Exciting New Flavors at Kreme Kurozato Stall in Goodwill Homes 1, Novaliches

Kreme Kurozato Milktea just recently re-opened their stall in Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches after closing from March 15 to late May 2020 during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). The milk tea stall is a start-up business which opened last September 2019.


Ms. Julie A. Casampol and Mr. Nico R. Wagwag staff of Kreme Kurazato

The origin of the name was Kreme– Creamy, Kuro– Black, Zato-Sugar in Japanese, But the inspiration was from Taiwan. The young proprietors were avid milk tea lovers and took a short course just to learn the craft. All the concept, logo and recipes of their milk teas were from the proprietors.

They decided to open Kreme Kurazato within Goodwill Homes 1 since they would take a short cut route from Kingspoint Subdivision,pass Goodwill Homes 1,California Village and Sierra Vista on their way to Damong Maliit, Novaliches, North Caloocan.


Kreme Kurozato Milk Teas

While ordering pizzas from Primas Pizza Delivery along Katipunan Avenue within Goodwill Homes 1, we happen to pass the Kreme Kurazato Milk Tea and pause to buy their milk tea.

Since their opening, The milk tea stall had been receiving great reviews from fellow foodies, bloggers, vloggers, milk tea aficionados and residents living within the community.

Exciting New Flavors of Kreme Kurazato


new flavors

Among the new flavors were Strawberry Cheese Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake, Blue Berry Cheese Cake and Thai Milk Tea.


Winter Melon Cream Cheese

The future seems bright as there were clamor for more stalls. Kreme Kurozato can be book via LalaFood Delivery charge to the client. Among their well-loved milk teas are Winter Melon Cream Cheese which cost Php 125.00 and Okinawan Brown Sugar. It is not too sweet, the ingredients were made from premium items. Hence, it is worth your money and effort to visit the stall.


Thai Milk Tea

My nephew told me that they would buy at least once a week at the stall, since there were many flavors.

Their customers demographics comes from all ages from Kingspoint Subdivision, Kasiyahan Village, San Pedro IX, Grand Monaco Villas, Goodwill Homes II in Barangay Bagbag. Goodwill Homes I, California Village, Sierra Vista, Do√Īa Faustina, Greenheight Executive subdivision of Barangay San Bartolome, Torres Village in Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon, Barangay Caybiga, Damong Maliit, Deparo in North Caloocan and residents of Barangay Talipapa in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Note: Prices quoted in this blog were subject to change without prior notification. The author and his relatives are not stakeholders in this featured establishment. All post are the opinion of the author.

Kreme Kurozato Milk Tea

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kremeSo /

Address: Block 5 Lot 3P Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations: Everyday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Commercial Lots For Sale along Mindanao Avenue Extension

Mindanao Avenue extension which is accessible from different kinds of public transportation and is near major supermarkets, malls, subdivision, resorts and Mindanao Avenue exit of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) had commercial lots available for sale. The commercial lots are near General Luis Malinis street which is a major thoroughfare which connects Quezon, North Caloocan and Valenzuela cities.


Mindanao Avenue corner General Luis Malinis streets are accessible to mass transportation and the proposed MRT station. ( for details please visit 888 Prime Ymaz through google or waze).

Commercial Lots

The area is near Quezon City, North Caloocan, Valenzuela, Malabon and Navotas area. With the completion of the Skyway Stage 3. The place is accessible to mass transportation and near big malls like SM, Robinson mall, churches and high populated areas.


Mindanao Avenue extension corner General Luis street, Caloocan City ( almost 90% completed as of March 2019 photo by the author)

Vista Verde Subdivision, Caybiga , North Caloocan City is located near Mindanao Avenue corner General Luis street.

Tamara and Villa Maria subdivision


Lots for Sale along Mindanao Avenue

Contact Person :

Arch. Wynona Nicole Parulan

Ymaz Builders – Project Architect / Marketing Representative
wynona.marketingymaz@gmail.com / 0926-064-2982


Silver Anniversary of Hotel Sogo Goes with their Advocacies

Hotel Sogo’s Beginnings

Hotel Sogo was founded 25 years ago. The hotel chain celebrates their ( silver anniversary ). Its red color serves as a red flag and gained its notoriety as a love hotel for those who have tight budgets.

