World Trade Center, Buendia street -Pasay City, Metro Manila-Philippines

World Trade Center

It was a bit overcast sky when i visited the agriculture expo  .  World Trade Center is teeming with a lot of activities from Agriculture , Livestock, Fisheries, Ornamental Plants,  Poultry  and Supplies Expo or Agrilink Expo 2013 and Carinderia Expo at the nearby tent.

Agrilink 2013 opened yesterday with Senate agriculture committee chair  Senator Cynthia Villar, Agrilink 2013 chairman Mr. George Canapi of AMMDA, DA Secretary Proceso Alcala, South Africa Ambassador Agnes Nyamatilde-Pitsu and FRLD chairwoman Ms. Dulce Gozon. Photo courtesy of Agri-LINK 2013 Facebook page

 stage area

There is a mini-concert of some sorts, but due to weather conditions , There seems to be fewer people in attendance .

registration area


Visitors are greeted by several mascots of PIGROLAC

Department of Agriculture booth

Department of Agriculture booth is one of the biggest most massively displayed booth in the expo. The booth showcases the different types of edible landscape plants and vegetables like camote tops, pineapples, ti-plants , philodendron executed by a team of landscapers from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Laguna.

The booth proudly showcases the edible seeds varieties like corn, rice , vegetable seeds , peanut, coffee, cacao beans among others , products from different regions like wine made from tropical fruits, soaps among others.

fruit wines

different kinds of fruit wines like santol, lipote, guyabano, mango, duhat, bignay, ube, tamarind  among others. They are highly desirable by foreigners. Tropical wines  have unique taste compared to the usual wine from grapes.


i saw a lot of foreigners and even local trade buyers , trying the different kinds of tropical fruit wines. A group of French expatriates were even amazed with the different varieties of locally produced wines!

Harbest Seed Corporation

AIBIGAN HOTLINE  0922-8521843 Sun,  0917-8507888 Globe, SKYPE through internet – harbest_main2
Email addresses;;

Facebook Account: Harbest Agri Corp;    Harbest Agribusiness Corporation   

HARBEST MAIN OFFICE          TEL NO.     6717411-14         FAX NO.     671-2232


Allied Botanical Corporation booth

new eggplant varieties -seeds are for sale

ABC corporation released their green eggplant  ” wonder green”  to the market.

shaolin gourd

Lagenaria siceraria- This type of gourd or locally called  upo , It is a climbing vine that can reach a length of several meters . The fruit resembles the drinking suito made from these type of gourd. Highly popular in China, Japan, Korea , Taiwan .



Known You Seed -Philippines distributes different kinds of seeds , flowering annual and perennials . They also distributes different kind of  corn, cucumber, bitter gourd, watermelon and winter melon seed varieties .

Lisianthus Double Pure White

Lisianthus flowers are native from Southern United States, Mexico to Central and parts of South America. They are also called Texas bluebell, Prairie Gentian or Tulip Gentian.  Most of the hybrids in the market have different kinds of colors.

Their high quality yields makes them one of the newest company to watch out for.  They have a demonstrative farm in Barangay San Pedro Ili,  Alacala, Pangasinan .

For questions and inquiries,, Globe at 0917-320-1689, through Smart at 0999-885-9612, or through land-line at 075-632-1785.



Cherry Tomatoes

King Louis

The different types of poinsettias , orchids , bromeliads   signaled the start of the Christmas season .  The poinsettias are the biggest sellers of this period.

Dasoland farm booth

A refuge for the city-weary, Dasoland is an adventure park of 68 hectares located in Barangay San Vicente of Dasol (town).  The park and resort  is part of the Carolina Mango Farm, a 408-hectare mango plantation of 3,500 full grown mango trees. It was launched on March of 2011 as a tourist destination and venue for field trips, cultural and educational activities.


products made from bamboo form Carolina Bamboo Garden

Tel. Nos. (632) 847-0523 to 25 and Tel/Fax No. (632) 847-0522.

Facebook event page:

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