A Gift to the World: Bromeliad, Cactus and Succulent Show

The Philippines is known for its Flora Biodiversity, in the world or Horticulture the Philippines is very well known for its Horticulture contributions, biggest example would be Vanda sanderiana and Phalaenopsis aphrodite. The show will be from June 20 to 23, 2019 at Artium Area, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

These endemic Philippine Orchids have been the primary parents for most of the best and well known Foreign Hybrids across the globe. Seeing this worldwide fame of our endemic species as A Gift to the World. It is about time that Philippine Growers and Hybridizers show to the world. For those coming to the show, there is no entrance fees and there will be daily lectures, games and plant auction.

Daily Lectures/ Demonstrations:

June 20, Thursday
1pm Cactus Care During Rainy Season
4pm All About Caudiciform

June 21, Friday
1pm Tillandsias & Bromeliads as Home Decor
4pm Cactus and Succulents as Ornamentals

June 22, Saturday
1pm Growing Tillandsias Indoors and Artificial Lighting
4pm Compact Gardening for Small Spaces

June 23, Sunday
1pm Growing Bromeliads in the Metro
There will also be an auction at 4pm on June 23.

The Cactus, Succulent, and Bromeliad Festival will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium in Pasay City from June 20 to 23. Lectures will be held at 1:00PM to 4:00PM



A Gift to the World highlights Philippine Horticulture in its finest with out any Biases towards Plants, Organizational and Political affiliations this is one of the Dreams of the Owner of Manila Bulletin. Let us make support this Dream.

There is no entrance fees in this show.

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