To reach 25 years of service is a tough road. Para tumagal sa company and ma-achive itong 25 years dapat meron tayong loyalty sa company sa sarili natin and disiplina sa trabaho, said 25 year Service Awardee, Ms. Isabel Barrete, Executive Assistant.

This is the a place where love affairs of different backgrounds stay for “long” or “short time” purposes.


buffet area


The event was hosted at Eurotel ( Vivaldi) Cubao 7th floor. Our call time was around 2:00 pm but the event started past 3:00 pm. There are games, raffles and exciting afternoon buffet meal.



Hotel Sogo has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years. Its first ever branch is near the station of LRT Monumento, Caloocan that opened in February of 1993.

Hotel Sogo was founded by two individuals in 1992 but only in 1993 they did it in full swing. One was a hotel professional with 2 decades of experience in another leading chain of motels and another one is a triple A licensed contractor.


media, vloggers and bloggers

Hotel Sogo’s Tagline “So Clean… So Good”

Every brand has unique tagline. Hotel Sogo’s is so short and simple, you’ll not going to wonder why this hotel was named that way! Hotel Sogo is a budget accommodation but they do not want a budget kind of service given to their customers. They maintain a very well-kept environment that attracts positive vibes. Hotel Sogo’s motto which is “We Simply Do It Better” also stands out because of the idea that you don’t need much to perform much. Hotel Sogo follows a low-maintenance business model but the output is superb in quality!

Roman themed room

Hotel Sogo’s Staycation Feel

Every guest who checks in at Hotel Sogo is welcomed with a traditional Japanese bow to show their utmost courtesy all throughout his/her stay. I have some friends, co-employees, bloggers and relatives who have stayed at the hotel and praised the hotel’s wide space and really good customer service. They have embraced a lot of innovations to provide the best service such as 24-hour Guest assistance SMS center where their customers can send text messages for free anytime they need it.


Hotel Sogo planned to have more branches within 2 years time. They are planning to expand to at least 60 branches by 2020. Currently, The have new hotels in Kamuning , Quezon City. They are planning to expands their operations in several Southeast Asian countries.

Hotel Sogo’s Exciting Features
Guaranteed low rates
24/7 NO brownout
Secured private parking
Fully air-conditioned rooms
24-Hour food and drinks service
Complete safety and privacy
Accepts all types of debit cards and credit cards
Free wifi

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Taste of Ramen Daruma in Caloocan City

It was rainy last saturday ( August 4). When we decided and have a short meet-up in Caloocan.  This is to meet old friends like Mr. Lebon Ong , Philip Reyes and Jose Juan Paraiso.  We decided to have some sort of food trip within the area.

After waiting for almost 1 hour at LRT- Monumento 1 station, We finally met Mr. Jose Juan Paraiso. Our first stop was supposed to be Damen Daruma but the food stall is still close at past 4:00 pm.

Our small group decided to have a late afternoon snack at Princess Joanna Canteen near the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Church. We ordered a chicken mami which cost Php 35 per order.

chicken mami.JPG

chicken mami

We spend about an hour or so at the residence of Mr. Lebon Ong before embarking to another food tour.

Damen Daruma 2.JPG

Ramen Daruma food stall

Ramen Daruma food stall was established around 2016 along 11th Avenue , East Grace Park, Caloocan. The food stall is near a popular drug store, popular bakeshop and the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Church. Our group have eaten several times before, but was not able to feature this food stall because we did not brought our cameras.

Ramen Daruma notice.JPG


We remembered that the Ramen is just Php 25, churros was just Php 5.00, Gyoza for Php 8 per piece, korroke, tacos, siomai, and okonomiyaki (Php65- whole, Php33 1/2 slice, Php17- 1/4 slice). Prices have increase since our last visit.

Ramen Daruma 3.jpg

This stall had several interesting dishes which are authentic Japanese dishes. We have ordered Yakisoba at Php 45.00,  Shoyu Ramen at Php 38.00, Korroke or Croquette at Php 20.00 , Okonomiyaki at Php 70.00 ( Osaka style) and Gyoza at Php 12.00 each .


