Tutuban Center’s Foodstreet : Shopping and Affordable Meals for Barkadas and Whole Family

Tutuban Center’s Food Street, Manila -Philippines

grilled seafood , squid , stuffed tilapia , stuffed milk fish , liempo ,prawn ,chicken and pork barbecue

Almost every street corner of the city , you can find pushcart of makeshift stall selling different kinds of your favorite foods.

Tutuban Center is not only known for their great bargain sale items , but it is full of history and great destination for foodies . There are different food stalls located near the parking area at the back of the main mall .

Snack Stop

Snack Stop sells different kinds of burger , french fries , spaghetti , hotdog sandwich , gulaman , ice scramble

It had been in existence for the past 10 years . I remember that we always eat there whenever we shop at the night market .

Mr. Don Melo -Marketing Officer , Tutuban Center

Now , with the advent of Yuletide Season and Bargain Hunting, a visit to this place is simply irresistible .

French Milk Band

There will also be live band that will perform on October 30 and November 6, 2015.

sizzling sisig with san miguel beer light

There are a lot of events that the mall had lined-up like Trick or Treat on October 31, 2015 saturday until the lightning of a Gigantic Christmas Tree on November 14, 2015. This is aside from the in-house promotions and BIG Discount SALE.

dining area

The dining area boast of a sitting capacity of between 350 to 360 at any given time of the day .

Gil-An Ihaw-Ihaw

Gil-An Ihaw-Ihaw is one of the popular grilled style food serving different kinds of grilled foods.

AlJay Ihaw-Ihaw

Some of the stall holders are open from 9:00am until past 12mid- night and some of the stalls may even extend their operations up until past 1:00 to 2:00am whenever it is possible.

chicharon bulaklak

The stalls at the Foodstreet offer value -for-money food in casual setting. You can choose your chosen finger food ( pulutan ) side dish when drinking alcohol or beer.

Tutuban night market

There is already the ongoing daily night market in which about 600 stalls selling different kinds of CHEAP items from kids toys Php 10 each , imported t-shirts , home decors, school supplies among others.

Note: I would like to sincerely ” Thank” Mr. Jerome Samson AMPR team and Tutuban Center management for the accommodation extended to the group.

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