Flora de Filipinas Book Signing Schedule at Gancayco Hall

Philippine Horticultural Society Incorporated will have a mini- book signing to be scheduled on July 22, 2017 at 2:00pm by the editor of Flora de Filipinas.

Dr. Domingo A. Madulid is the editor and the book was re-printed by Vibal Publishing Company.

The venue of the book signing project will be the Gancayco Hall aka ( Century Hall) within Quezon Memorial Circle. Take Quezon Ave /East Ave and Serye. GANCAYCO Hall is further down going towards exit.

Father Blanco

There is also an underpass which allow people from Commonwealth/ PhilCOA area to enter the Quezon Memorial Circle.

The book cost Php2,500 for hardbound Php2,000 for soft bound. This is printed in limited quantity .

Philippine Horticultural Society Secretariat : 0927 560 0140 Ms. Angel

This is a public service project of PHSI Education Committee. For more information about the book , Please visit the PHSI  page



Horticulture Congress 2016

Gancayo Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle -Quezon City 

Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. in partnership with Quezon City government ,  Department of Agriculture , Villar Foundation ,  Unagrow , Del Monte -Philippines , EDSA Garden House , East West Seed Corporation ,King Louis  other plant societies  conducted a 2-day congress at the Gancacyco Hall or Senior Social Hall within Quezon Memorial Circle.

L-R Mr. Niel Maceda , Mr. Niel Ganigan , Mrs. Mundita Lim and Ms. Camille Bernabe

There are at least 150 participants from different plant societies , individual backyard hobbyists , educators , students and growers from different parts of the country.


There are also delegates from Bicol, Quezon , Isabela , Cagayan, Pangasinan , Negros and even in Davao. There are also some volunteers from League of Orchid Conservationists of the Philippines.



Objectives of the Congress:
To initiate a dialogue with government agencies involved in horticulture, to
have a better understanding of government initiatives, and to discuss the
concerns of the private sector stakeholders.

To develop recommendations and resolutions for the development of the
horticultural industry.

To discuss the expanded role of the PHSI, celebrate its 40th anniversary, and
launch the coffeetable book ‚ÄúPHSI Through the Years‚ÄĚ.

Horticulture Congress 2016 FB

Basic Orchidology 101 Seminar with Mr. Ray Ong

Gancayco Hall, Century Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Philippines


Philippine Horticultural Society in cooperation with  Philippine Orchid Conservation and Preservation Volunteer  ( POCaPV ) members .

The two-day basic orchid culture and training seminar aims to teach the people to become aware of the importance of different kinds of orchids , its importance to mankind, horticulture and to the economy .

Orchid habitats

Orchids can be found in almost every corner of the planet with 25,000 to 30,000 species of orchids . This is side from over 100,000 man-made hybrids developed during the past 150 years . They are found on every continent except Antarctica and  in Arctic circle . There are species in about every habitat that plants grow. although most species are found in the tropics.

 floricultural importance of orchids

It is quite amazing that with the advent of social media age and with facebook , twitter, groups and blogging age- The seminar attracted over 70 participants from different parts of the country .

importance of orchid as commercial produce

Some of the participants were from Laguna, Batangas, Quezon , La Union , Metro Manila , Makati , Antipolo, San Mateo , Rizal and some came from as far as Bicol provinces and teachers from O.B. Montessori .

participants at the Gancayco Hall

After about 1 hour at the nearby pavilion, The group moved to Justice Gancayco Hall within Century Club Pavilion- The venue was named after the former Supreme Court Justice which is also one of the founders of the club .

Ophrys flowers mimic virgin females of their pollinators, and thereby attract males for pollination. Stimulated by scent, the males attempt to copulate with flower labella and thereby ensure pollination.

Here, we show for the first time, to our knowledge, that pollinator attraction in sexually deceptive orchids may be based on a few specific chemical compounds. Some orchid attracts pollinators by using mimicry , scents, colors,  and deception .

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/phsi76

A Collection of Philippine Hoyas and their Culture by Mr. Fernando Aurigue Jr.

Gancayco Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle – Quezon City-Philippines

L-R Dr. Benito Vergara, Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mr. Fernando B. Aurigue ( photo courtesy of Mr. Noel¬† ” Botchie” Vincent Canicula)

I first took notice of some hoyas growing in our neighborhood during my elementary days.  The hoya species ( later identified as Hoya carnosa) was growing in a coconut palm together with living Asplenium nidus  and Cymbidium finalysonianum . It was a breath taking sight to see them growing!

Unluckily, i was not too keen in taking photograph of the coconut palm which was eventually chopped -off  more than a decade ago .

Eventually, i was able to obtain some hoya cuttings and some hoya plants growing in our backyard.  Some pesky construction workers were able to get some hoyas Р(  blooming season last May 2013 ) they were so lovely that some of them thought that they were orchids! Some of them manage to get some hoya cuttings without my knowledge.

I would also make a research in several libraries about the care and culture of hoyas, however most of them are featured in encyclopedias or some flowering flowers in temperate  countries.

My first e-books about Hoyas was given to me by Mr. Raymundo Ong a lifetime member of the Philippine Orchid Society, columnist and agriculture chemist .

Another handbook was published by PCCARD authored by Dr. Simeona Siar . I manage to buy about a dozen copies at the DOST compound in Taguig( most were given away as gifts to friends).  To gain further knowledge, I also attended the First and Second Flora Filipina organized by the Philippine Orchid Society in 2006 and 2009 . Opps, I missed the 2012 edition ( our office did not grant my 2- day leave ).

Philippine Hoyas- First Day Cover with Hoya pubicalyx cache and souvenir sheet stamps

Philippine Hoyas -First Day Cover with Hoya paziae cache

We manage to lobby in the early 2003 for Philippine Postal Corporation to print  Philippine Hoyas as part of their topical theme issues. The proposal would lay dormant till someone have contacted Mr. Fernando Aurigue which agreed to published his photos.

Unfortunately, most of the stamp advisory committee members have not seen an actual hoya plant!

I started joining hoya groups in yahoo groups and forum sites. Eventually where i would meet Architect Patrick Gozon ( architect, blogger and native tree advocate) and different growers with same interest.  Hoya plant groups started quite recently in the Philippines.  In Europe , Thailand , Singapore and USA , There are serious hoya growers and associations for several decades.

I was informed several months ago by Mr. Noel ” Botchie” Canicula a PHSI board member on the launching of the book. However i did not commit to come at the book launching because of my hectic schedule and work load. But as a support to the Philippine Horticulture Society , i promise to blog about book launching and buy some books!

A Collection of Philippine Hoyas and their Culture

It was a cloudy and rainy afternoon when the program had started with the introduction of the members of the Philippine Horticultural Society. The book was authored by the head of Philippine Horticultural Society ( Hoya Study Group ) Mr. Fernando Aurigue Jr.

members and invited guests ( photo courtesy of Mr. Noel ” Botchie” Canicula)

The book was printed at a ridiculous low quantity of 500 pieces Рaccording to the PHSI SECRETARIAT  maybe to save cost ?

The book was printed with the generous help from PCCARD, DOST , Philippine Horticultural Society . To place orders, please contact the PHSI office: Mr. Macky

Tel No.: 632-3770234
Office Address: MSBF Environment Center, Quezon Ave. cor. EDSA,Quezon City

Website: http://www.pcaarrd.dost.gov.ph/home/ssentinel/

BAR Digest: http://www.bar.gov.ph/digest-home/digest-archives/64-2007-1st-quarter/1493-janmar07-hoyas-8

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