Celebrities and activities during the 67th annual orchid and garden show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden) , Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Metro Manila , Philippines

Mr. Sandro Hermoso -PTV channel 4 Morning show ” GOOD Morning BOSS ” host interviewed his guest

I have went to the orchid and garden show several times ,  first is  to conduct a guided tour among fellow bloggers/ writers/ media  last March 2.  Then I went there on March 8 , March 9 and March 10  to attend the lecture series .  I have some important guests which went to buy some orchids and herbs just before the end of the show. Being a lifetime member of the society , Members of the organization  have some discounts  from their purchases, aside from the FREE entrance and other Exclusive perks .

group photo opportunity by the hosts of People’s Television Network channel 4 morning show

Media Mileage

 Orchid shows  receives good media mileage  from all forms of media , print, radio, newspapers, television stations and even other forms of social media like bloggers ,  thru Facebook or Multiply account users. Special mention to Manila Bulletin which is the official newspaper partner of the orchid show.

morning show hosts of PTV channel 4 together with their hosts and guests

Dr. Elenita Binay is an honorary member of the Philippine Orchid Society together with Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie ” Go and Ms.¬† Dhory Fadriquela ( Allied Botanical Corporation )

Celebrity Lecturers:

Ms. Evangeline Go together with Ms. Jenny F. Rivera ( POS Secretariat ) raffled-off  $100 to the participants of her lecture.

Ms. Evangeline Go lecture is always jam-packed . one of the participant of the lecture said¬† ” Kahit saang oras mo ilagay ang lecture ni Ms. Vangie ay para kang nasa primetime ” .¬† I must certainly agree with her statement . There is never a dull moment in Ms. Go lecture!

Dr. Hernando Perez gave interesting topics about Cattleyas and his hybridization techniques

Dr. Hernando B. Perez is the current president of University of Batangas and an active board member of the Philippine Orchid Society  .  He had been growing Cattleyas for almost 40 years . He also breeds several orchid hybrids and registered them with the Royal Horticultural Society of London . Some of which had received awards during orchid show both here and abroad.

University of Batangas: http://www.ub.edu.ph/

Product Launching and Endorsement

product demonstration on Fast Juicer

Dr. Richard  S. Abendan director of Atformic and Dr. Hernando Perez

Siam Early Grow with Vitamin B1 plus

This is one of the latest liquid plant hormone and nutrient developed and distributed in the Philippines. This plant hormone can be use for newly acquired orchid cuttings such as vanda , cattelyas and dendrobium. This is also good for ornamental plants and even fruit trees.

Siam Fertilizers – This is one of the most popular brands of fertilizers in the Philippines¬† dominating the market for several decades. In fact,¬† some of my aunts who grow orchids , ornamental plants were already using them since the mid 1980’s .¬† Siam fertilizer is distributed in all leading hardware outlets like ACE¬† Hardware, Puregold, Manila Seedling Bank -EDSA Garden House, Ramgo International and Filipinas Agri- Planters Supply in Cubao .

For those interested to become dealers or resellers of the Siam Fertilizer and other products please contact : Dr. Richard S. Abendan -director ( Atformic) 17 Wayan Street , Masambong , Quezon City Telefax (+632) 365-30-42

Website links:

Ramgo International Corporation: http://www.ramgoseeds.com/home.do

Products: http://www.ramgoseeds.com/products.do?category_id=159

Ace Hardware: http://acehardware.ph/Acehardware/index.php?p=236&subcat_id=124


Los Ba√Īos Flower and Garden Show 2012

Flowering Plants , Exotic Flora and Rare Plants will be exhibited in the annual Los Ba√Īos¬† Flower and Garden Show 2012 t o be held from March 23 to April 1, 2012 at the Senior‚Äôs Social Garden within¬† the campus of the University of the Philippines in Los Ba√Īos,¬† Laguna.¬† This bi-annual event is being organized by the Los Ba√Īos Horticulture Society Inc. (LBHS) in cooperation with Department¬† of Trade and IndustryLaguna¬† and together with various commercial plant and garden suppliers.

poster of the event

The show is adopting a theme dubbed, “Gardening: A Lifestyle.” The event will showcase delightful and elegant arrangements . In most private home particularly in the provinces , there are still a lot of plant enthusiasts¬† which gardening has certainly been a part of the Filipino lifestyle .

