Highlights of the Secret Life of Pet Show at Eton Centris

Juan Love Pets in partnership with Eton Centris, SMART Communications, Pet Plus Global Marketing, Pet One, Vitabeef, Parking Bees and Smartheart.


Majestic Wings ( Philippines )

Majestic Wings- Philippines got the ” Best Pet Group ” with lots of members attending the event. They had a mini-demonstration on how to properly trained pet parrots and birds.


Kuya Kurt Ibañez  with sun conure parrots

Pet Groups and Organizations

The participants includes Ant Keepers Philippines, Philippine Rabbit Enthusiast Club, Van Flowerhorn, Fur Pets Ph, Dog Unleashed Philippines, Hamster Guy, Majestic Wings Philippines, Guinea Pig Lovers Philippines, Malabon Pride Bullies, Philippine Rabbit Enthusiast Club, Philippines Hamster Collections, Philippine Hamster Owners Society,Direk Hamstery JK, and Buhay Flowerhorn.


The bazaar and exhibits aims to provide the general public awareness of other pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, ants, birds, flower horn among others.


a hobbyist with his hedgehog – This was a gift from his dentist 3 years ago

There is growing interest among the young, teenagers and adults which does not have large space but want to keep pets.


cockatiel and sun conure parrots


umbrella cockatoo


albino python


pet blessing

Siamese cat

The pet blessing started at around past 1:00 pm with a short prayer and the priest went around the stalls to bless the other pets. The participants were also given certificate for blessing of the animal after.


pet owners


guinea pigs


guinea pig


ant colonies


 samples of dog food


carmine- colored sugar glider


best dressed rabbit contest

The winner of the ” Best Dress Rabbit” was decided by voting on-line by the members of Philippine Rabbit Enthusiast Club FB group. The winner is a rabbit owned by Mr. Jeff Moral from San Mateo, Rizal province.


Mr. Justin de Leon

Another winner of the ” Fastest Grass Eater” went to Mr. Justin de Leon from Pampanga province.


hamster race contest

A short talk was given by members of Philippines Hamster Collections and Philippine Hamster Owners Society. There are three participants who took the challenge at the hamster racing contest.


Mr. Sean Nathaniel Bolaño winner of hamster race from San Juan City, Metro Manila

The winner got a special loot bag from the Pet One, a pair of Campbell hamster and hamster cage.


syrian hamsters


The hamster guy


Malabon Pride Bullies




Furry Pet PH

Furry Pet PH is an online specialty store for hamsters, rabbits and small mammals. They have bed, mattress and accessories. They also accepts made to order and customization.


premium meat for dog


plaque of appreciation

At the end of the event, pet groups, sponsors and donors were given a certificate of recognition by the organizers.


Smart Communications

This momentous event  highlighted the friendship and camaraderie among fellow pet owners, hobbyists and organizers of the event.

For more information about upcoming events and partnership : Please visit :

FB page : https://www.facebook.com/JuanPetStore/


Secret Life of Pets at Eton Walk

The JuanLoves Pets entitled “The Secret Life of Pets” present to you the Hamster Race for Dwarves. The Hamster Race for Dwarves participated by the hamster enthusiasts, hobbyists, lovers, keepers and breeders here in our country.

This is also in celebration the World Animal Day and feast of St. Francis of Assisi this coming September 30, 2018 (Sunday) at the Eton Centris Walk, Activity Area, Quezon Avenue. With the participation of Ant Keepers Philippines, Philippine Rabbit Enthusiast Club, Van Flowerhorn, Fur Pets Ph, Dog Unleashed Philippines, Hamster Guy, Majestic Wings Philippines, Guinea Pig Lovers Philippines, Malabon Pride Bullies, Philippine Hamster Owners Society, Philippines Hamster Collections, Direk Hamstery JK, and Buhay Flowerhorn. Together with their pet to exhibit on one day event.

Juan Loves Pet.jpg


Campbell Dwarf Hamster, Winter White Hamster and Roborovski Hamster ONLY.

Registration starts at 10:00AM. There will be a lot of activities that spice your day.

To give more excitement of the event, sponsors giving the best product lines for our pets like Pet Plus Global Marketing, Pet One, Vitabeef and Smartheart. To make the event most out of it, we have the Parking Bees powered by Smart Communications, this give you faster parking booking in town.


Organic Food Bowl Night Market at Centris

Now, a marketplace for safe and healthy fresh produce and products made available to the public — from vegetables to grains to animal and fish products. A marketplace that works on the concept of accessibility, sustainability, and fair trade practices to capture the bulk buying demand and promote sustainable lifestyle.

Big groups of organic and natural farming practitioners have signified their interest to support by joining the market: The Organic Producers Trade Association (OPTA), One Organic Movement of the Philippines with the Agri-Aqua Network International, Inc. (AANI), Go Organic Philippines, Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organizations (INOFO), Philippine Development Assistance Program, Inc. (PDAP), Kasama Ka Organik Cooperative, Aquarius Agricultural Source Corporation (AASCORP), Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad ng Agrikutura (MASIPAG), the natural farming advocates under the Philippine Natural Farming, Inc. (PNFI), Organic na Negros Organic Producers and Retailers Association (ONOPRA), biodynamic farms under the Agrikultura Natural, Inc. (ANI) Mo, Cosmic Farm of Benguet State University, La Trinidad, the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) under the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the Agribusiness Marketing Assistance Service of the Department of Agriculture (DA-AMAS). The Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Tourism (DOT) were also tapped by the organizers to support through an information campaign to reach its target buyers” said Ms. Sharon Tan, co-organizer of the Food Bowl Night Market.