Korroke or Croquette

Korroke or Croquette is a small bread crumbed fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, mashed potatoes or ground meat. They have a special sauce which makes this very filling afternoon snack .( Php 20.00) per order with special sauce. We missed the rice meal and their famous churros ( not available)


Gyoza is a type of Japanese dumpling – At Ramen Daruma food stall, it is deep fried and is crispy outside and filled with juicy filling inside, This comes with special sauce. This is one of the HIGHLY Recommended dish. ( Php 12.00) per piece.



Okonomiyaki which¬†(literally means ‚Äėgrilled as you like it‚Äô) is a savory version of Japanese pancake, made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, meat , shrimps and topped with a variety of condiments.¬†( Osaka style ). We like the way it was cooked and seasoned quite well and the special sauce makes this dish a clear stand out!¬† This cost Php 70.00 per order. Can be shared between 2 to 3 people.

Shoyu Ramen and Yakisoba.JPG

Top-Okonomiyaki, (left)  Shoyu Ramen and (right) Yakisoba

Shoyu Ramen is affordable and filling. However, I find the pork broth quite plain to my taste bud. How i wish they have added some chopped spring onions.  I have nothing to expect for that price. ( Php 38 per order)

Yakisoba mix is also a simple and not your typical salty instant noodle type. I wish they have a more spicy version. Php 45.00 per order

Daruma Ramen.JPG

L-R Mr. James Patrick Martin, Mr. Yuki Nakajima and Ms. Michelle Ortiz Sagum

Ramen Daruma delivers within Grace Park -East, Grace Park West and Bagong Barrio area for a minimum order of Php 200.00 plus Php 40.00 delivery charge.

We managed to meet with Mr. Yuki Nakajima, He is one of the proprietor of the food stall. He and Mr. Motonao Takahashi along with some friends decided to open a food stall within Caloocan to help his Japanese-Filipino relatives as well as to provide some job for the local residents.

Ramen Daruma branches 

1.) #100 12th Avenue corner 8th Street Grace Park East Caloocan City(Take Out Only)
2. 11th Avenue Grace Park East Caloocan City
3. 10th Avenue corner A. Mabini Caloocan City
4. 248 Shop N Ride General Luis Street, Barangay Novaliches Proper, Quezon City

They are planning to expand the food stall business and is open for franchising.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ramendarumaphillipines/

Contact : 0956-0836992

10th Avenue (P. Burgos) corner A. Mabini Streets near Old Caloocan City Hall 
Operating Hours- 12nn to 8:00 pm Sundays to Friday

Note: the prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice and the old price was posted for reference. We spent close to Php 400 in this food trip


A Journey to Himlayang Pilipino in Tandang Sora

Philand Extention, Barangay Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora , Quezon City – Philippines

driveway going inside the memorial park

Himlayang Pilipino is a 37-hectare memorial park located in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora. It used to be around 5 hectares when it was first established in 1971. A tall wall complete with sentry watch tower replicates old intramuros . I think it completes the historical ambiance and paying tributes to the victims of the last world war.

moog ng intramuros ( intramuros wall fortification -replica)

The Aguirre Group acquired Saint¬† Peter Memorial Park from its original owners, the Francisco- Bautista family.¬† The replica fortification of Intramuros ( Moog ng Intramuros ) walls were built in the 1970’s . It is complete with watch tower and fortification and walls. however going up to the walls is restricted .

Dambana ng Alaala

It eventually acquired more lands for the expansion project in the late 1970’s until achieving the 37 hectares . They are still expanding the park by buying more adjacent lands and a construction of a 2-storey columbarium near its perimeter walls.

Francisco -Bautista family mausoleum ( founder of the memorial park)

It was known back then as Saint Peter Memorial Park and was owned by the founder of Saint Peter’s Life Plan and Memorial Services until it changed the ownership .

Saint Vincent Seminary and Church- ( This seminary is located along Tandang Sora avenue , a few kilometers way from the memorial park) 


The chapel is located at the center of the main park and serves as a focal point of the memorial park.

interior of the chapel

The memorial park is located near within subdivisions and residential areas.  This is not my first time to visit this place . I have visited this countless of times , since we have some distant relatives and family friends that were interred and buried within the grounds. 

