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A Taste of Native Delicacies of Norzagaray


Norzagaray , Bulacan province -Philippines

Norzagaray is blessed with natural beauty and is also known for their native kakanins or rice delicacies .

cassava cake

Cassava cake made from grated cassava (manioc). Cassava is also known as kamoteng kahoy and balinghoy . This one is topped with caramelized sugar or latik in coconut growing regions of the country.

This is like the ones that we have tasted in the town of Cainta and some parts of Rizal .

native kakanins made from rice

These were brought by Ms. Angel Sebastian , They have a cooperative which specializes in making these wonderful native delicacies .

For those planning to join us , Lakad Pamana will have another round of tour in the town of Norzagaray on May 29, 2016 sunday .

 Note: There is a minimum number of participants of 12 people per van for those planning to book a whole day tour.

For Booking & Inquiries:

Globe – 0975 733 6464
Sun – 0923 346 7575
Viber – (+63) 975 733 6464

Contact Person :GILBERT S. DINO

Email – lakad_pamana@yahoo.com.ph


Marikina Culinary and Heritage Tour part 2

Marikina City


We proceed with the tour around the Iglesia Filipina Independiente or Aglipayan Church.  and we saw the church choir rehearsing for holy week .

Birhen  Maria Mulawin

  Mulawin aka Molave  ( Premna integrifolia )  is a tree species reaching a height of 10 meters, that is found in Southeast Asia.   When the tree was cut they found an image of a virgin in the wood. The image was venerated by the locals hence acquiring the title . The Virgin Mary of Mulawin ( Mulawin ) . The tree was from Laguna. A big slab was given to Marikina.

Our Lady of the Barangay


The choir was rehearsing for holy week, The group was able to take a few snap shots

Mama Ting’s

Mama Ting’s is one of the best places to buy everlasting, rellenong bangus , pork hamonado  and beef morcon in this part of Marikina – Their store is located near Kapitan Moy along J.P. Rizal street .

Mrs. Lourdes “Mama Ting” Diguangco started cooking rellenong bangus for selling in 1998 and she would bring only some of them to the public market. She was only selling 30 to 35 pieces every week. It was only in 2010 when she decided to open a takeout store.


We opted to buy everlasting , It is comparable to embutido but it is presented in a llanera ( oval shaped mold ) the aluminum mold is commonly used for the more popular leche flan ( steamed ceme caramel ) .   It is also advisable to pre-order their specialties especially on weekeneds , holidays and on Christmas season.

Address: 246 J.P. Rizal St.  Barangay Sta Elena, Marikina City

Contact  : Cellphone number:  0917-511-0208  Land-line Telephone 624-7100

lunch buffet

beef with mushroom

 beef is tender with mushroom – However it is a bit oily

fish fillet

 fish fillet is fried creme dory and with regular mayonnaise dip

Lumpiang Tagalog

Lumpiang Tagalog is also called Lumpiang Hubad – without the wrapper .  I have tasted this dish several times. The lumpia had chopped ubod ng niyog ( coconut palm heart ), togue (mungbean sprouts  ) tokwa ( tofu ) sliced carrots , beans, cabbage, chopped celery , shrimps .

baked spareribs

We ate a lunch buffet at Cocina de Kambal at the Kapitan Moy building

Our Lady of the Abandoned Church

History :

The original church was built in 1572 made out of light materials wherein both the Augustinians and Jesuits fought over the ecclesiastical control of the area. On March 10, 1687, Governor Gabriel Cruz Elasque ordered the transfer of Marikina to the oversight of the Augustinians and merged with the ministry of San Mateo, Rizal   . He instructed Don Juan Pimentel ( Mayor of Tondo ) to vacate and demolish the visita  of Jesús de la Peña as the Marikina river would flood the site during the rainy season. Due to increasing population and floods,  the parish had to move into higher ground  the much larger, present structure was built. The church was subsequently made an independent parish in 1690.

