12 Well-Loved Dishes at Calle Real in Tanza, Cavite

Calle Real is one iconic restaurant in the old poblacion area of Tanza, Cavite province. It is at least 1 hour drive from Cavite City and one bus ride from PITX in Para√Īaque City in Metro Manila.

Calle Real is an art deco style architecture ancestral house built in the 1920’s. The house was then converted into a restaurant and venue place. Currently the restaurant had 4 branches within Tanza and Cavite province.The town is also known for notable historical events and Kaibigan Bakery.


ancestral house converted into a restaurant

Calle Real specializes on Spanish, Filipino, heirloom and contemporary dishes.


newspaper feature

It used to have a pastry restaurant on the second floor but the proprietors decided to focus their attention to the main restaurant.


signage and parking area



The restaurant had a sitting capacity of between 70 to 80 with a special function room which can handle at least 100 person.


12 Well-Loved Dishes at Calle Real


The group was fortunate to met the proprietor of the restaurant. Although i met her several times before.


12.) Crunchy Pork Binagoongan – Deep fried pork cooked in bagoong paste ( Php 245 per order).


11.) Crispy Pata – The deep fried crispy pata comes with a dipping sauce with a combination of soy and vinegar with chopped chilies and onion.


10.) Tokwa Sisig– The tofu sisig had a combination of fried tofu, chopped cucumber and chopped onions. ( Php 160 per serving)


9.) Cheesy Beef Kaldereta– Another nice dish to try at the place is their version of beef kaldereta with bell pepper, carrots and well seasoned. The meat of the beef is tender and topped with cheese. Ideal for sharing between 2 to 3 persons. (Php 245 per order)


8.) Pork Sisig– This is another favorite dish at the restaurant. This is best paired with rice.


7.) Callos – Another nice dish, with with sliced olives, chorizo, garbanzos and chopped tomatoes. (Php 245 per order)


6.) Breaded Fried Chicken– Another well -loved dish which can be shared between 2 persons. This had a nice dipping sauce.


5.) Chicken Teriyaki with vegetables and rice- ala carte meal which can be ordered anytime of the day. (Php 140 per order)


4.) Calandracas/ Kalandracas – This is an heirloom dish which had sotanghon noodles, banana blossom, string beans,chopped eggplant or any vegetables seasoned with the famous patis de Tanza. Commonly served during funeral wakes in the province of Cavite.

Vegetables used in the noodle dish were normally given by visitors attending the wake. ( Php 170 per order) Can be shared between 3 to 5 persons.


3.) Sotanghon Negra- The sotanghon noodles dish is cooked with squid ink, squid, pork meat, carrots, cabbage, sugar peas/ chitsaro and topped with fried garlic.  (Php 260 per order) can be shared between 3 to 5 persons) Php 1,500 bilao ( 10 to 15 persons)

The town is in the coastal area of Cavite and squid is one of the popular seafood produce.


2.) Paella JambalayaРThe paella jambalaya consist of generous topping of mussels/ tahong,  green peas, chorizo, sugar pea/ chitsaro, bell pepper and hard boiled eggs.  ( Php 290 serves 2-4people, Php 950 serves 5 to 10 people, Php 1,150 serves 10 to 15 people) .


1.) Paella Negra РThe paella had squid ink with toppings of bell pepper, squid,  pork meat, chorizo, sugar peas/ chitsaro. ( Php 320 serves 2 to 4 people, Php 1,050 serves 5 to 10 people, Php 1,600 serves 10 to 15 people). This is another well-loved dish of the restaurant.

The restaurant also have dishes good for small group and ala carte meals.  Other highly recommended dishes that are worth ordering are Pollo Frito, Lengua Con Cetas, Chicken ala Pastel.



Churros with Chocolate

Another popular desserts of the restaurant was S’Mores with Skillet cost Php 120 per order and Churros at Php 60 and comes with thick chocolate.



Note: prices quoted are by the restaurant during the time of the visit.

Calle Real Restaurant

Address: 8 Sta. Cruz Street Brgy. Poblacion 2, Tanza, Cavite 4108

Branches: Puregold, Tanza / The Square, Lancaster/ Robinson- General Trias

Landline: (046) 505 2836

Operations: Daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm


Salliano’s Bar and Restaurant: Offering Home-Style Traditional Recipe in Marikina

9 Guerilla Street, Corner¬† Mayor Gil Fernando Street , Barangay Santo Ni√Īo , Marikina City – Philippines

facade of the bar and restaurant

Origin and Brief History :

Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar is a modern , chic , dining restaurant occupying roughly 600 square -meters of lot  with garden style setting and indoor area within the most important part of Marikina City. What is also nice about the restaurant is that the partners had help each other with the interior designs and construction of the place. It used to be a former ranch and property of Don Agusto .

fellow bloggers enjoying their night

It is very accessible via all major public transportation like jeepney, auv express and just 1 ride from MRT Cubao-Araneta station or LRT line 2 Araneta- Gateway Center.

Bluewave and Robinson appliance center

It is founded by a group of friends who have known and been with each other since Grade 1. It is near Blue Wave Center, Marikina Valley Hospital and within 1 ride away from Marikina town.


