A Botanic Garden and Farm

Portion of the resort -style farm

This is a private farm garden owned by one of Metro Manila’s famous politician . The tour group was escorted by a security group upon reaching the place.

Koi pond

The group saw a lot of collections ranging from family pictures, paintings , antiques,Ā  potteries, furniture, santos, jars, figurines, furniture , books Ā  and the south east AsianĀ  style inspiredĀ  architecture inĀ  each of the pavilion like structures which resembles Bali in Indonesia , BangkokĀ  or evenĀ  in Mainland China .

Asian inspired pavilion guarded by Chinese- Fu dogs

ThereĀ  is like a big botanic garden which had themed landscape from European style manicured lawn and themed portions which separates expensive palms,Ā  adeniums, ornamental plants, shrubs and flowering trees including several aviaries .

Shade house filled with blooming Dendrobium anosmum locally known as

( sanggumay ), Vanda hybrids, Vanda teres and native orchids

There are also several big green houses which housed the collections of cacti, succulents, orchids, bromeliads,Ā  ferns, cycads , aroidsĀ  andĀ  anthuriums.

According to one of the caretakers, this is like a wonderland of plants from different parts of the world. The collection of the exotic plants spanned over 30 years which started during the pre-martial law days .

The group was treated to a sumptuous buffet style lunch which offered the best from the area.The group were very happy to spend some time in the resort style farm . Photo opportunities and small chit chat with the gracious hosts were the done after the lunch break.

man -made lagoon planted with lotus

There are several man-made pond and lagoons within the property which serves as a planting area for lotus, water lilies and were Peking ducks swim.

colorful serviceĀ  vehicle

The group needed a small service vehicle in order to tour the entire property.

Before the end of theĀ  day the group was again treated for a light afternoon snacks which consists of native rice cakes, young coconut pie , nuts and soft drinks.

crucifixion tableau scene late 19th century

According to the owner , they are planning to open the property to the public for a fee in a few years to come . The place is perfect for weddings, parties, location shooting , photo opportunity, convention ,Ā  meeting placeĀ  or simply a place to relax andĀ  to admire the wonders of nature.


House of Bamboo in Laguna

Bamboo house

Bamboo house

This is the ancestral house of Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro of Laguna located near University of the Philippines .

This house is almost entirely made of local bamboo treated in sea beaches using the centuries -oldĀ  technique which required bamboo poles to beĀ  buriedĀ  into the beach sandĀ  for several months in order to treat the bamboo.

This house was built in early 1950’s and had withstood several calamities like typhoons and even termite infestations.

garden with orchids, ferns and ornamental plants

garden with orchids, ferns and ornamental plants

The house , garden and dormitory compound is always a favoriteĀ  stopover forĀ  members of plants and orchid societies which always made it to a point to visit the area whenever there is a field trip within Laguna area.

The house is an ideal location set -up forĀ  shooting in some of television seriesĀ  and movies . The garden also boast of various Philippine native orchids, hoyas , ferns , tillandsias,Ā  exotic plants and even had a koi pond .

The family also had a fine collections of old family photos, ceramic jars, old memorabilia and evenĀ  orchid shows trophies .

For those who wanted to visit this magnificent house andĀ  garden you can contact Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro who conducts local tour around UPLB withĀ  food tripĀ  .Ā  He also an award winning landscaper and florist.

Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro contact information :

SMART (0918) 520-9795Ā  Sun ( 0922)895-9545

Land line # (049) 536-2463

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