 Florante at Laura

It was later changed to its current name due to the company owner’s idea of making the whole place a historical site other than a normal memorial park.

Emilo Jacinto shrine

General Emilio Jacinto, He is also known as the ‚ÄúBrain of the Katipunan‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒcounts as among the many heroes of the Philippine Revolution that are buried in Himlayang Pilipino. Jacinto wrote for the Katipunan‚Äôs paper, Kalayaan, under the pseudonym Dimasilaw; he authored the Kartilya ng Katipunan as well. Jacinto died of malaria on April 16, 1899 at the age of 24. The monument¬† was created by the sculptor Mr. Florante Caedo and unveiled on December 15, 1976.

Gabriela Silang cement mural

Some of these sculptures are Emilio Jacinto, Gabriella Silang, Teresa Magbanua,  Malakas at si Maganda, Florante at Laura and many more.

Himlayang Pilipino is known for having sculptures portraying some of the most famous people and events from Philippine history and legends.

Tandang Sora ( Melchora Aquino )  monument crafted by renowned artist Florentino Caedo

Melchora Aquino shrine


In today’ present memorial park , It is part of Banlat – ( then Caloocan City) – this is also the place where Melchora Aquino home and estate is located . The present area ( Himlayang Pilipino ) is part of the vast estate and where Katipuneros fought the Spaniards into the vast forested areas which presently covered Project 8 , Barangay Talipapa ( Novaliches , Quezon City ) to Pasong Putik , Busok in Novaliches .

rain tree of acacia – some of these trees were already there when the park was opened to the public

The forest where Tandang Sora gave Bonifacio and his men refuge and healing became the latter’s second home. No one knocked at Tandang Sora’s door who was not invited in. To the hungry she offered the bounty of her table.  To the sick and the wounded she offered the healing touch of her hand. The weary mind and body she offered the solace of her home.

Melchora Aquino tomb

Her remains were re-interred  from Mausoleum of the Veterans of the Philippine Revolution at the Manila North Cemetery from 1919 to 1970 then Himlayang Pilipino from 1970 until 2012 .

In time for her birth i-centennial last January 6, 2012 Melchora Aquino remains was transferred to  Tandang Sora National Shrine in Banlat, Quezon City.

Today this site is not a forest anymore but a refuge still. It is now Himlayang Pilipino ‚Äď The Filipino‚Äôs resting place. Here the legends and myths of our people and the history of our lands have been given concrete form in murals and sculptures.

posh mausoleum- although fewer ( the park had its own share )

Historical Personalities and Celebrities :

It is a showcase of Filipino art and culture and a testimony to the courage and strength of the Filipino soul. Thus, with the assistance of the Bayaning Filipino Foundation, Inc., the remains of Filipino heroes were transferred to the Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park which has served as the repository of the remains of Tandang Sora for  over 40 years and General Emilio Jacinto where monuments crafted by renowned artist Florentino Caedo have been erected in memory of their heroism and patriotism.

There are several well-known personalities which were buried within the memorial park, among them are Mr.Salvador ” Bubby ” Dacer, Mr. Manuel Amoranto Ramirez¬† ( writer)¬† , Mr. Rolando Santos- Tino ( Poet, dramatist¬† dramatist, director, actor, set and costume designer, critic, essayist and educator ) .Mr. Lito Calzado and Ms¬†Maria Antonia Ussher ( parents of actress Iza Calzado ), Secretary Oscar Orbos parents and some relatives were also buried .

There are also celebrities , well- known politicians and  who bought family lots and immediate families were buried.

African tulip tree and ficus growing


There are joggers and bicycle groups which visit the park on a regular visit. Most of them are residents of nearby subdivisions and those with families interred inside the memorial park. The park also boast of some native trees ,  magnificent sculptures and host to native birds.  There is also a chapel where one can silently pray .

Vicinity Map:http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/136078724

Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park: himlayangpilipino.com.ph

Himlayang Pilipino Plans: http://www.hppiplans.com/

Facebook Page: Himlayang Pilipino

Link to previous post: Melchora Aquino bi-centennial

Contact : (632) 927 9671 to 75 Local 229/251

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