Big Crowd at Bromeliad, Cactus and Succulent Show

Big crowd had visited the opening of the bromeliad , cactus and succulent show at the SM Mall of Asia, Atrium,Pasay City.


ribbon cutting ceremony

The exhibit will also showcase some of the newly created hybrid by Filipinos. There are also on the spot photography contest.

list of sellers

tillandsia exhibit


The show began with ceremonial ribbon cutting with 60 booths selling different kinds of plant from ordinary cacti, bromeliads, tillandsia, gardening supplies, fertilizers, pots, orchids, carnivorous plants among others.

booth selling different kind of cacti, succulents

There were also daily talks, seminar and on the spot raffle for those attending the event.

Neoregelia Rodrigo Duterte breed by Ms. Joan Onari from Davao

Billbergia x Emil Yap III

One Million Plant

One of the highlight of the show, is the rare variegated form of Sanseviera rorida variety “Boy Ganigan” Regale. It is roughly around $19,440.86 conversion rate.

The show is in partnership with Manila Bulletin , Agriculture magazine and Arids and Aroid Events Management. For those who wanted to come, There is no entrance fees and the show will until June 23, 2019 Sunday.

Note: Photos are courtesy of Mr. Lebon Ong, Arids and Aroid, Mr. Marlon Valdellon


Cactus Fiesta Fair 4 in UN Square Mall

Cactus Fiesta Fair 4 was organize by National Cactus and Succulent Organization of the Philippines Inc. (NCSOPi)  in partnership with UN Square Mall, Manila Bulletin and Agriculture Magazine. The exhibit will be held from April 5 to 7, 2019.

Schedule of Activities


The opening will be held on April 5, 2019 with a simple ribbon cutting ceremonies at past 9:00 am and there will be talks, lectures, raffles, table top competition, live plant auction and sale from some of the exhibits.


In line with this event, Pick a Plant ( one of Singapore’s largest plant retailers and seller of Tillandsia) will be having their booth at the exhibit. For those who will buy plant at their booth there is a chance of getting free tillandsia.


table top competition guidelines

Table top competition set aside two major categories: Cactus and Succulent. The winners of the competition will get cash prizes, ribbon and trophy. acceptance of  entries will be from April 5 at 9:00am to April 6 – 12:00 nn.


pot in a pot challenge

Another exciting competition which is open to the general public is the pot in a pot challenge in which dish garden from size 8 to 10 inches in diameter will be accepted.  The organization had an active FB page with more than 100,000 members, making this one of the largest plant group in the country.

Contact Persons: Mr.Ronald Panelo or Mr. Karl Calica ( +63 995 937 1001) via FB  Email :

Please mark your calendar and unlike other plant shows, This does not have any entrance fees !




Cactus and Succulent Dish Gardening Making Workshop at Grow and Show

On-the-Spot Cactus and Succulent Dish Garden Making Workshop and Competition

When: October 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Where: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Diliman, QC


(Photo courtesy of Compact Greenery)

Watch and learn as our Dish Garden expert Mr. Wilson Angel show you how to create stunning dish gardens to suit your fancy.

Immediately after the workshop, an On-the-Spot Dish Garden competition follows.

Here are the simple rules for the competition:

1. This is OPEN TO ALL

2. Participants should bring their own materials (container, plants, accessories, soil mix, etc)

3. Plants to be used are cactus and succulents only, no artificial plants. Participants may use dish garden accessories such as natural rocks or driftwoods.

4. The size of the container should NOT exceed 8 inches in inside diameter and only up to 4 inches deep.

5. There are no limit as to the number of entries per participant.

Announcement of winners and awarding follow in the afternoon.

1st Prize – P700 plus Plaque
2nd Prize – P300 plus Plaque
3rd Prize – P200 plus Plaque

Pereskia bleo blooming

Pereskia bleo (rose cactus, leaf cactus, orange flower cactus) This  is a leafy cactus and can grow between 2 meters to as tall as 20 metes in height. It was native to Central and South America.

This cactus species was probably introduced during the late Spanish or American colonial regime to beautify the homes and gardens.

Pereskia bleo1.JPG

Pereskia bleo grown by the author

This cactus is commonly grown from cuttings in many parts of the country. Its beautiful orange flowers and almost care free growing conditions are some of the plus points for growing this wonderful cacti species.