The church enshrines one of several images of the Virgin Mary venerated as miraculous, which has received Papal recognition.

historical marker

In 1898, during the Philippine-American war, the first image was burnt along with pertinent records of the devotion in Marikina. In 1902, a new image was created, and is the one presently venerated in the parish.


The church sustained major damages during the closing months of the second world war . The carillion  ( church bells )  out of about 7 or 8 , more than half were destroyed from Allied bombings . The remaining bells were later kept within the church grounds –

Our Lady of  the Abandoned  replica

This was according to Mr. Jonathan Blaza . Renovation started in the 1950’s up to the late 1957 with the help of various civic groups .

side altar

The church was again renovated and enlarged in the mid- 2000 and additional trompe’l -oeil style of paintings were added .

apostle and saint statues

Architecture : The church was constructed  in Baroque  style, it is characterized by a heavily-fortified facade, large-scale ceiling paintings, a dramatic central projection of the facade, a round-style pediment for the bell-tower.

Our Lady of the Abandoned  Parish Catholic Cemetery

apartment style niches

The cemetery is well-kept with small manicured lawn planted with common plants like ixora ( santan ) dracena


century -old acacia tree

This century -old acacia tree is a mute testament to the colorful history of the place. The old acacia tree is a host for ficus , Drynaria quercifolia ( oak leaf fern)

We opted to walked along the J.P.Rizal street and saw a lot of old houses and beautiful gardens. The house above was probably made more than 50 years ago in concrete with  grill works , balcony , arches and adobe ( volcanic tuff ) walls.


This is a private garden along 205 J.P. Rizal street within Barangay San Roque , Marikina City – it had semi-terete orchids, cattleyas, bromeliads, neogerelias , dischidias , ixoras , ficus

San Roque chapel

Salud Panciteria

Salud Panciteria is among the most favorite panciterias in Marikina . The panciteria ( noodle house ) started in 1960’s as a home-style restaurant.

I have eaten there several times and i must say that their Salud Pinagulong and Breaded Chicken is the best not only in Marikina but in Metro Manila. Located along 205-A 141 JP Rizal Street. There is a signage pointing the quaint restaurant along a small alley ( within a compound)

cashier area

Aling Salud


 The original founder is Aling Salud who have Chinese descent and have learn the art of making noodles from her parents. They eventually started selling their home-made noodles for less than a peso in one of the busy corners of  Barangay San Roque along JP Rizal street in Marikina in the 1960’s.  Soon, after she opened her panciteria which she named after her. family also continued running one in Laoag City in Ilocos Norte province. The current restaurant is now being managed by a third generation clan member.

Salud Pinagulong

The miki- bihon noodles strands is named as ” Pinagulong ” . What makes this noodle so special is that there are topping of fried pork  ( lechon kawali ) on top of the noodles.  Php 150 good for 2 to 4 persons

Torta con Carne with Special Sauce

Torta con Carne with Special Sauce is another MUST TRY  An additional sauce is added . The torta dish is a combination of Spanish , Chinese and Filipino influence .

personalized plate


The area can accommodate between 30 to 60 people at any given time.  Reservation is advisable . The restaurant also offers catering for baptismal, birthdays, weddings and meetings.

Address: 205A JP Rizal Street, Barangay San Roque , Marikina City

Contact Details: (02) 369-43-69 Cellphone : (0927) 752-6751

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NewSaludPanciteria

Sisig Sarap

Sisig Sarap is located within the sports complex . The restaurant caters to students and budget conscious individuals.

concrete murals

We also toured around the Marikina Sports Complex  . There used to be a railroad track which runs along the present day  Marikina sport complex ( daang bakal ) railroad system which also includes parts of Montalban , Rizal

Marikina Sports Stadium Bells

We end the culinary and heritage tour with a bright mood past 4:00PM

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Jonathan J. Blaza , Shoe Museum staffs , Cocina de Kambal , Salud Panciteria , Aling Remy’s Puto , Goto Garahe , Kapitan Moy -tourism office staffs and the people that we met during the tour.

