A Visit to Casa Gianan Vintage Collection

Our small group had set an appointment with Mr. Mark Anthony Kyle Gianan which included a short tour of  Kahoy World along Boni Avenue and a visit to his Casa Gianan vintage collection located in Sanggumay street.


custom-made furniture and bed

I first met with Krazy Kyle few years ago during a coverage at Toy Convention 2014 and Historycon 2016.


different kinds of toys , bottles and memorabilias



There are several well-known celebrities posted at the entrance of his store so of which became his clientele.


 face mask from different parts of the globe





He earn the moniker ” Filipino Picker” because of his thousand of toys, memorabilia items, telephone units, face masks, vintage bottles, tin cans, paintings  among others.


Jollibee toys released in the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s


Most of his collections belongs to the 1970’s to mid- 1990’s. He started collecting around 2009 which included old telephone units, face mask from different countries.


different kinds of soft drink bottles, beer bottles, milk bottles


coca-cola bottles, cups and mugs




Jollibee mugs

Jollibee mugs was also part of the promotional items sold at the iconic food chain in the early part of 1990’s


Alphabets and Numbers which can transform into robots

These were part of the promotional items by a well-known toothpaste brand in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s.


Donald Duck figurines and toys


wood carvings


button pins, paper bills, coins, stamps and books

Some of these items were given by his family friends, fans and fellow pickers.


l-r Mr. Carlo Tecson ,Mr. Mark Anthony Kyle Gianan, Mr. Ray Ong and Achilles Lussier

Kahoy World can be visited during business hours , while Casa Gianan vintage collection is upon special appointment.

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/kahoyworldbeds/

Casa Gianan Address: 664 Sangumay St, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Krazykyle’s Kahoy World Furniture Address: 1550, 643 Boni Ave, Mandaluyong

Contact :0918-911-6280



Miniature beer and liquor bottle collection

The author was invited by a friend who lives within Barangay Talipapa in Novaliches, Quezon City.


miniature liquor , beer, vodka and soft drink bottle collection

Both husband and wife tandem are collectors and sellers of some vintage stuffs. Some of their haul are from Japan , United States, South Korea, Taiwan and some Southeast Asian countries.


some of the miniature bottles does not have any content

They gladly showed me some of their miniature liquor, beer and soft drink  bottle collection. They have more than 30 miniature bottles. Some were still unopened and in almost mint condition.


a few still have corkscrew 

Some of their visitors sometimes would randomly open their miniature liquor bottle collection and drink the content out of it.  They would put padlock to secure their collection.

It took them several years to gradually built-up their collection and They were able to collect some miniature soft drink bottles from coca-cola.

According to the husband and wife tandem which collects miniature bottles, It is not easy to maintain a collection. Some over eager visitors would take them home as souvenirs. But they will still try to maintain their collection as long as they are happy and people visiting their house appreciates them.

Vintage Photos of Nora & Tirso Cruz III

It had been a treasure to see some nostalgia behind these photos. These are pocket sized photos .

Commercial photo studios would sell them as promotional items in movie or souvenir items for fans. Sometimes they are given away during premier nigh.These old photos are between 40 to 45 years -old.

Nora and Tirso Cruz III.JPG

L-R unidentified  male celebrity together with Nora Aunor, Nora and Tirso Cruz III, Tirso Cruz III and Nora Aunor. 

Some fans would let their idols autograph the back portion of the photo. These would be kept in the pockets or pocket sized photo frame.

According to one of my FB friend, Dr. Jorge Ferrer – The first photo was Mr. Jun Raquiza together with Ms. Nora Aunor.


Highlights of the First National Swap Meet

There are different collecting groups and collectors went to the first National Swap Meet held at Function Halls 1-3, SMX Aura, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.  The Philippines Toy Group Association’s first major event.

toys at national swap meet

There are a lot of toys on display and for sale . Some will remind childhood days and nostalgia from the past.

WaycoolGeekPH 1- Booth B12

Waycool Geek PH booth 12

Waycool Geek also had booth during the event. Aside from toys they also have collectible trading cards and NBA cards for sale.

Pinoy Retro Collection 1

Another seller present is Mr. Derrick Ko of Retro Toy Collection  Most of his toys are from the 60’s, 70’s , 80’s and mid 1990’s

There are still a lot of collectibles that are quite left out during the national swap meet. Overall had a fun and exciting day hunting for collectible stuffs. Try to visit the National Swap Meet 


Chinese Figurines Spotted at a Garage Sale

We spotted a garage sale last April 15 Good Friday while having a walking tour and Visita Iglesia near Taft Avenue within Pasay City .  The owner was offering a complete set of encyclopedia worth Php 500 for the entire set . We just looked at the copyright of the encyclopedia that was printed around mid-1950’s.  It would also be impossible for us to bring those items . She offered some Php 5.00 old Marcos era coins ( i think she got over 20 pieces from her grandmother) But we did not bought any coins. She was selling them for just Php 20.00 per piece but she can give them all for just Php 10.00 if we are going to get all of them ( pakyawan) at around Php 200.00.

The owner again offered us a laughing Buddha figurine for about Php 50 , however we are not that interested with the item.  Aside of being bulky, the figurine had some chip marks and missing some details.

She again offered a couple of Chinese and Buddhist figurines for about Php 350 for the entire lot . It was a collection of her late grandmother , who just recently died . Taking a second look , I manage to haggle the price to a more reasonable price of just Php 200 for the entire lot .


This is with 4 strands of crystal beads ( made of plastics) around the orange -colored Guan Yin Ma deity ( far right ) four plastic Sanxing or Fuk Luk Sau deities , one Sacred Heart of Jesus ( made of metal and Italy ) , a small laughing Buddha – made of plaster , a seated female deity ( probably made of plastic ) and another set of Fuk Luk Sau/ Fu Lu Shou deities carved from round stones and old bearded wise men ( probably made from high grade resin ) .

San Xing Deities or Fu Lu Shou  ( Mandarin) or Fuk Luk Sau ( Cantonese )

Fuk / Fu  is an old wise man often depicted holding either a scroll, or a child. There is a popular belief that Fuk is the personification of planet Jupiter, with all its associated energy of goof luck  and auspiciousness. The child is there to symbolize the transmission of this good luck to future generations. The scroll connoted value of learning or education. ( normally put in left side )

Luk/ Lu character in imperial China was official’s salary. It goes without saying that the energy of it is stability, fame and success, as well as financial abundance. Luk is often depicted holding either a ru yi symbol of power and authority, or a golden ingot, a popular wealth or financial symbol . ( normally at the center )

Sau / Shou means longevity. This is the wise old man that is usually depicted with a very high forehead and a warm smile on his face.

These items are normally not worship but are symbol of fortune, prosperity and health. They are normally given a special place in one houses or establishment . Some providing them separate altars and place.

For more information about the meaning Fu Lu Shou. We think that it was a bargain of the day.

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