20 Toy and Memorabilia Hauls at the Toy Convention 2019

A visit to the recent Toy Convention 2019, One cannot resists buying die-cast toy cars, stickers, toy figurine, posters, pins, manga, comics and other items which are collectibles.  Some of these items remind us of our childhood days.

20 Toys and Memorabilia Hauls at the Toy Convention 2019

20.) Disney and Funko Pop figurines– One of the most popular creators and innovators of licensed pop culture products. Among the items includes Jollibee, Darna and Spider man.

19.) K pop, Jpop and Chinese artists– Several merchandise bearing popular Korean pop, Japanese pop and Chinese pop artists can be bought at the event.

18.) Go Bots– These are popular cars initially manufactured by Tonka which can transform into robots. The incomplete set of about 50 sets sells for only Php 40,000!

17.) Kewpie dollsis a brand of dolls and figurines that were conceived as comic strip characters by cartoonist Rose O’Neill. At the recent Retrocon 2019, these toys were popular items sold.

16.) Hot Wheel die cast toys– One of the most popular toys for sale at the convention. Some mint condition sells an average of between Php 120 to Php 250.

15.) Cartoon Power Bank – Solid Business  takes  prides itself as the leading provider of office and banking equipment in the Philippines. The company is located at 303, 3rd floor Singson building, Plaza Moraga at the foot of Jones bridge in Manila.

14.) Tin Plates Creative metal tin design having different themes. Most of the desired collectibles came from licensed products.

13.) Posters– One of the most popular items sold at the convention. Collectors would categorized this into different categories, one of the most popular ones are movie posters.

12.) PEZ Toys– The name PEZ is an abbreviation of PfeffErminZ (German for peppermint). It is the brand name of an Austrian candy  which was first manufactured in 1927 and associated manual candy dispensers.Toy character head dispensers were introduced in 1955, after the candy was introduced in the United States.

Pez Toys for sale at Php 300

Colorful cartoon characters, anime characters. There is a local collecting community which specializes in these items.

11.) Mickey and Minnie Mouse – Popular Disney character toys in which several merchandise items are made. One of the most popular are stuffed toys.

10.) Coca-Cola die-cast toys– The soft drink brand is popular worldwide and some of the popular items made are die-cast toys, trucks, polar bear and commemorative bottles. There are several local collecting clubs which specialize this kind of theme.

9.) Bruder Trucks–  The are available in reputable department stores, toy shops and everywhere where toys can be bought. This includes agriculture machinery, emergency, commercial ones.

8.) Captain Barbell, Darna and Lastikman– Mars Ravelo’s booth- creator of these iconic Filipino fictional heroes had several items from t-shirt, pins, mugs, ID holder and tumbler for sale.

7.) Ballpen– This is one of the most affordable items at the toy convention.

6.) Viewmaster– This is the trademark name of a line of special-format stereoscopes . This was first introduced in the 1939 but the popularity of these became apparent in the 1960’s to the mid-1990’s.

5.) Comics– Local and international comic were popular items for sale and MUST buy at the convention. There were several comic book authors and illustrators that are present during the event.

4.) Pepsi can and products – Pepsi is an international beverage company. The company seldom manufacture collectible items even during the height of its popularity. Some collectors would hunt for these trademarks.

3.) Stickers– This come in many different kinds from collectible Voltes V stickers, anime , cartoon and self made ones. Buying stickers at the convention is very popular and affordable.

2.) Pins– Another very popular collectible items.

1.) Jollibee and other popular figurines- One of the most popular sold items. There are several FB group which specializes in these thematic toy collection.

Note : Special “Thanks” to Mr. Azrael Coladilla and Toy Convention 2019 organizers


Disney XD Exciting Adventure and FUN on Cignal Television – Watch IT. LIVE It !

SM Megamall Activity Center, Mandaluyong City -Philippines

spider-man delighted the crowd

Everyone likes Walt Disney and Disney’s cartoon characters. Since childhood , we experience it by watching them on FREE television , DVD’s movies , Internet and in CABLE Television.

Cignal Cable station sales representatives

Cignal Television , one of the leading Direct -to Home ( DTH) pay television provider in the country , bring Disney XD first in High Definition ( HD) in the country .

Spider-man  power web spider cycle action figures on sale

 You can choose from plans ranging from Php490 to Php1590.  It is comparable to the ones being offered by other cable networks with fewer channel line-ups and sometimes there are cable companies that are only confined to a certain locality . We are a subscriber of the Php1590 plan and the signal is very clear and even at par with the other cable networks.

popular shows to be included in the line-up

Popular channels such as HBO, Starworld, Star Movies, Star World ,  NBA Premium  even Disney are included in the affordable Plan 630 (total monthly cost is Php780 including the monthly cable box maintenance fee).

all smiles from Walt Disney -Philippines staffs

Marvel’s web-slinging superhero the Ultimate Spider-Man took a break from fighting crime and swung by the SM Megamall Event Center to meet and greet his fans! There are also Marvel Super Heroes action figure that were on sale during the event.

Mr. Stanley Sy  emcee during the event , the Filipino-Chinese  correspondent for The Daily Bugle and NBA.com

Cignal TV and Disney kicked off their exciting collaboration by conducting a massive 12-leg nationwide mall tour which started last June where limited edition Disney XD  premium items were given to the first 100 new Cignal subscribers in each mall.

bloggers , freelance writers and their families were invited to the event

As an added treat, one lucky family was flown in to Singapore for a special meet and greet with the cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy last July. The children were given a  red hand foam with the signature hand gesture of spiderman.

three children were randomly picked from the invited guests and joined the on the spot games

The three-day event held at the SM Mega-mall Event Center from August 22 to 24 also featured pre-show games and trivia for the fans and giveaways of exclusive Disney premium items to those who subscribed to Cignal TV Post-Paid Plan 490 and up.

smiling children which won tumblers

Cignal is the Philippine’s premier DTH satellite provider. Launched in 2009, Cignal broadcasts to households and commercial venues nationwide using DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) technology. Cignal transmits 96 channels to date, which includes free-to-air, SD, and HD.

  The company also offers on-demand service through its pay-per-view channel, and a varied mix of 10 audio channels. Cignal is owned and operated by Cignal TV Inc., a subsidiary of MediaQuest Holdings, the media partner of the PLDT Group of Companies.

SM Megamall Activity Center is a beehive of people attending the very successful event

There are also a lot of interesting collectible items for sale during the event. The event is not just for the kids but also for the kids at heart .  The event extended past 5:00pm with a lot of fun-filled activities for the entire family.

I would like to ” Thank ” the organizers and Ms. Eleanor Leyco for the invitation extended to the author.

Website : http://www.cignal.tv/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CignalTV


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