Marikina Culinary and Heritage Tour part 1

Gerry’s Grill reopens their Eastwood branch

Eastwood , Libis-Quezon City, Philippines

L-R Rev. Jay -Ar Marionga , Mr. Gerry Apolinario, Mr. Patrick Antonio and Mr. Kevin Tan ( Mega World , First Vice-President and Commercial Division Head of Mega World)

Gerry’s Grill has been making waves since it opened its doors to the dining public on February 14, 1997 . If you are looking for a dining place to satisfy your food craving and to chill out with your family and friends then Gerry’s Grill is the perfect place to go .

It’s menu fit right into any occasion and budget. Now the famous grill and bar restaurant chain is opening its 57th branch in the Philippines.  Gerry’s Grill Libis was one of the early branch patronized by the customers but the lease contact expired last 2006. Regular customers were asking on when will it re-open in the area. When Eastwood city offered location in the city walk 2 , Gerry’s Grill decided to grab the opportunity to e able to serve again the customers in the area.

friendly staffs and crew 

Dining at Gerry’s Grill gives everyone a pleasurable experience . Diners are served with only fresh foods raging from Filipino favorites sisig, grilled pusit ( squid) , crispy pata,  grilled tuna belly , beef  kare-kare, to exotic cuisine and tastefully prepared beermates  and pica-pica .

Mr. Gerry Apolinario together with friends, guests and vips

Its founder, Mr. Gerry Apolinario – worked on his passion for good foods and his earnest penchant for drink and grilled food. He yearned for a venue where both may be enjoyed amidst an atmosphere that is fun , fresh and wholesome

San Miguel Beer light drinking contest -participated by some UST growling tigers

During the opening of the Eastwood branch , there was short program hosted by Ms. Crystal – a dynamic and cheerful host.

Mr. Matthew Sia of UST Player

He won a gift certificate and bragging rights  .  He was the first one to finish one bottle of San Miguel Beer Light during the contest.

 fellow bloggers won some gift certificate in an eating contest

Gerry’s Grill continues to reach out to anyone , anywhere . From its first restaurant located along Tomas Morato corner Eugenio Lopez Avenue in Quezon City . Gerry’s Grill invaded the United States having 2 branches in Union City and Artesia . Gerry’s Grill also expanded in Asia when 3 branches opened in Singapore located at Marina Bay Sands.

 Mr. Alvin Teng and  Mr.Jeric Teng ( basketball celebrities )

Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. is the world’s largest gin producer by volume as well as the market leader in the domestic hard liquor market, with core products such as Ginebra San Miguel Gin, GSM Blue Gin and Gran Matador Brandy.

San Miguel liquor products

There was a contest between  2 groups ( blogger group and tambay boys) a group  which consist of 4 members . We drank a shot of  San Miguel Antonov Vodka and imitated the animals  found in a jungle safari. The next group also imitated animals like python, cobra, anaconda and viper .

I think our unique pose made us win the impromptu contest!

Note:  The Eastwood branch can accommodate a total of 150 people at any given time and the verandah ( balcony area )can sit up to 45 people.

Store is open from Monday to Sunday

11:00am to 11:00pm

Gerry’s Grill: http://www.gerrysgrill.com/ph/

San Miguel : http://www.sanmiguel.com.ph/

Outdoor Food Bazaar opens at Araneta Center

Araneta Center, Cubao , Quezon City -Philippines

poster of the event

Food lovers, gourmets, yuppies and people from all walks of life will enjoy an outdoor food festival that rival some of the best food bazaar  in Metro Manila.

Ms. Ali Forbes

Ms. Ali Forbes is  Binibining Pilipinas 2011 second runner-up . She entertained the people and acted as a program emcee during the food bazaar opening.

crowd enjoying the program

The outdoor food bazaar had a festive atmosphere with live bands, colorful buntings, media practitioners , bloggers, Araneta Center -CEO’s and Binibining Pilipinas title holders and runners-up gracing the event.

Crispy Food Republic

Crispy Food Republic sells a variety of  deep-fried food ranging from chicken, pork and sea foods.


