Anniversary Promo of I Love Milk Tea within Goodwill Homes 1, Novaliches

I Love Milk Tea within Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches in Quezon City had their in-house promo since last May 1, 2020. They are celebrating their second anniversary with a large discount on their well-loved milk teas.


I love Milk Tea, Miss Patatas and Honeyrhaine

The milk tea business is owned by I Love Milktea Inc. They are around for more than 7 years with at least 40 branches and franchises all over the country, the shop is able to provide quality, affordable, good-tasting milk tea without breaking the bank.

Some of our neighbors,friends, nieces and nephews would buy their milk teas at regular basis between two or three times a week. During the Enhance Community Quarantine ( ECQ) period, they are open on a limited capacity and take -out only.


a customer practice social distancing

Second Anniversary In-House Promo


2nd anniversary promo poster

 Goodwill Homes 1 outlet had an in-house promo which started last May 1, 2020 and still ongoing with a choice of any three flavored milk tea or fruit teas ( 20 oz) for just Php 199!. According to the staff, the in-house promo is running on an indefinite time period. This is good news for all their patrons and regular buyers!


bulletin board and reminder


 bulletin board or freedom board

We also saw some celebrity clientele posted at the freedom board which includes Congressman Alfred Vargas of 5th District of Quezon City, Mr.Rob Sy ( Survivor Philippines season 1- first runner-up), Mr. Carl Bryan Cruz ( PBA draft player), Ms. Maureen Larrazabal ( GMA celebrity) among others.


I Love Milk Tea menu board

My nephew ordered their famed taro milk tea, caffe macchiato and black forest. These are just some of his favorite flavors. The store had over 42 milk tea flavors to choose from, rock salt and cheese, frappe among others.


level of sweetness

Got to customized the sweetness to just 25% syrup, Which is still quite sweet for my taste. However some would would put as much as 50% syrup on their milk tea.


taro milk tea

What i like about the tapioca pearls at their milk tea is that it is bouncy and well-prepared.


black forest milk tea

Aside from residents of Goodwill Homes 1, they also have customers from Kingspoint Subdivision, Kasiyahan Home, Grand Monaco Villas, San Pedro IX in Barangay Bagbag.  California Village, Sierra Vista in Barangay San Bartolome. Torres Village and even residents from as far as Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon, Caybiga, Damong Maliit and Valenzuela.


caffe macchiato milk tea



Goodwill Homes 1 franchisee stall had a freedom wall, where customers can put their photos, write message and even post their photos. Since the IATF guidelines had been implemented, The branch only allowed take-out and strict social distancing are in place.


The friendly staff are there to lend a helping hand to everyone and quite helpful. Sometimes, I Love Milk Tea Goodwill Homes 1 branch is also referred as Kingspoint branch because of the close proximity.

Note: All the prices posted are subject to change without prior notification and the in-house promo is valid only at the Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches at a specific time period. The author is not connected with the management of I Love Milk Tea.

I Love Milk Tea and Ms. Patatas

Facebook Page:I Love Milk Tea

Address: Katipunan Avenue corner Amity street ( near security guard house) , Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations: Everyday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm


Santa Maria , Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour part 3

Santa Maria , Bulacan

 Torres- Reyes  ancestral house

 Ms. Carmen Torres Reyes is the great grand aunt of Ms. Margaux Salcedo ( former GMA channel 7 reporter ) and Congressman Alfred Vargas who were relatives.  The house was built during the late Spanish era but was renovated in the 1960’s  .

Famous Chocolate and Culinary Icons :

Nana Meng’s mother served food to President Manuel Quezon and other prominent members of the community . Nana Julita ( sister of Nana Meng)  would also be best remembered for her beef asado and ensaymada.  Nana Meng herself also had occasion to prepare a meal for then President Joseph Estrada . While another aunt,  Ka Tage  have wrote down some.  We were told that Nana Meng ‘s family is also a culinary icon of the place. People would remember her preparing foods especially during town fiesta .

Unfortunately, most of the family recipes like kesong puti, chicharon, sinigang sa bayabas, lumpiang sariwa and dinuguan, among other Bulacan recipes have never been written down. Instead they have been passed on from generation to generation but only to those who labor in the kitchen. It was Nana Meng and Ka Tage who managed to pass some of the recipe to their descendants .

Fortunately , We were fortunate to sample some of the family famous tsokolate , tinumis ( dinuguan ) .  The chocolate were named after the aunts Nana Meng and Ka Tage .

 Margaux Salcedo website:

The house is located just a few meters from Banda 88 and Buenaventura Ancestral House

.participants enjoyed the hearty buffet meal

After the hearty mid morning day brunch , We went to tour some of the interesting ancestral houses, historical spots and we ate a Kamayan style

( Buffet in Banana Leaves) or Boodle Fight  Meal consists of  Java rice topped with deep fried egg plant, pancit papaya, chicken menudo , salted duck egg with chopped tomatoes, ginisang munggo  and chicharon.

Kilawin Papaya 

Kilawin Papaya is also called Pansit Papaya, The kilawin papaya is finely julienne, with chopped onions prepared by the HRM ( Hotel and Restaurant Management ) students and was cooked with vinegar , ground black pepper and some spices. At first glance , You can easily mistake this dish for acahara or puso ng saging. It is also good that they were able to prepare this dish considering that it was the papaya harvest season.

Artists Guilt of Santa Maria or Santiago Art Gallery 

The group toured the Artists Guilt of Santa Maria Gallery or Santiago Art Gallery . The gallery host to about a dozen or so artists from the town.

Bust of Dr. Teofilo S. Santiago

We toured the historic Santa Maria Elementary School . The school is known for its Gabaldon– style architecture . The main building was built in 1915 and the school had a mini -museum within its premises. Aside from the architectural value , It is also were 2 prominent people  – Dr. Teofilo Santiago bust that was made by National Artist for Visual ArtsAbdulmari Asia Imao and President Ramon Magsaysay

group photo

We were given certificate of attendance courtesy of the president of the school and tourism officers which initiated the heritage tour. We also got souvenir group photos with the students and participants from different cause oriented groups,  heritage advocates and our guides.

I have enjoyed the tour and would really recommend this to those who wanted a different travel experience .

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