A Visit to Saint Joseph the Worker Parish in North Caloocan

We were able to visit one of the parishes which form part of the Archdiocese of Novaliches. Camarin is part of the large Tala estate, which is the former name of the place. That was before Novaliches was formed in 1855.


mid-century houses

Old time residents would refer the old etymology as reference for the clear stars, during night-time.

The locality used to have large storage for grains and rice which is called ” Camarin“. Fruit bearing trees like caimito, duhat, mangoes, santol, jackfruit, saba banana, malunggay and lowland vegetables are commonly planted even up to the late 1980’s.


sari-sari store with local biscuits, candies and toys for sale ( beside Camarin Elementary School )

The population within the area since late 1940’s to early 1970’s continue to grow. There is the growing migration from parts of Novaliches, Caloocan, Quezon City and nearby areas.


cheap toys, plastic toys and school supplies are also sold at this small ambulant store

Some are transient visitors and informal settlers which were relocated in the area during the early 1970’s up the mid- 1990’s. North Caloocan Cityhall annex is also built within few kilometers away to serve the people.


North Caloocan Cityhall compound


Saint Joseph the Worker Parish facade made from cement , adobe and modern stained glass windows


In 1945, after World War II ended, Rev. Fr. Anthony Leo Hofstee, O.P. was assigned Army Chaplain of the American soldiers stationed in the Philippines. In 1953, the construction of the Tala-Barracks church was made possible through his initiative.


Saint Joseph the Worker Parish signage

Old time residents, would recount that a small chapel was made in the mid 1950’s was made from light materials.

Fr. Hofstee requested Dr. Leandro Uyguanco, then the Director of the Central Luzon Sanitarium (now Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital), to donate a portion of the hospital lot where a chapel could be built. At that time, people who lived outside the premises of the leprosarium had to go inside to hear Mass.


main altar

When the Ascension of Our Lord Parish (AOLP) in Lagro, Novaliches was established with Fr. Walter de Vilder, CICM as its first Parish Priest under the jurisdiction of the Ecclesial District of Quezon City, the St. Joseph the Worker Church was placed under AOLP with 11 other Sub-Parishes in Caloocan City.


interior of the parish

Under the auspices of Holy Cross Parish Acting Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Romeo M. Gaviño, SOLT, the Archdiocese of Manila finally decided to establish the St. Joseph the Worker Parish on November 12, 1997 in response to the growing needs and number of the Catholic population.


Saint Joseph and Child Jesus in processional carriage


church cemetery ( located at the right side of the parish church)


newly built niches for the dead people


interiors of the parish

With the advent of the new millennium, more parishioners and people would visit the parish and pray.

Address: St. Joseph Avenue , Barracks II, Tala 1427 Caloocan City

References: Archdiocese of Novaliches

personal communication with the residents of Camarin

leaflets and devotional guide- Saint Joseph the Worker Parish


Anvil Business Club together with Bong Go gave away 10,000 tikoy with indigent communities in Caloocan

Anvil Business Club is an Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs invited special guests Mr. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, Mayor Oscar Malapitan , councilors last February 1 ( Friday )morning. The organization shared 10,000 tikoys in two urban poor communities in Camarin and Barracks in Caloocan City.


Anvil Business Club poster


Anvil Business club officers and members

The group met at a well known fast food restaurant at around 7:00 am in Quezon City before proceeding to the community.

Anvil Business Club members and officers together with Honorable Anna Karina Teh  ( councilor first district ) Caloocan

The project was coordinated with the National Anti-Poverty Commission, Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor (PCUP) and with the help of Caloocan City officials and barangay officials.


Mr. Wilson Lee Flores and Mr. Joeben Tai shakes hand with Mr. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go

Mr. Wilson Lee- Flores ( chairperson)  along side Mr. Patrick Cua ( president) and Mr. Joeben Tai ( project director of the tikoy sharing project).


large crowd which included senior citizens from Barangay 186 ( Barracks)

Chinese New Year had been celebrated by the community for centuries, It only became an official non-working holiday in the country since 2012.


Camarin Elementary School band

February 5 also starts new “Year of the Pig” , one of the 12 animals zodiac signs of the Chinese.


Anvil Business Club officers, members together with Mr. Bong Go and Mayor Oscar Malapitan

Anvil Business Club has many economic, socio-civic projects and advocacies, like free college scholarships, disaster relief donations, medical, dental missions, annual September 28 Teachers Day honoring all Philippine teachers on the birthday of great teacher and philosopher Confucius.


tikoy, tike or nian gao

Tikoy” is the Filipino name for the glutinous rice cake dessert called ” ti-ke” in Hokkien ( southern Fujian language) of the ethnic Chinese. Literally called ” sweet pastry” . The tikoy is called “nian -gao ” in Mandarin Chinese or ” sticky cake” . Tikoy can be eaten as is, but it is also more popularly cooked by dipping in beaten egg and lightly pan fried until cooked in crispy golden color , It is crispy outside but chewy inside.


Camarin D Elementary School located within Barangay 178


teachers and parents eagerly waited for the arrival of Mr. Christopher Bong Go and Anvil Business Club members

Caloocan City official led by Mayor Oscar Malapitan, councilor Anna Karina Teh, councilor Aurora “Onet” Henson, councilor Dean Asistio, Hon. Marc Merville Orozco and  Congressman Dale “Along” Malapitan.


group photo

The group was later joined by celebrity actor Cesar Montano and President Rodrigo Duterte impersonator.


Mr. Elcias Bugsad- impersonator of the president

Mayor Oscar Malapitan also pledged cooking oil and eggs as an added treat to the occasion. The mood is very festive and the crowd is happy to meet Mr. Christopher Lawrence” Bong ” Go who is down to earth and eager to have selfies with the crowd. No wonder at the recent SWS survey, He is among the top 6 most popular senatorial candidate.


Anvil Business Club members and officers at Luk Foo restaurant in Commonwealth, Quezon City

Happy Chinese New Year , Gong xi Fa- chai ( Mandarin) , Kiong hee Huat chai (Hokkien) , Kong fei Fat Choi ( Cantonese) to all !



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