Chef Frank Roland Schmitt meet and greet at Genting Star Tourism Academy

2nd Floor, Star Cruises Center, Genting Star Cruises Academy , Newport City, Pasay City – Philippines

Genting – Star Cruises Center Building

Genting –Star Tourism Academy (“ GSTA” or the  “Academy “) is a center of Excellence in the delivery of quality, competency –based hospitality and professional development training to develop individuals pioneering significant changes and contributing innovations in the hospitality .

Chef Frank Ronald Schmitt- Executive Chef

Chef Frank doing a demonstration


type of egg noodle of soft texture found in the cuisines of southern Germany  and of Austria , Switzerland, Hungary

Schnitzel topped with lemon

Vienna style  Schnitzel –  regular pork chop that is breaded and deep fried. The original ingredient is young beef  ( veal ), if young beef is not available, you can substitute them with pork .

Peach Melba ice cream  – vanilla ice cream with peach  and raspberry syrup topped with  yerba buena ( Mentha crispa Blanco )/ spearmint leaves   with peanuts / almond nuts / pistachio nuts and wiped creme

 Chef Frank Roland Schmitt, Executive Chef, Star Cruises – Super Star Libra (SSR).

Chef Frank Roland Schmitt is currently the Executive Chef of Star Cruises-Super Star Libra. He has been in charge of the whole kitchen operations of the cruise ship after his culinary stint in Germany and other international hotels, including the US from 1984-1986 and on-board the Norwegian Cruise Line from 1992-1994 where he held various corporate positions. From 1994-2000, he began his career with Star Cruises as its Executive Chef.

Genting Star Tourism Academy cafeteria

Genting Star Tourism Academy is hospitality and professional development training school for those aspiring to work in cruise ship, restaurant, hotels among others. The academy’s training programs are TESDA accredited. The courses  includes Food and Beverage Services, Commercial Cooking, Housekeeping/Accommodation, Front Office Services, Bread and Pastry, etc. that is 3 to 6 months long. For those who are interested to pursue a Diploma in Hospitality Management that is based on the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and through their partnership with  NSW Technical and Further Education Commission, a competency standard system allows their students to obtain a progressive qualification path from certificate to a degree level.

For those who are interested in their short courses and diploma courses , please visit their website link for more information about their program .

Genting Star Academy :

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Philippine native plant garden inside PAWB

a landscaped portion executed by members of the society

Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society had a small site located near the Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife  Bureau – Visitors’ Center for a few weeks now. The society have been appointed as the execution arm of a proposed botanic garden prototype in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife sponsored by the GTZ is a German funding agency and managed by PAWB.

They were scouring gardens in all over the country and around the metropolitan areas  to find suitable specimens to include in the botanic displays.  I visited the place in time for the January 16, 2010 monthly meeting at the  PNPCSI office in which Architect Andrew Patrick Gozon is said to conduct lecture with the topic ” Landscaping Using Philippine Native Trees”  .

As time flies quickly , Out of the dozen or so pre-registered participants for  the meeting,  only a handful  of people came!

group present during the meeting

The group composed of Mr. Patrick Gozon , Mr. Ronald Achacoso,  Anthony Arbias, Mr. George Yao, Mr. Leonard Co , Professor  Elena Ragrario and myself  toured the almost finished project of the society.

The collection of botanical plants ranges from orchids, hoyas, dishidias, aglaonemas, pitcher plants, ferns, cycads, native trees, aquatic plants among others.

Lumbang tree with heritage marker

The area had several identifies heritage trees by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

pavilion within  the man-made lagoon

This park started as a portion of the Quezon Memorial National Park which was established in July 5, 1954. The original plan was an area of 197.8 hectares. However, in1969, the National Park was reduced to it present size of 64.58 hectares.

Park entrance from Quezon Avenue side

The park has a number of entrances. Its pedestrian entrance however is located along Quezon Avenue. The gate from this entrance opens to a wide, two-lane asphalted road,  Administration building stands at the end of the road. Another entrance is located on the North Avenue side.  The  parking space in this side of the park is bigger and  can accommodate buses .

The administration building with a salakot style green  colored- roof . The bust of the former Senator Benigno ” Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was installed during President Corazon C. Aquino term.

There is a flagpole in front of the administration building. Part of the building is used for conference and for exhibition purposes.

An aviary beside the main building housed several pairs of native Philippine horn bill birds, owls, eagles  and herons.

These aviaries are maintained with the donations and help of some of the country’s top  corporations , individuals and other NGO groups.

Bagawak (Clerodendrum quadriloculare)

Some people also call it Bunga de Febrero, due to the fact that it flowers fully in about  January to February. This native flowering shrub of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, has one of the most impressive flower displays among our native flora. Bagawak  thick green leaves and reddish undersides, makes the plant  very attractive addition to any garden.

The problem is bagawaks are still not popular as a garden plant. Most of the plants are seldom seen  in collection, mostly in posh subdivisions. If you would want to see the spectacular magic burst  of flowers the ideal places are within Manila Seedling Bank  Foundation,  some in the botanical garden , in Antipolo areas and in UPLB areas.

According to some horticulturist,  This plant blooms better in a higher elevations like those in Antipolo, Silang, Laguna , Lipa , Tagaytay areas.

Location: Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau

Central Office: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center , 1100 Diliman Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone: +(63 2) 9246031-35

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