Cibo is a Filipino-Italian restaurant which offers great pasta . The 12 year-old restaurant also accepts catering and delivery .

Website: http://www.cibo.ph/



Bundaberg Ginger Beer is market leader in both Australia and New Zealand

 Website: http://www.bundaberg.com/info/export/

different varieties of food on sticks

The food bazaar  is conveniently located within the heart of Araneta Center , With approximately 30 food stalls  featuring food from self-made chefs , home entrepreneurs  and well-known food  brands  selling varieties of food, snacks , beverages , fruit shakes among others .

  Ms. Pia Wurtzbach – Binibining Pilipinas first runner-up and
Ms. Bea Rose -Santiago  Binibining Pilipinas- International  2013

It is a venue for foodies who area always out to discover something new, for office workers who want to unwind after a long week  and everyone in between. The place is also near several business processing companies . The outdoor bazaar was dubbed ” Flavors ” was launched with a festival theme .  The event was hosted by Binibining Pilipinas International 2013 Ms. Bea Rose Santiago and Binibining Pilipinas 2013 1st runner up Ms. Pia Wurtzbach.

Mr. Mark Mabasa

Mr. Mark Mabasa –  X Factor -Philippines alumnus. His funny antics delighted the crowd.

Special guests and performances included Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2013 Cindy Miranda, Binibining Pilipinas 2012 1st runner up Mr. Annalie or Ali Forbes, X Factor Philippines alumnus Mark Mabasa, and OPM rock band Urbandub.

Mr. Mark Mabasa together with Ms. Lilibeth Garcia

Ms. Lilibeth Garcia won third place in the recent World Karaoke Festival 2012. She is one of the special guests during the opening of the food bazaar .  The tandem also raffled-off  WOW Premium videoke unit.  What makes this food bazaar unique is the ” live entertainment ” and on the spot raffles which  added more excitement to the participants.

outdoor entertainment

The weekend food bazaar open every Friday to Sunday from 5:00pm to 3:00am beside the SMART- Araneta Coliseum.

Note: I must ” Thank” Mr. Mac Vasquez ,  Ms. Kat Eustaquio and Ms. Tessa G. Mangahas for the warm accommodation 

Please visit the website for more information:

Araneta Center: http://www.aranetacenter.net/2008/flavors2013.php

Araneta Center Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AranetaCenter

Best Food Forward Bazaar 2013

NBC Tent,  Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila- Philippines

poster of the event

Now on its 3rd year, Best Food Forward bazaar attracts food gourmet, foodies, buyers and sellers of different food  products.

NBC tent

Best Food Forward Bazaar

The 2 -day event attracts a lot of people from all walks of life.  I  saw  food expert  Ms. Nancy Reyes- Lumen , food bloggers and  celebrities . The entrance fee is just Php 75.00,  While  some promo stubs only sells the entrance tickets at Php 50.00 .

imported biscuits from Malaysia

There are about 100 food bazaar stalls which extends up to the open tent area outside. There are a lot of activities from food tasting , cooking demonstration , innovative desserts , celebrity chef appearances .

Lardy Boys

I have seen , the young couple Mr. Timothy and Darlene Lim say their cacao hails from Mindanao, mostly from Davao. When I was given a sample of their cocoa drink- It was wonderful ! Not too sweet and there is no bitter after taste.

Cocoa Monster
Cocoa Monster is not only the name of this young artisan chocolate company, but also what you’ll become once you’ve sampled their products.The company just opened in 2012 , but  they have 13 variants of fine chocolates  among their bestsellers are the Dried Mango and Chocolate Truffle, Dutch-processed Cocoa powder, premium chocolate tablea and chocolate fondue. I have even encourage them to join some other food fairs in other parts of Metro Manila to widen their market.

Cocoa Monster

Their products  and packaging looks enticing for buyers and the company have a strong start for a budding company . The passion the owners have for their main ingredient, cocoa. The packaging is also world class .
Contact info: 838-8067 to 69 sales@tpfoodcorp.com

Contact : +63 922 873 6638.