The downside for this cactus species is that it can grow tall and can cause injuries to children and people who goes near the shrub because of its long thorns.

The thorns are either parallel in bundles or spread widely out. Long thorns on the branches are up to five to ten millimetres long. Along the main shoots there are up to 40 spines per areole, each 2 centimetres long.

The Red List of Threatened Species of the IUCN lists the species as “Least Concern (LC)” or not at risk. This cacti species is commonly grown and had naturalized in many sub-tropical or tropical areas of the world.

Pereskia bleo1.JPG

Pereskia bleo growing at the Cactus and Succulent Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle

The author had seen large shrubs of this species growing in many parts of Kingspoint Subdivision, Goodwill Homes 1, San Pedro IX Subdivision ( Novaliches ), Fairvew, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Manila and within the Cactus and Succulent Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

Propagation :

This is easily propagated via mature stems or seeds from its fruits. The fastest way to grow them is via cuttings.

Pereskia bleo3.JPG

Pereskia bleo grown as hedge plant

Economic Uses:

Pereskia bleo is normally planted as hedge plant and good divider. This keeps away goats and other animals.

The flowers are arranged in terminal lateral inflorescences. The bare, bright red, scarlet, salmon pink and orange-red-pink flowers reach diameters of 4 to 6 centimeters.

The fruits are more or less spherical, ripening yellow. They are edible and sour tasting. Sometimes, people in far flung areas of the country would use the fruits as souring agent for their sinigang or preserve in jars together with local fruits.


One can use a mix of organic and inorganic supplement to fertilize these cactus species. Try to prepare a regular fertilization mixture with a balanced, water-soluble cactus fertilizer to increase their propensity to bloom. This is especially during the growing season ( which coincide in rainy season late May to early November in western parts of the country).

Some would apply more potassium and phosphorus components 10N-30P-30K. This cactus species can tolerate almost full sun when fully established.


  • Beat Ernst Leuenberger, “PereskiaMaihuenia, and Blossfeldia —Taxonomic History, Updates, and Notes”, Haseltonia 14 : 54-93. 2008.
  • Personal interview with some growers in Novaliches, Bulacan, Caloocan and Quezon City



Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines ” Country Fair ” 2012

The Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines announces with pride the launching of the Tropical Garden at the Quezon Memorial Circle come October 2012, the foundation month celebration of the Quezon City government. In the same month, the Cactus Society will hold a grand fiesta entitled “QC Country Fair” with the theme “Have fun and learn at the QC Country Fair.”

poster of the event

The Tropical Garden is being landscaped by multi- awarded designers: Mr. Yuyung LaO, Mr. Fred Salud, Mr. Vic de Rona together with Mr. Rufino Manglicmot and Mr. Ram Oplas.

A tropical garden as a key tourist destination in Quezon City showcasing outstanding and beautifully landscaped gardens of cacti and succulents, Philippine native trees and other ornamentals at Quezon Memorial Circle.

A tropical botanical garden at the Quezon Memorial Circle as a venue for recreation, education, and horticultural events and exchanges building local and global linkages.

The Quezon City Country Fair in partnership with the Quezon City government and in cooperation with the Quezon Memorial Circle Administration under Mr. Tadeo Palma and Engr. Zaldy Dela Rosa will be host to the following:

Table Plant Exhibit and Competition
Xerographic Cacti and Succulents Show
Lectures on: Dragon Fruit as a Commercial Produce for Food
Agave as Wine
Aloe Vera for Commercial Use in Food and Health Products
Bees Cultivation
Organic Fertilizers as a Must Today
Pets and Exotic Animals Shows: Dog Show
Betta Fish Show
Exotic Animals from Ark Avalon Zoo

Barangay Livelihood Products Symposium that will showcase products from different barangays in Quezon City. Learning and entrepreneurial opportunities will be made available.

Schools around Quezon City are encouraged to participate in a Painting Contest with the theme “Have fun and learn at the QC Country Fair.”

Agricultural products by AANI, seeds and fertilizers, cacti and succulents and many ornamental including Philippine native trees and plants will be showcased.

This is a new and exciting plant show that has been diversified to give way to the clamor for something different. Come be a part! Text 09175635474 or call 9284169 Secretary Ms.  Norma K. Villanueva to volunteer by joining the committees.

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