A Night at Casa Santa with Payatas Kids

It was a beautiful mid-morning when our small group of social media and bloggers went to at Casa Santa within Jardin de Miramar compound, there was an evening of concert with the Payatas kids choir in Antipolo City.

We decided to meet at Araneta Center , Cubao at about 11:00 am and decided to commute via Lrt line 2 going to Santolan station and we took sa jeepney route on our way to the historic Antipolo Church .

The travel was a little bit faster than the usual , It only took us about 15 minutes to reach LRT Santolan station and another 30 minutes ride going to Antipolo . We paid about Php 23.00 each and took our group off near the church .

We walk going to the church and had a brief stop over at several stalls selling Virgin of Antipolo , Nuestra Señora dela Paz y Buen Viaje or Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Forgot to buy novena booklet .

suman , mangoes and cashews are some of the most iconic food that Antipolo is known for

After the short visit to the church compound and plaza , we decided to buy some buko juice and ate some cashew nuts bought from nearby stalls.

Cora and Atang Stall

After all Antipolo is well-known for their roasted cashew nuts , suman and kakanins ( rice cakes and native delicacies)  and a visit to the place is incomplete without a visit to the church and marian image.

Although sellers are vocal that there are very few cashew trees and plantations within the area. They usually sourced their nuts from Palawan and elsewhere.

Then we took a tricycle ride going to Jardin de Miramar , Sir Andrei Isidro treated us by paying  the fare which cost Php 40 ( special trip since , there were only 3 of us ) .  It route was barely 1.5  kilometer route from the church to Jardin de Miramar compound.

Payatas children choir

We took some time exploring the compound and everyone enjoyed their short stay and tour at Casa Santa . This was their third year of hosting a Christmas party and a benefit concert , proceeds goes to the indigent children communities of Payatas .  There are dozens of children which were able to go to school because of the project .

Tickets were sold during the event which gave participants unlimited time to explore round the vicinity , meet and greet with santa , some packed meals and participate at the games.


The buffet meal was catered by Dabiana Catering Services from Cogeo , Antipolo.

We hope that there will be a lot of these types of projects to help needy school children . In our own small way , we took some loose change from our pockets and drop them at the donation box places at the Casa Santa entrance.


Casa Santa within Jardin de Miramar Revisted

276 to 279  San Jose Ext, Padilla,  Jardin de Miramar compound , Antipolo City 1870 , Rizal province

It had been 7 years since we last visited Casa Santa and Jardin de Miramar . Our group conducted a tour on the place way back in 2008 and 2009 for the Philippine Orchid Society and Philippine Horticulture Society .  There have been a lot of improvements and additional venue at the place.

water lilies also add colors to the landscape

Cymbidium finlaysonianum

We decided to revisit the place and re-update our blog .  The place had beautiful landscape lawn , more venue places , lush garden , a great venue / event east of Metro Manila.  There are more interesting collection , lovely native orchids like Cymbidium finlaysonianum which is at least a decade -old and is blooming .

Dendrobium aphyllum , Dendrobium anosmum and Asplenium nidus naturalized on mango trees

Jardin de Miramar has extended its collection to other works of art such as the sculptures/creation of nationally recognized artists  Mr. Ed Castrillo, Michael Cacnio, Daniel dela Cruz, Tony Leano, Ral Arrogante, mural works by Alfred Galvez; mosaic works by Hannah Liongoren.

interior with santa clause theme collection

 ” Christmas Everyday ” is very appropriate theme for the museum/ collection . It reminds everyone of caring , sharing and the spirit of giving for the less fortunate .

collection of different santa from all over the world

The collection of santa seems to grew from about 3,500 to around 3,900 plus from the last time we have visited the place. Not all were exhibited at the house. No two santa collectible items are the same , thus out-most care is given to the collection .

Christmas eggs

plates, cookie jars, table mats , mugs, spoon , forks 

There are santa items from several countries from Russia, Finland, Portugal, Spain , China, Hong Kong , Taiwan , United States of America, Peru among others.

Christmas miniature villages

Some of the Christmas themed collection are also given by friends, relatives and even close acquaintances of the owner.

miniature  village complete with railroad track and amusement park

A newly renovated Santa’s village has been created by Christmas village miniature artist Bamboo Tonogbanua, a Cebuano Artist. The bluish lighting within the room of the famed Christmas miniature room was designed by  Japanese light designer Shoko Matsumoto.


viewed from second floor

For those who wish to visit the Casa Santa museum and Jardin de Miramar.

Contact: Telephone No.: 584-3199
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Email: info@jardindemiramar.com

Website : http://jardindemiramar.com/casa-santa/

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