a little bit sour taste), hawaiian, supreme, all meat, buko pie and the bicho-bicho pops had almost similar taste like the Portuguese malasadas.

bicho pop.jpg

bicho pop ( Photo courtesy of Architect Chieo Ongteco)

The bicho dough are deep fried in hot oil. The fried dought is cut into small bite size pieces then coated with powdered sugar and flavorings. These are served in small cups.


freshly baked pizza

The ham and cheese flavored pizza is just being sold for Php 55.00 with generous toppings of ham and cheese. There was a small marked down from Php 69.00

Hawaiian flavored pizza sells for Php 79.00, Adam’s Supreme sells for Php 99.00, Sisig Pizza sells for Php 99.00, BBQ Chicken pizza sells for Php 99.00, Pepperoni Pizza for Php 89.00 an their All Meat pizza only cost Php99.00 – ideal for sharing between 3 to 6 persons.

Samara's buko pie.jpg

Samara’s buko pie  ( photo courtesy of : Architect Chieo Ongteco)

We also liked the Samara’s buko pie with its soft dough and generous buko fillings. The buko pie was named after their daughter.


different kinds of pizza to choose from

What is amazing about Adam’s pizza is that they also cater delivery service within the town of San Miguel. The business is also open for franchising.


sisig pizza

Adams Pizza.jpg

Mr. Ariel Adriano Roura, Sarah, Samara and Adam

Adam’s Pizza

 Address:  353 Libertad Street Poblacion, San Miguel, Bulacan 3011
Cellphone :0917 623 9606 /0906 359 4426

Operation Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Note: Prices posted are subject to change without prior notice. For the latest updates and promos, Please visit their FB page.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FreshlyBakedAdamsPizza/


A Gastronomic Treat at the Coconut House

Coconut House , Quezon City Memorial Circle , Quezon City -Philippines

coconut house

Whenever we would go to Quezon Memorial Circle or organize a walking tour within the area. I would always recommend a unique restaurant which offers the best of Philippines regional foods . One of the country’s top export and is known for. It is no other than the Coconuts !

patio area

I think we were among the first customers who were able to dine at the restaurant way back in 2010. The restaurant used to be a coffee and pasta shop called ” Bialetti Coffee ” before 2010 . I do not know if the current Bialetti Caffe located at Matino street corner Matahimik street nearby is also the same as the one that used to be located before. But is seems to be the same business , They almost have the same business logo.

Phalaenopsis equestris

Phalaenopsis equestris – This Philippine orchid species was additional treat to those dining at the patio area. This is the traditional way on growing orchids in many parts of the country. Coconut husk is the cheapest growing media ( medium )

fried buko with buko achara ( pickled coconut) and mayonnaise

One can easily mistake this dish as fried squid ring . The coconut is coated with batter and deep fried . It is presented in a square plate with young coconut , red bell pepper and chopped onion ( achara- style )  

chicken binakol

Chicken Binakol is a delicious chicken soup dish. It is similar to Chicken Tinola, although the use of of coconut meat and coconut water makes this dish unique .

pork sinigang sa buko

Pork Sinigang sa Buko is a MUST TRY – The use of coconut water and coconut makes this dish different from the usual pork sinigang

interesting menus

The business had a nice tag-line ” Nice Things Coconuts” indicative that almost all their menus and products sold at the place have coconuts. Coconuts is known as TREE of LIFE in the Philippines and in Asia. Almost all parts of the coconut palm can be utilized for food, medicine, housing materials, furniture, beauty care products, cooking oil, laxative, potting media for orchids and plants, house hold utensils among others…….

indoor dining area

The restaurant indoor air-conditioned area can accommodate up to 80 people at any given time while the outdoor patio area ideal for al fresco dining can accommodate a further 40 to 60 people with different kinds of ice buko and buko ice cream. The indoor area is quite full when our group went there for our lunch .

Buko Pancit

The restaurant also offer Buko halal value meals like Buko Mami Php 95, Buko Palabok Php 105, Buko Pancit Php105, Buko Carbonara Php125 and Buko Spaghetti Php125 – For those planning to bring their families and friends- It is best to order the buko pancit bilao which only cost around Php 625 good for 5 to 7 people.

buko pie and buko -ube pie

This restaurant also got a Zomato review sticker and was featured several times on television shows like Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho on GMA channel 7 among others. The menus had expanded since they first opened its doors in 2010 .

buko halo-halo

A dessert after a hearty meal includes buko halo-halo, buko pandan , buko ice cream , ice buko

Note: Prices quoted are based from the recent visit by the author and may be subject to change without prior notice

Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00am to 9:00pm

Stall 29 D-4, Elliptical Rd, Diliman, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila
(02) 513 0142


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