Ascocentrum aurantiacum subsp. philippinense

Ascocentrum aurantiacum subsp. philippinense 1992

Ascocentrum aurantiacum (J.J. Sm.) Schltr. 1913 was first established in 1913 by a German taxonomist, botanist and author on several books Mr. Friedrich Richard Rudolf Schlechter (BerlinĀ  born October 16, 1872 Berlin / died November 15, 1925 Berlin ).He was the curator of the Berlin Botanical Museum and orchid specialist. He explored Africa, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia , Central and South AmericaĀ  . His vast herbarium was destroyed during the bombing of Berlin in 1945.

This orchid species with 7 spikes is grown by the author for more than 5 years

This orchid sub- species was reclassified in 1992 by Dr. Eric Christenson . HeĀ  is a research taxonomist with strong interests in the Aeridinae (Sarcanthinae), neotropical floristics, and the conservation of horticultural plants. He authored a monograph of Phalaenopsis for the International Phalaenopsis Alliance (IPA) in 2001.Ā Ā  Dr. Christenson is known for his articles that attempt to bridge the gap between taxonomy and horticulture as well as his in-depth book reviews. He is a strong advocate for orchid conservation, particularly ex situ propagation, and actively works with commercial growers to that end.

close -up of the inflorescence

This orchid sub-species is found in many parts of the Philippines at elevations up to 1,200 meters elevation. Its growth is monopodial in warm climates growing epiphyte in forestĀ  blooms after a short period of dry season from late February to late May .

This orchid speciesĀ  is quite popular among orchid collectors which appreciate their orange flowers . Their minuscule flowers are bore on erect 10 centimeter long stem , many flowered , racemose inflorescenceĀ  are about 1 centimeter.

Ascocentrum miniatum in Vietnam flowering in-situ

Other species of the genus Ascocentrum may be found in other Southeast Asian countries from Himalayas,Ā  India, Burma, Thailand, Indo-China , Malaysia, Indonesia . They have a short, simple to bifurcate stem (max. 15-18 cm) with an upright, compact, conical to racemose inflorescence, consisting of smaller brightly colored flowered . These flowers have a prominent spur and a strap-like lip. Their bright colors vary between yellow, orange, red and pink.

Kagawara an inter-generic orchid hybrid

This orange orchid species is highly desirableĀ  parent breeding material for producing the colorful Ascocendas, KagawaraĀ  and Mokaras which add shades of orange, pink, purple , yellowish colored flower and is popular cut flower industry in Southeast Asia.

There were about 70 man made inter genericĀ  genus and thousands of hybrids produced.


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