Double Delights polvoron

Double Delights is already available in most SM outlets and I particularly liked their polvoron with rice crispies ( pinipig).  They can accept orders for party giveaways . Their cartoon character- inspired polvoron is a great hits among anime lovers.  They can customized popular games characters like angry birds, plants vs. zombies and among others.

Crunchy Belly by Chef Carlo

The crunchy belly aka chicharon was the spotlight from snacks to meal time viand . The product  has moved onto Crunchy Belly. With their slogan ” Sinfully Irresistible

Crunchy Belly by Carlo’s Kitchen
A regular participant  in weekend markets, Carlo’s Kitchen offers reasonably priced steaks with rice and egg, but they’ve gotten more acclaim for their deep-fried, thinly- sliced pork belly crisps. It is a once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop type of snack.  It is best accompany with beer or soft-drink.

Contact info: 0927-3062738

Kreme- Top

Alaska Milk Corporation gave away mouthwatering  food sampling from fresh sliced fruits with condensed milk, to free coffee and creamer ( Kreme Top) , to desserts and soup!

Website: http://www.alaskamilk.com

Electrolux House

This is a set-up  demonstration of a house equipt with the latest products and amenities by Electrolux . Electrolux’s range of living space products such as air cleaners and vacuum cleaners makes the living space a more comfortable place to relax, communicate and mingle around.

Website: http://www.electrolux.com.ph/

NBC tent

The food bazaar site is very festive and colorful with hundreds of balloons, buntings and smiling people.

Empire Steak

Rice Pots


My Pink Wasabi pastry

Unit C 1535 Joshua Street Jordan Plains Novaliches Q.C. | Contact (0947) 8658634 | mypinkwasabi@gmail.com | @mypinkwasabi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyPinkWasabi.pastries


This stall sell Japanese mayonnaise and dressing with FREE Kewpie dolls !

Gold Leaf Tea

The company gave some free tasting of their world class tea . The company open its doors to the public in 1999.

Website: http://www.goldleaftea.com.ph/

I am encouraging the public to visit this food bazaar, with lots of food to taste , special deals / discounts  and cooking demonstration.

Note : All photos are taken by the author and to those who are interested in using the photos for any purpose please link this site. 

I would like to “Thank” Mr. Ross del Rosario and the organizers of this food bazaar for the chance to join their event.

Couple Timothy and Darlene Lim say their cacao hails from Mindanao, mostly from Davao. Proudly Pinoy!

Cocoa Monster
Cocoa Monster is not only the name of this young artisanal chocolate company, but also what you’ll become once you’ve sampled their products. It just opened in February 2013 but already, they have 13 variants of fine chocolates (bestsellers are the Dried Mango and Chocolate Truffle), Dutch-processed Cocoa powder, premium chocolate tablea and chocolate fondue. It’s such a strong start for a budding company, and judging from the passion the owners have for their main ingredient, we’re betting that much greater things are coming. Until then, we can indulge in these.
Contact info: 838-8067 to 69, 0922-8736638, sales@tpfoodcorp.com

– See more at: http://www.spot.ph/eatdrink/53280/12-mouth-watering-finds-at-best-food-forward#sthash.l6dNYlZu.dpuf

Couple Timothy and Darlene Lim say their cacao hails from Mindanao, mostly from Davao. Proudly Pinoy!

Cocoa Monster
Cocoa Monster is not only the name of this young artisanal chocolate company, but also what you’ll become once you’ve sampled their products. It just opened in February 2013 but already, they have 13 variants of fine chocolates (bestsellers are the Dried Mango and Chocolate Truffle), Dutch-processed Cocoa powder, premium chocolate tablea and chocolate fondue. It’s such a strong start for a budding company, and judging from the passion the owners have for their main ingredient, we’re betting that much greater things are coming. Until then, we can indulge in these.
Contact info: 838-8067 to 69, 0922-8736638, sales@tpfoodcorp.com

– See more at: http://www.spot.ph/eatdrink/53280/12-mouth-watering-finds-at-best-food-forward#sthash.l6dNYlZu.dpuf

Novaliches Food Trip

Novaliches Food Trip

It was a hot day last November 30, 2011,   when a small group of  food bloggers and friends decided to have a quick food tour . I told the group that since Novaliches is quite a large territory which consists of Caloocan  side and Quezon City  side . It is wise to just concentrate on this particular stretch along Quirino Highway. This impromptu tour was organized by the author.