Arranging and tending plants are both a relaxing and stimulating activity. It also makes vacant spaces functional and aesthetically beautiful and orderly.   Unfortunately most of the private  gardens  have are slowly loosing to development and lack of interest  among the present generation.  Fast phase lifestyles have led to people not to concentrate on gardening  and choosing the right plants that are suitable to the right environmental conditions.

Mr. Vicente  Chin,  Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro, Ms. Angelita Ibarra of Gintong Talulot, Mrs. Mable Chua of  Flower Box,  Dr. Ben Vergara of Exotica,  Malvarosa Orchids of Dr. Hernando Perez  and Mr. Tony Pajaro are just a few of the leading industry landscape architects , plant propagators and plant breeders will also be on hand to present their landscape designs at the exhibit areas and also sell their  well-cultured flowering and foliage plants to visitors.

The¬† show will feature a series of free lectures to be given by some of the society’s¬† top¬† landscape designers. The show will also highlight their landscape exhibits and as well as the current trends and styles in landscaping.¬† Lectures¬† will be conducted¬† on March 24, 2012¬† to be conducted by Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro¬† and¬† March 31, 2012¬† at 2:00 pm.

The show’s ribbon-cutting ceremony happens on March 22, with the new UPLB Chancellor Dr. Rex Victor O. Cruz as the guest of honor .¬† In addition to the usual commercial booths , landscape and individual plant competitions¬† ,there will also be section where native handicrafts, native kakanins ,¬† agricultural produce¬† and publications will also be available.

For further information, you could send an email to the Los¬†Ba√Īos¬† Horticultural Society or¬† Dr. Benito Vergara


Malvarosa Farm

When you think of Cattleyas, the first think that will come into your mind is Orchids !!!! and Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Farm is one of the local farms which supplies the local market.

Philippine Orchid Society organized  field trip

Dr. Hernando Perez started growing orchids as a hobby in the late 1960’s. The orchids were¬† mostly given to him by his clients and friends . He started to acquire his specimen orchids in 1973.

He began his operation as a backyard hobby. He and his partner decided to go into full operation in 1989.¬† Hence ” Malvarosa ” orchids was born.¬† The name was derived from Malvar – the town’s name were the orchid farm is located and¬† Rosario stand for the name of his wife.


The company initially focused on their production on Cattleyas , they continued to expand their production to other orchid genera such as Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis , Doritis , Vandas and other native Philippine orchid species.

The company is is producing ornamental plant varieties. In 1990 , the company started their maiden operation. The company initially to sell their orchids via catalogs and word of mouth  .

The farm was  hit by a super  Bagyong  Rosing ( Typhoon Angela )  in 1995 , The typhoon destroyed most of the greenhouses which were built on wooden bases. The damaged caused their orchid stocks got diseases, thus the company stopped  temporarily their operation. Slowly after the rehabilitation of their greenhouses ( now built of steel frames and concrete).

The farm started to re-acquire new stocks and started mass propagation of new orchid hybrid cultivars.

a pair of peacock roaming the property

The company is proud to have  named over 100 Cattleya hybrids,2 dozen  Phalaenopsis croses, a dozen Dendrobium and 2 Vanda hybrids crosses registered with the Royal Horticultural Society of England.

Cattleya hybrids have been awarded ” Best Philippine Hybrids ” included BLC. Corazon Aquino , BLC. Malvarosa Sunrise, BLC. Malvarosa Sunset, BLC. Malvarosa Princess, LC. Annette Castro among others.

BLC. Corazon Aquino ( yellow form)

The company had consistently won awards in the orchid shows and exhibit of the Philippine Orchid Society , Philippine Horticultural Society, Los Banos Orchid Society , Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Exposition among others.

Best Orchid landscape exhibit РBatangas Road Show of the Philippine Orchid Society held May 10 to 18, 2008 at  SM Batangas City -Barangay Pallocan

A visit to their farm would show all the trophies , medals, ribbons that the company received during its 20 year operation.

The farm had some peacocks, native chickens, native deers which roamed the property.

The farm can be visited via appointment:

For further inquiries :

Ms. Beth Quidagen (+632)409-6731 / (+632)638-2355

Telefax (+632)636-0504

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