6 Looney Tunes Fun Squad Kiddie Toys by Jollibee

The country’s largest fast food restaurant chain issued 6 pieces Looney Tunes Fun Squad. This is one of the better issued toys ( under license) that the corporation had released in the local market for the past 8 months.

This was official sold in all of their restaurant chains starting April 1, 2019 ( until supplies last) . We bought our set in 4 different Jollibee outlet within Novaliches and Fairview in Quezon City.

Toy Review

This set comes with Bugs Bunny, Taz, Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian.

1.) Tazmanian Devil character can squeeze legs together and spin around.

2.) Daffy Duck– the character is made from plastic and can stand alone ( wish they created a slightly bigger one) . When the tip of the rocket hits a hard surface. Daffy Duck will be thrown off. The rocket had an iconic ACME logo.

3.) Sylvester – goes down until the suction cup is fully attached to the surface, wait for the suction cup to loosen and see Sylvester jump. This is simple yet very appealing to children and looks good at the display cabinet.

4.) Bugs Bunny – One can place Bugs bunny on top of the skateboard by inserting the pegs inside the holes. Each peg hole leads to a corresponding direction. Choose the one you like. Push the button to launch the skateboard in your chosen direction

5.) Tweety Bird – Tweety bird is sitting on a pink colored cage, one can press the top button and watch Tweety bird swing inside the cage.

6.) Marvin the Martian– Insert Marvin the Martian on top of the saucer and remove from round base when ready to play. Try to insert rip cord into a small with an embossed arrow mark on it. One must hold the saucer firmly and pull the rip cord when ready. Try to see Marvin the Martian spin on his saucer.

This is under product license from Warner Brothers and made in China.

We bought 3 sets of this toy from 4 different Jollibee outlet stores. The character Tweety Bird was already out of stock at the Jollibee -Kingspoint branch and Jollibee Holy Cross, Novaliches by the time we have bought the 3rd set. We have to visit Jollibee Talipapa branch just to complete the character. ( This was for my nephew).  The branch did not have a complete set. Some outlet already ran out of stock and had to re-order.

They should have made Bugs Bunny character a little it larger and that Marvin the Martin would have been created with body. ( full body figure)

Overall, We liked these character in random order Tazmanian Devil, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird and Sylvester. Marvin the Martian could have a full body.

Certain parts can create choke hazard and we advise that any children below 4 years-old must have some adult supervision while they are playing the toys.

Note: The author is not connected with the Jollibee Food Corporation and bought the kiddie meal items on the date of the issuance and succeeding days in order the complete 3 sets. 

Jollitown Kiddie Meal Blocks

Jollibee the country’s leading fast food chain had release new sets of Jollitown kiddie meal -Lego Blocks.


5 piece Jollitown blocks meal set toys ( Shangri-La Mall price)

These includes Popo, Twirlie, Jollibee, Hetty and Mr. Yum


Jollitown Block kiddie meal toys

One can interchange each character or even buy additional characters to form a small town.

We bought several Jollitown Block kiddie meal set in different branches. The one in Shangri-La Mall EDSA offers Yumburger without softdrink at Php 84, SM North Edsa offers Yumburger without softdrink at Php 88 while Jollibee- Kingspoint, Novaliches offers the Yumburger without softdrink at Php 80.

We bought 3 complete sets of these toys. The only downturn for these toys, is it seems that they are smaller.  If one is planning to play these kiddie meal toys, One must try to supervise children below 7 years since they can choke at these characters. Plus the Yumburger seems to have reduce in size.

Do not forget to visit your favorite Jollibee stores.

Note: the author is not connected with the company. Express views and opinion are based on the 3 sets of toys bought in 3 different locations.

Jollitown Theme Park 2019 Kiddie Meal toys


A 5 piece set of toys was issued as Jollytown theme park

The toy was issued last January 1, 2019and these bought at a branch in Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches in Quezon City.

This kiddie meal comes with 5 different amusement park rides. Jollibee rides a roller coaster. Popo in an airplane ride. Hetty splashes down in a log jam ride. Twirlie in a twisting cart ride and Yum in anchors away.

These toys are available at all Jollibee stores nationwide.

5 Piece Plastic Tumbler from Jollibee

Jollibee had issued 5 piece character tumbler set, We have bought 2 sets of these tumbler. The most saleable character is Jollibee.

The tumbler can be availed upon buying kiddie meals. The tumblers are availble in all outlet until supply last.


Around the World Toys Series 2 from Jollibee

The country’s largest fast food chain again release another set of kiddie meal toy which will bring delight for children and fast food collectors not only in the country but the rest of the collecting community.


Dubbed as ” Around the World series 2” this showcase Jollibee mascot in different tourist destination sites around 6 destinations and countries.

California, USA shows Jollibee on top of surf and waves. It had a movable base which can move up and down.

Venice in Italy where gondola is a traditional, flat bottomed boat, often the gondola is propelled by a person portrayed by Jollibee (the gondolier) who stands facing the bow and rows with a forward stroke. The character had a detachable paddle and its arms can move forward.

Hawaii, USA – Jollibee had a garland of yellow flowers and guitar. Hawaii is well known for her flowers and guitar makers. Large Filipino expats community also lives in the state.

Hong Kong, China – Jollibee is sitting on a dragon boat with movable arms beating a drum. Dragon boat race is quite popular in the territory.

London, United Kingdom – Jollibee is portrayed as Queen’s guard (guards on foot) wearing full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskins (hats). With its iconic black tall hat and movable arms. The company just recently opened a branch within the outskirt of the the city.

Singapore– Jollibee is standing beside the country’s most iconic symbol. The merlion is part mythical creature with head of a lion and body of a fish is an iconic mascot of the city state. The merlion is detachable,  It can be lighted up and change into different color specks by a switch on the side of the merlion.

The downside of having a battery operated lighting merlion, Is that it’s lighting feature may not last long when children keeps on playing the item.

This is a better kiddie meal series compared to the first one issued earlier this year.  Aside from bringing joy and happiness, This also bring educational awareness on geography of the respective country and marketing on other foreign branches of the company.

The toy series can be bought at all Jollibee stores nationwide from November 1, 2018 until supplies last.


First Series

The first series of the Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee “Around the World” toys was released from February 1 to 28, 2018 and  part of Jollibee’s 40th anniversary.

Among the countries featured where Canada, Vietnam, New York, Texas, and the Philippines, dressed in some of the most iconic costumes from these places.

Note: The author is lucky to have completed both set of kiddie meal toys.

Warning : The toys had some small parts which can cause some choking hazard for children less than 3 years-old. Adult supervision is a must for children playing this toy set.

Full Disclosure: This is not sponsored post by the company. All sentiment, opinion was based on the toys bought and reviewed by the author. The author is also a member and administration in some FB group which collects fast food toys.





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