Ms. Charito Solis: Igorota film postcard

Ms. Charito Solis is an award winning actress with several films tucked into her colorful career. This is a 50 year-old advertisement postcard printed around 1968.


Ms. Charito Solis postcard (obverse)

She is better known as “Ina Magenta ” at Okey Ka, Fairy Ko ! . A fantasy sitcom aired in several television stations like IBC Channel 13 from Feb 1, 1987 to September 22, 1989 , then moved to ABS-CBN channel 2 from 1989 to 1995 then moved again to GMA channel 7 from 1995 to 1997.

Igorota 2 Charito Solis.JPG

Igorota film with Opera Theater  directed by Mr. Luis Nepomuceno ( reverse side) 

This is a type of advertisement postcard which was prevalent until the late 1990’s. The film outfit had printed thousands of this postcard as form of promotion and collectible item. This was issued around mid 1968 as part of local publicity for the film release.

This was collected by an aunt who watched the film. This was given to them when they attended the premiere night. The film had big budget for its time and the melodrama won 8 Famas Awards and highly acclaimed internationally. Miss Solis had her breast exposure twice and had two versions of the film.

One was released for the Philippine market and the longer version was release for international audience. She also had a lot of international suitors and fans.

According to my aunt, President Sukarno of Indonesia would give her some gifts ( according to old newspaper and magazines clippings).  The film was also released in Brazil, Argentina and was also shown in several Asian countries.

Note: Photos was taken by the author from personal collection

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Filipino-Japanese FAMAS best child actor Jiro Manio now seen at NAIA for food, water , clothes

NAIA, Pasay City -Philippines

Filipino-Japanese actor Jiro Manio

For four days Filipino-Japanese actor Jiro Manio, whose real name is Jiro Katakura, 23, has been wandering inside the NAIA terminal 3 living through the kindness of strangers, mostly employees , outbound passengers . The plight of Mr. Manio was first noticed by employees and outbound passengers walking around with dirty clothes  . His photos became viral and some concern citizens posted them in social media and twitter accounts.

Clad in a hand-me-down shirt over shorts with a towel slung over his shoulder, Manio has been roaming the terminal lobby where the strip of fast-food restaurants are located, hoping for leftovers.

NAIA terminal 3 security guard Frank Sorca, who initially recognized Manio, told reporters that he pitied the actor when he saw him wandering around the airport.

“He looked as if he hasn’t had a decent meal and his clothes were dirty,” he recalled, adding that he fed Manio, gave him clean clothes, and accessories for hygiene.

In 2004, then 12-year-old Manio won the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Award for best child actor in 2004 for his role in the movie Magnifico and won the Gawad Urian and Luna or Film Academy of the Philippines best actor awards for the same film that year.

Bandila – ABS-CBN channel 2

The actor went into rehabilitation for drug abuse in 2011, undergoing therapy for a year.  In 2015 the actor had a second round of mental rehabilitation but was not completed because of lack of money  . Last June 27, saturday , Mr. Jiro Manio said to have an heated argument with his father Mr. Andrew Manio which trigger the young actor to fled his home.

Gerardo De Leon stamp launching at the NCCA

Locsin Auditorium , National Commission for the Culture and the Arts, Intramuros , Manila -Philippines

NCCA- Leandro V. Locsin auditorium  stage area ( photo credit: Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus)

It was a very festive late afternoon when relatives , friends , celebrities , NCCA and Philpost officials were at the venue to grace the 100th birth anniversary of National Artist for Film .

Simaron film ( photo credit from NCCA)

Gerardo de León (September 12, 1913 – July 25, 1981) was an actor then  turned film director, who made his acting debut in the 1934 film Ang Dangal .

Actress Ms. Anita Linda and National Artist Mr. Bienvenido Lumbera

He was born as Gerardo Ilagan , a member of the famous Ilagan clan of Philippine motion pictures . The clan includes Mr. Robert Arevalo , Mr. Conrado Conde, Mr. Angel Esmeralda ,Mr. Eddie Ilagan, Mr.Ronaldo Valdez , Musical scorer Tito Arevalo and Mr. Gerardo De Leon ‘s daughter Ms. Liberty Ilagan .

Mr. Gerardo De Leon was a medical doctor by profession , but his ultimate love for film has won him over.

Ms. Anita Linda together with Ms. Liberty Ilagan

He made at least eight more films as an actor before he became a director. He made his directorial debut in 1939. Bahay Kubo starring Fely Vallejo ( who he later married)

During World War II, De Leon–who was living in Manila–was “selected” by the Japanese occupation authorities to direct several propaganda films aimed at the Filipino population to show them the “benefits” of the Japanese invasion and takeover of their country.

Ms. Liberty Ilagan

After the war ended De Leon and several of his staff were arrested by the new Philippine government, imprisoned and charged with collaboration with the enemy–an offense punishable by death. At their trial, however, many former guerrillas testified in De Leon’s behalf, and pointed out that while he was working for the Japanese making propaganda films he was at the same time involved in underground resistance work with the guerrillas. De Leon and his staff were cleared and released.

Mr. Robert Arevalo short speech

Nicknamed “Manong“, de León holds the sole distinction of being the most awarded film director in the history of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences’ FAMAS Awards , the Philippines’ Oscars. From 1952 to 1971, he was awarded seven FAMAS Awards.

Ms. Liberty Ilagan -daughter of Mr. Gerardo de Leon, Mr. Ceasar N. Sarino ( Philpost chair ) and Mr. Felipe M. De Leon Jr. ( NCCA chairperson  )

His film credits spanned over three decades- spanning from late 1930’s to the late 1970’s . Many accredit his works as part of the Philippine Golden Age of Movies . Gerardo de León died on July 25, 1981, aged 67.

ceremonial presentation of First Day Cover to Ms. Liberty Ilagan

Ms. Liberty Ilagan holds the framed stamps and FDC cover

The individual stamp cost Php 10.00 each and First Day Cover is available for SALE at the Manila Central Post Office – Liwasang Bonifacio -Ermita , Manila and Major Post Offices nationwide.

Special commemorative Gerardo De Leon framed stamps and FDC

Attention : Madam Elenita San Diego – Philippine Postal Corporation- Philatelic Section – Since the Philpost website is down for more than 1 1/2 months , a lot of philatelists , online writers, bloggers are clamoring that they will be furnish a technical description of the recent stamp issues like the quantity, perforation, water marks, printer , stamp designer. etc….   I think that WE the loyal Customers of Philpost want to get updated with the recent stamp issues and not just for a FEW anointed ones !

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