There is an outdoor patio area which can accommodate between 80 to 120 people at any given time and there is also an indoor area with air-condition , small bar and flat screen television which can accommodate 60 people maximum . There are several celebrities and even local politicians which were  slighted eating at this place.

stylish outdoor setting with tents

Over the course of several decades ,  Their friendship had nurtured one big extended family including their wives , respective families and close friends . Many of the recipes of the restaurant were handled down from several generations from  the proprietors families  . These recipes are not normally the common ones , but they are served during special gatherings and important occasions.

Mr. Essex Polintan -one of the co-owners of the restaurant

Friends would normally gather during important events and¬† They would share each other’s recipes eventually led to the transformation of their love , passion and desire for good food and business. Salliano‚Äôs was the name that the group had conceptualized because it is easy to pronounce and name-recall among its customers.

Mocha and Caramel FrappuccinoPhp 150 per serving

The Mocha and Caramel Frappuccino is comparable to a well-known international coffee store chain. They also serve juices and beers .

Truffle CarbonaraРThis is one of the unique pasta specialties of the restaurant, They use generous amount of truffle and topped with fresh basil leaves.  Ideal for 2 to 3 person sharing. Php 280

Meatballs ala Salliano- served with grilled pita bread -What i liked about the meatballs is that herbs and spices were properly mixed within the meat and it is tender and their sauce is just a perfect blend .  Ideal for 3 to 4 person sharing Php 380

Osso Bucco with Gremolata Sauce is an Italian dish which uses the veal or beef shanks, or bone with a hole , it is in reference to the bone marrow hole at the center of the cross-cut veal shank.  Gremolata or Gremolada is a chopped herb condiment classically made of lemon zest, garlic and parsley.  Ideal for 3 to 4 person sharing Php 320.

The beef marrow is tender and very tempting , which is not for the faint hearten ones!

Callos  is also known as ox tripe stew, It is a Spanish / Mexican РFilipino dish . Ideal for 3 to 5 person . Vegetables used are carrots, chick peas (garbanzos) bell pepper , black and green olives topped with chopped parsley . The meat is tender and the strew is a perfect blend -not salty.  MUST Try . Php 270

Pugon Fired Salliano’s Pork Crackling – I think this is another home-style recipe that survived generations of family members. It is rare now-a day to cook pork in pugon ( fire brick oven) This is a style that was introduced several- centuries ago by the Chinese and perfected by the Spaniards . Since pork crackling takes time cooking , meat is tender and the pork skin is crispy.¬†1-kilo cost around Php 420. MUST Try . There is also a special condiment¬† which is not the typical lechon sauce made from pork’s liver .

The idea is to bring back the heart and the familiar in comfort dining. Not the fast- food type or fusion type of dishes which now is quite common in restaurants all over Metro Manila.

Three Cheese with Artichoke Dip serve with Toasted Baguette – This is good for appetizer and ideal as a starter before the main dish . Ideal for 2 to 4 people. Php 220 .

Country fried chicken with sauce it is cooked with home-style batter mixture , deep fried  chicken wings and legs  presented in bucket serve with sauce . Ideal for 3 to 5 people sharing .  Php 390

Classic deep fried fish and with ChipРThe fish fillet is deep fried and with potato and mayonnaise.  Ideal for 2 to 4 people sharing Php 220

Pasta Mariscos-This flavorful and saucy dish has a kick. It is spiced up with bits of tomatoes in oil , mussels ( tahong ) shrimps and garnished with basil leaves . It is deal for 2 to 3 persons . Php 290

Castarones de Salliano– ( Custaroons) This is a personal dish by one of the owner. It’s a¬† mix of several local desserts like leche flan ( cr√®me caramel / caramel custard ) yema¬† (a custard candy made from egg yolks and condensed milk ) and with grated coconut meat , mixed into a small cup topped with cream and fresh mint leaves. It is good for 2 to 3 person sharing and a MUST TRY for those with sweet tooth. Php 130 small .

The restaurant is also coming-up with a larger size , but i have no idea on the pricing

Paella ala Salliano–¬† This is a heirloom dish by one of the proprietors of the restaurants, with 3 kinds of rice , one of them is Spanish variety which gives texture to the paella. It also had a generous mixture of seafood like shrimps, green mussels ( tahong ) and special cooking wines added extra taste. I have tasted several local paellas and i think , it is the ingredients and style on how they cooked that makes it quite different . The Pricing is relatively CHEAP compared to others in Metro Manila. Php 490 SMALL and Php720 Large. MUST TRY .

Another special mention is their barbecue with rice , Its is tender and marinated to perfection similar to a well-known restaurant chain in Malate area.

It is what we called the traditional family- style recipe which were handed down from several generations ( heirloom recipes)  and i think they must share their culinary menus with the public.

They had their soft opening scheduled last July 18 , 2015 and followed -up with an opening last September 19 with a concert of UP Dharma . Due to the world of mouth and social media – There were a lot of attendees and walk-ins that the management had to turn down some of their guests.

I must give both thumbs -up for the quality of the food, ambiance , home -style heirloom dishes and the service . I will definitely come back for more of their signature dishes together with my friends and loved-ones.

Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 12midnight with extension up to 1:00am especially on weekends.

For reservations , parties and corporate events: call 0927-8120917.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sallianos

Note: Prices of their menu are subject to change without prior notice. I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Brian Macasa¬† the owners of the place¬†for the warm accommodation to the group.

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