“The potential for the organically grown produce and foods is growing both domestically and abroad due to the increasing health, environment and social concerns. Food Bowl Night Market will highlight crops and commodities of Philippine “SUSTAINABLE AGRIBUSINESS”. Its quality should also meet the demand for its quantity. The Crops, Commodities and Technologies Section will showcase farmers, fisher folks and organizations providing safe and healthy food to Filipinos and present the value chain: production, processing and marketing. This will be a good start for the farmers to program their production to meet the requirements of institutional buyers especially from hospitals, restaurants, hotels and food caterers” she added.

Other than natural, organic and biodynamic farm produce which includes vegetables, fruits, rice, fisheries, live stock, native free ranged pastured poultry produce and products, Food Bowl Night Market will also feature food operators and wellness organizations, ornamental and herbs producers and the eco-friendly product manufacturers.

The Food Bowl will be launched at the ETON Centris Walk, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City starting March 18. It will open every Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 12mn. ETON Centris Walk is directly under the stop of the Quezon Avenue MRT Station with a commercially accessible area and ample parking for the target institutional buyers.

The World Agape Association, Inc., with the owners of DS Pinoy Organic and Herbal Store organizes the Food Bowl Night Market. The World Agape Association is a group of young professionals whose primary objective is to provide leadership seminars for public servants with focus on public school teachers and farmer leaders. For queries to Food Bowl Night Market, please contact (02) 806-2448

Eton Centris Sunday Market

Several months ago, most of the regular buyers at the Lung Center Sunday Market were brief about the sudden move to a better and more accessible location near the MRT Quezon Avenue station.

Spaceship Lamp post – The  gigantic lamp post resembles several intergalactic ship

Since the contact with the Lung Center management is about to expire. The move was announced to all the tenants and regular patrons beginning the second quarter of 2010. The place is becoming a favorite hang-out area for those working in nearby business processing centers , Centris – more popularly called  had amble security and ambiance to complement its futuristic architecture.

Eton Centris Walk

The event organizer, which pioneered the weekend market style since the late 1980’s at the former Sidcor Resort, Cubao (now SM Hypermart, Cubao).  Then moved to the Lung Center vicinity from 2003 to 2010, some of the stall owners had begun their moved to the vicinity as early as June 2010.

The place is an ideal spot for a weekend market place, with its brick paved walkways, inter-galactic shaped lamp posts, children playground, well manicured lawn, a hypermart , several business processing outsourcing offices , restaurants,  taxi , jeepney and MRT terminal .

Merry -Go Round

Since the ETON Centris Place is still on the process of expansion, the place still lacks facilities for the buyers like ample parking spaces; the heat from the cemented walkways would always make the people perspire more, However, regular market goers and patrons would not mind all these few hassles!

Mr. Nelson from Nueva Viscaya – His family is a trader of native orchids and plants in the sunday market

The big move had already commenced last November 7, 2010 just in time for the Christmas season. The management of Eton Centris is very supportive and there all out support for the weekend market in their commercial space.

colorful semi-terete vandas from Quezon and Laguna on sale

These  semi-terete vanda orchids ( above)  is an old- time favorite among orchid lovers -The flowers can last up to more than 1 month

Arundina graminifolia – Bamboo orchid, Grass orchid

Arundina comes from the Latin arundo, meaning reed, and gramnifolia means grass-like leaves

This tropical orchid is found from India, Southern China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia and Pacific islands. These terrestrial orchid were thought to be introduced to the country before the out break of the second world war and gradually naturalized in several parts of the country.The cattleya- like flowers only last for a few days. When fully established , the plant could tolerate almost full sun conditions.

This  particular plant is one of the most common terrestrial orchids that was naturalized in several countries like Puerto Rico, Panama, Hawaii, Costa Rica ,  Guatemala , Honduras, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Cuba  and Florida.

A gallery of native dishes with vendors wearing color- coded (yellow) for cooked foods

The weekend market place was divided into seven or eight segments  that had color-coded sections which buyers can easily identify the products or services thru their color guide. The organizers even extended their way in providing color-coded t-shirts for all the tenants.

Vicinity Map of Eton- Centris Sunday Market

Here is the guide:

Red stands for fresh meat and wet market section

Orange stands for fruit section

Violet stands for vegetable, rice, and fish section

Yellow stands for cooked foods, pasalubongs, native delicacies, bread pastries, home made sweets, coffee

Green stands for plants, garden accessories, potteries, orchids, pet, cages, soil mix

Blue stands for clothes, toys, shoes, home décor, accessories, shoes, and sandals

According to the organizers, there are some 380 tenant stalls during the Sunday market.

The market is also becoming a fast haven for organic produce and proudly Philippine made items, organic products and home based business.

Organic producers -pose for a group picture

Some of the more noteworthy stalls selling community based and social enterprises include Human Nature products, Solraya Chicken, Green Daisy Organic foods.

Native process jams, vinegar, preserved foods on display

The Eton- Centris Sunday market can be reach via the MRT Quezon Avenue station or any public utility vehicle. The Sunday market is open from 6:00 am to past 2:00 pm. However, It is said that a new organizer  would likewise bring back the  Lung Center Sunday market .


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