Naks ! Sarap

Naks ! Sarap Food House

This restaurant  open sometime in 2008 in an old house within Barangay Talipapa near the corner of Mindanao Avenue and Quirino Highway . This restaurant instantly got notice by commuters and weary travelers that is stucked in the horrendous traffic jam along the main highway  during the rush hours . Their slogan is SARAP Lutong Bahay, Pagkaing Pinoy suggest that their Filipino cuisine are prepared in home- style cooking . Their promo ” ABOT-Kaya Mas Masayang Busog Eat All You Can buffet promo ” is a hit among their customers. Their buffet meal which is available from breakfast, lunch and dinner starts at P119.99 . They used to have a Php 99.99 buffet meal promo sometime in 2010  and is one of the cheapest buffet meal promo in this part of Novaliches.  The restaurant offers between 20 to 25 dishes in their promo and can accommodate at least 75 people at any given time  .

facade of Naks ! Sarap Food House

Naks Food House instantly became a by-word for those people who lived within the area who wanted a value for their hard-earn money . This restaurant was also featured in several television shows like Pop Talk of GMA -QTV channel 11, Balitang Tapat of TV channel 5 , local food and travel bloggers.

The restaurant also accepts reservations and the place is ideal for birthdays  , baptism, wedding , debut, meetings , conference, company team building , Christmas party and among others . The restaurant had a special function room with KTV and sound system readily available for these events.

Address: 542 Quirino Highway , Barangay Talipapa , Novaliches, Quezon City

Contact Person: Ms. Dada or Buboy

Operations: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm everyday

Telephone # 391-82-95 / 379-74-34

Telefax # 455-65-81

Kokko’s Barbeque Plaza

Kokko’s Barbeque Plaza

Located a few meters away is Kokko’s Barbeque Plaza  in Barangay Talipapa along Quirino Highway , Novaliches .

If you want a taste of grill foods, then you should try this restaurant. one of the  amenities of this place is  its  videoke lounge area .

China Pot               

China Pot

This is one of the personal favorite of the author, This restaurant had change their name several years ago and operates on a daily basis. Among its specialties are its chopseuy and pancit sa bilao . Located just a few meters away from the Naks Food House ,  this restaurant had also a KTV and had a sitting capacity of between 75 people to 100 people. The restaurant also have its value combo meals .

Store Operation :Everyday

 Address: Beside the main entrance of  Saint Dominic 9 Subdivision ,  Marigold Street corner  Quirino Highway , Barangay Talipapa , Novaliches , Quezon City

Telephone :939-59-87

Ocampo’s Breadline  Bakery

Ocampo’s Breadline

This bakery is considered by local residents of the place as one of the iconic landmarks of  Barangay San Bartolome area. This is also a favorite (tambayan) hang-out place for the students of nearby schools . The bakery started its operations about 20 years -ago and is considered as one of the best local bakery .

Residents of Rockville Subdivision would call this as ” Bakery of Stars” in reference to its celebrity clientele and local politicians that are seen to frequent this bakery. Television crew of TV channel 5 would also used the bakery for their location shoot.

Among the favorite specialty of this bakery  are its special butter-cream ensaymada , ham and cheese ensaymada  , ube ensaymada, custard cake, donuts, caramel brownies, mongo and pandan loaf, mongo bread, pan de coco, monay  and local pizza .

