Filipino style breakfast at Chef Ronaldo Laudico’s Pugon Roaster

Ayala Triangle , Makati City-Philippines

pugon 036 Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters

Chef Ronaldo Laudico is an executive chef and a celebrity  . He one of the country’s most well-loved chefs, has been cooking since he was seven- years old. His mom was the first one to teach him the ways of the kitchen.

He had several commercial project from a popular toothpaste brand to co-hosting with Ms. Judy Ann Santos at the Pinoy Junior Master Chefs cooking reality show for kids, shown on ABS-CBN channel 2.

Ronaldo LaudicoChef Ronaldo Laudico

Chef Lau, as he is popularly  called, never realized that one can actually have a career in cooking until he was already in high school. It was when he started reading magazines and books about chefs and their restaurants that he told himself that he wanted to become like the people he read about.

pugon 035

WI-FI ready

At the age of 24, he started working at La Primavera’s kitchen washing dishes and doing preparation work. For professional culinary training, he went to the Culinary Institute of America.

Pinoy BreakfastPinoy breakfast  menu

Starting this November ,  Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters started to offer breakfast meals for the office employees and their customers . The garden -like setting within the Ayala triangle is a perfect setting for the Christmas season !


What i like  with the chocolate is that it is not too sweet . Unlike  what other popular restaurant offers.

crispy bangus paksiw

crispy bangus paksiw

Another must “TRY” is the bangus paksiw , fried rice, egg with grilled eggplant  and the paksiw sauce . I prefer on how they marinate the bangus ( milk fish ) not to sour unlike the commercially available . Just Right !

lukban longganisa

lucban longganisa

The longganisa is sourced from the town of Lucban , Quezon province !



This breakfast meal is a combination of egg and ensaymada

Angus beef tapa

 US Angus Tapa style

 ” Tapa” meal is one of the all- time favorite in the restaurant. I like the way it is marinated and soft texture .  I also like the achara ( pickled vegetable)



Hashsilog is a breakfast and a pulutan combined into one. With potatoes , corn-beef and topped with egg served in sizzling plate . You need to mix them before eating them.

Pugon Torta

Pugon Torta

Made from eggplant and cooked in brick oven.  At first it taste like lasagna or pasta !

SMTSuman,  Mangga at Tsokolate

Popular dessert , Suman, Mangga at Tsokolate  ( or coffee )

Chef Ronaldo and Chef Jackie Laudico

Chef Ronaldo Laudico and Chef  Jackie Laudico

His wife , Chef Jackie Laudico is also a an internationally -known pastry chef. Pugon Roasters is known for their brick-oven roasted chicken available at a very affordable price. Pugon is  Filipino term for brick style cooking widely introduced during the Spanish colonial period and using of traditional firewood or charcoal ( add distinct flavor to the dish )

pugon 034

outdoor dining space

The restaurant sitting capacity is between 60 to 80 at any given time .  With the advent of the Christmas season and Ayala triangle lightning this coming weekend. It is best to make early reservations and to come early before 6:00pm or past 9:00pm.

Note:  It is worthy to note that the couple discourage using msg to flavor their food which is good for health conscious individuals  . The restaurant is using a soy sauce brand which uses natural ingredient in their fermentation process.

The restaurant also accepts caterings and bulk orders .

Contact Information:

Restaurant Operation: Monday to Sundays

Time: 10:00am to 10:00pm

 Cellphone : 0917- 892 3278

 Land- line : (02) 621-6100



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