Address: #1 Rockville Avenue, Rockville Subdivision , Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches , Quezon City

Telephone # 936-72-72

Operation : 5:00 am to 9:00pm everyday

C and A Mami House

C and A Mami House

C and A Mami House was named after the husband and wife tandem of Mr. Carlos  Lim and Mrs. Amparo Lim a long time resident of the area . They started their restaurant operations in 1978 and eventually opened another branch within the Novaliches town proper a few years later . They had to closed the Novaliches town proper branch sometime in the late 1980’s due to stiff business competition and lack of restaurant staffs.

Ms. Maricel Tinio

According to Ms. Maricel Tinio -(cashier of the restaurant and a niece of the owner ) , The restaurant is a favorite hang-out place for television crews of then ABC- channel 5 before the management was bought by Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan present chair of Kapatid TV channel 5. Local customers of the mami ( noodle ) store would dubbed the restaurant  ” mamihan ng mga taga-channel 5 ”  noodle store of channel 5 , while there are a few people who would  also dubbed the store as ” kainan ng artista”  where celebrities would eat .

 C and A Mami House and Janet’s Pares House  are located near  Kapatid channel 5   station

” Madaming nag-order at kumakain dito na mga taga- channel 5 , ang alam namin pati sa mga taping nila nag-order din sila”.  The restaurant received a lot of orders and dine -in clients from channel 5 and even during their taping they would also order from us ” .

Hung along their wall is a picture of Ms. Sheryl Cruz a well-known actress together with the owners of the place.

Aside from Ms. Sheryl Cruz,  local politicians , councilors and television reporters would also frequent their place. Well known Kapamilya ABS-CBN channel 2 stars Mr. Coco Martin ( actor and commercial model) Mr. Ogie Diaz ( showbiz reporter / radio reporter  and talent manager ) also ate at their restaurant.

Chami – one of the specialties of the restaurant

Among the restaurant specialty is Chami– their ingredients includes minced pork , onions, bell pepper , sayote, celery, squid ball , cabbage, sprinkle with black pepper to taste and topped with chopped leaves of spring onion . Beef and Chicken mami noodles , pancit bihon, pancit canton, miki bihon , canton bihon mixed.

Siopao Asado with special sauce

Their Siopao Asado is a bit spicy due to the black pepper and the taste is comparable to other well-known siopao and their Pork Americana is also a sure hit among its patrons. The restaurant also serve break fast meals like tapsilog, porksilog, chicksilog , daing na bangus and value meals like beef caldereta and beef steak .

The restaurant maintains a quaint ambiance and can accommodate up to 40 people. The store also accepts catering and reservations. For take-outs, the minimum delivery order is Php 300.00 and they only delivers within Barangay San Bartolome, Gulod , RP and Holy Cross areas.

This is considered as one of the best Filipino- Chinese restaurant in this part of Novaliches. With over 30 years in the business and countless of celebrities, local politicians and television personalities tucked into its long list of its customers, a visit to this restaurant is highly recommended.

Address: 792 Quirino Highway  , RP , Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations: 6:30 am to 10:00 p.m. everyday

Telephone # 937-61-92 / 937-78-55

Carinderia / Eateries near TV5

About a decade ago, these eateries along Quirino Highway near then ABC channel 5  provides cheap meals to the employees, drivers, students and the crowd within the vicinity . these eateries  provide stiff competition to the existing restaurants near the television  station. Despite its quaint size and sanitation issues, These eateries still attracts a lot of loyal patrons  .

There are about 30 small eateries located near the station. Since Willie Revillame joined “Kapatid Network“, the human traffic steadily  increase due to the popularity of   ” Will Time Big Time ”  (formerly known as WillingWillie). This area is now a very popular “tambayan” hang-out place among the fans of  this prime time variety game show.

Janet’s Pares House

Janet’s Pares House

A home grown restaurant which uses the traditional home-cooked style meals started as a small pares eatery with few seats sometime in year 2000 in General Luis Street, Novaliches . Janet’s Pares House was derived from the name of the owner .

 pork barbeque , grilled food and sago’t gulaman

The eatery primarily caters to the  residents of nearby villages and subdivisions, passers-by , students and workers at nearby factories. Word of mouth quickly spread that their clientele base soon expanded to nearby barangays and adjacent areas like Caloocan City and Malinta in Valenzuela City.

I hope someday to  interview the owners of the restaurant, which according to the store manager is quite reluctant to give interviews. ( I hope this is just the own opinion of the staff ) .

Take-out counter

The restaurant gradually expanded its menus and other viands.  Among the top favorites are Lugaw ( rice porridge ) ,  Puto , Tapsilog, Beef Pares serve with rice , Crispy Pata , Sizzling Sisig ,Siopao Asado and Bola-bola , Beef Mami , Miki- Bihon, Chopsuey Rice, Barbecue  and Janet’s Fried Chicken and at least a hundred more meal viands .

Lugaw ( rice porridge ) is among the restaurant’s  top favorite

Its Marianito -RP branch was opened about 6 years ago , the store can accommodate at least 75 people had  second floor and third floor which can also serve as a function area .

Janet’s Miki-Bihon with pork liver, kikiam, vegetables , carrots , bits of lean pork and beans

Locals would swear that a trip to Novaliches is incomplete without  a visit to this homegrown landmark restaurant. From its humble beginnings , now this restaurant had four branches scattered within Novaliches and Fairview area .

Halo-halo ( mix-mix)

Food, travel  bloggers and local media networks like those of TV channel 5 had already featured this restaurant . There is also an unofficial Facebook page which serves as promotional tool for their customers and local patrons .The restaurant also accepts catering services, reservations and delivery on a specific routes .

Address: 784  Quirino Highway corner Marianito street,  RP , Novaliches, Quezon City ( in front of SM Novaliches and a few meters way from TV channel 5)

street signage

Operations: 24 hours everyday

Telephone # 938-95-16 / 938-24-14

Contact person : Ms. Aira (0923-42-11011) RP branch

Branches : Novaliches Bayan -General Luis street ( main branch) , Novaliches- Bayan-Susano Road(937-37-12) , Lagro-Ascension Road in Fairview , Quezon City

JJT  Lugaw Ihaw Sentral

JJT  Lugaw Ihaw Sentral

The group then cross the Novaliches- Tullahan bridge then walked towards Buenamar street . We saw the catchy slogan ” Pagkaing Mura Pagkain Malasa”  Cheap Food , Food that is Tasty ,  this eatery specialty is its  inihaw and lugaw  which is a hit among the students and jeepney drivers ,employees of nearby business establishments and passers-by . Eat all you can unlimited  rice meal promo is a sure come-on for those which had a big appetite for rice which is the principal stable for most people.

This eatery operation usually peak during lunch time and after office hours  from people returning home from office would buy inihaw  and  rice porridge  from the outlet.

Address: Buenamar Street , Novaliches , Quezon City

Ernesto’s Eksotik Restaurant

Ernesto’s Eksotik Restaurant

This bar and restaurant is a must for those people looking for a different kind of food and ambiance .  This is also one of the few places in this part of  Novaliches which had  a garden  venue that can accommodate up to 100 people .  One of its in house specialties are its exotic dishes like Tapag Usa ( Deer meat )  taken from deer farms in Nueva Ecija . This  restaurant capacity on ground floor can accommodate around 40 and its second floor can accommodate up to 30 people.

Moks catering which is the catering arm of the restaurant located a few blocks away.

Buenamar Street , Novaliches , Quezon City

 Telephone : 418-53-61

Operation: 4pm to 4am ( variable closing time )

4th Marpe Health & Wellness Show 2010

Event: 4th MARPE Health and Wellness Show

Date: October 22 to 24, 2010

Venue: SM Megamall – Megatrade Hall 2

Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Phlippines Secretariat:
Mezzanine Flr., Strata 300 Bldg. P. Guevarra Street San Juan 1500 Philippines

(63 2) 703-0799 / 584-6241 / 725-6470

(63 2) 584-6241 / 725-6470


Sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industries , organized by  Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines.