Eating Experience at Megawatt Restaurant

41- A N. Domingo Street near corner Gilmore Avenue – San Juan City , Metro Manila -Philippines

Megawatt Restaurant and LG2 Auto Station

We always passed along N. Domingo street on my way to our relatives living in New Manila and San Juan . The place is very accessible by just commuting jeepney from Cubao ( New Arayat Market via N. Domingo street and Robinson’s Place , Magnolia ) a short walk from Light Rail Transit 2 Gilmore station , Jeepney plying via Aurora boulevard routes like Maikina -Stop and Shop, Cubao-Divisoria .

Ms. Anne Valle Purificacion together with an employee of the restaurant

  The restaurant  thematic styles includes anything that had electricity from solar panel tables, electric wires and cables lines, light bulbs, signage and even electric utility costumes for their employees .  The target market of the restaurant are students, yuppies , millennials and young professionals from 17 to 35 , but we saw some older people eating at this restaurant .

restaurant interior

The restaurant is located on the second floor beside LG 2Auto Station . This quaint restaurant can accommodate about 36 to 38 people at any given time .¬† Its growing clientele includes the residents of New Manila, San Juan, Cubao , Quezon City and even from Mandaluyong area. There is also a display corner where collectible items such as toy figurines,¬† commemorative items, limited collector’s edition sports shoes and key chains are sold to anyone that is interested .

eye catching signage

The restaurant had started their soft opening last month and is getting a lot of positive reviews and accolades from leading  food and travel review sites like Zomato and Trip Advisor .  The restaurant specializes in a fusion of Texas- Mexican and Asian Fusion blend of food.

Appetizer– Nacho Rizo Php 158 per serving , good for 3 to 4 people

Nacho Rizo is one of the nice fusion type of nachos  that we have tasted . It had a combination of nachos , Pangasinan longganisa bits ( which had a different taste ) and with generous toppings of cheese . For those who wish to add toppings, there is also a choice of different dipping sauces.

signature fried chicken 6 with fries

I prefer their American southern -style fried chicken de-boned and fried in batter mixture   . The fried chicken had 11 spices  . When freshly cooked , One can smell the unique aroma because of the spices , This chicken menu also comes with chips or french fries and its own dipping sauce.  Price range is depending on the number of chicken and combo mix , Price range is from Php 128 to Php 499.00

cheese,cheese cheese pizza

cheese, cheese, cheese pizza is a thin crust type with several kinds of cheese included . It includes feta, sharp, cheddar , guyere cheese, parmigiano and mozzarella cheese.  Php 315,  Ideal for 3 to 5 people sharing.

pizza seafood garlic

 Seafood pizza ingredients includes scallop , squid , shrimp and fish in special sauce . It had a topping of freshly sliced tomatoes and herbs. This is one of the MUST Try at this place.  Php 318 ideal for 3 to 5 people sharing.

29 karat surf and turf burrito

29 Karat Surf and Turf Burrito is also a MUST Try burrito . It had a combination Meltique steak with edible gold cream and foie gras ( fatty liver of goose )  Php 819 per order

vegan pesto burrito

ideal for those vegetarian Php 180 per order

AMP burger

AMP stands for Angus Megawatt Patty , the hamburger bun was custom made and topped with egg and hash brown . Ideal for 1 to 2 person Php 255 per order

crunchy mushroom burger

This is another hit among the patrons of the place , It cost Php 295 per order

Environmental Advocacy and Energy Conservation

solar panels

The restaurant partners decided  to install 2 solar panels which provides all their light requirements during their operation. It reduces as much as 20 to 30% of their energy consumption and saves them electricity bills.

signature ice tea ( black currant tea ) Php 88 and brewed coffee called E=MC2 Php 65

They  also use paper trays for serving dishes  . The restaurant may also be reserve for special occasions , corporate meetings, team building or just a simple get together .

Ms. Joyce Esteban -Marketing Manager

Ms. Joyce Esteban is holding their signature black currant tea- one of the best sellers and natural flavored ice tea. Those who wanted to try Texan-Mexican style of food , must check this out .

Contact : 639325012987 / 5012987

Restaurant Operations- Monday to Sunday

Monday to Saturday – 11:00am until 9:00pm Sunday 9:00am until 9:00pm

Facebook Page : Megawatt




Quezon Heritage House

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City

Quezon Heritage House ( ex-situ site)

The Quezon Heritage house was originally located within the residential areas of 7th and 8th Street Gilmore Avenue , Barangay Mariana ,  New Manila in Quezon City . The house was built on a 3,678-square-meter property where he lived while recovering from tuberculosis before World War II.

ambassador sala set

The lots are registered to Mrs. Zenaida ‚ÄúNini‚ÄĚ Quezon-Avance√Īa, the late President‚Äôs surviving daughter.

Avance√Īa, now in her 90s, lived in the house for 62 years. She has been living in Ayala Alabang since 2006.The property was rumored to be for sale¬† in 2008 .

machuca tiles

The original house had tiles made by prominent Machuca tiles company Website :

The lot was sold by one of the descendants of the Quezon family  sometime in 2011 and the family offered the house . The property alone is worth between Php 110 million to Php 125 million .

¬†National Historical Commission of the Philippines¬† ( NHCP) to determine the historical significance of the Quezon Residence which was reportedly purchased in the 1930s as a “summer house” of the affluent Quezon family. The family remembers the house as something ” special ” and “lucky”.

The small pocket garden had Mussaenda philippica variety  aurorae

Aurora an endemic Philippine flowering shrub that was found  in 1915 in the vicinity of Mt. Makiling, Laguna  as a spontaneous mutant of the species Mussaenda philippica variety aurorae was named after the former first lady.

plant box was given as a gift to Do√Īa Aurora Aragon Quezon by the Tapia family

The Quezon City government offered a 700 square meter lot within the Quezon Memorial Circle . The architects and engineers of Quezon City were able to save between 60% to 65% of the original structure .

dining area

The house was transferred sometime in 2011 within the Quezon Memorial Circle and will form part of the ambitious plan of a museum complex ( Quezon Heritage House ) ( Quezon Memorial Circle ) and ( Quezon City Museum ) . The Quezon Heritage house was opened last October 2013 as part of the  founding celebrations of the city.

 intricate grill works Рwhich is a fire escape

I have visited the museum several times during the construction and after its soft opening last October 2013 .¬† I must say that the Quezon City had saved one of the city’s valuable cultural treasures. Although not all heritage advocate will agree with what the city government .

group photo with bloggers , photojournalists

When I was appointed part of the Horticulture 2014 special committee on media and promotion by Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe ( PHSI president) , My keen interest about the recent development within area led me to organize a special tour within the Quezon Memorial Circle .

Note’ I would like to ” Thank” the office of Vice Mayor Maria Josefina Belmonte for the accommodation and the curator of the museum .

Museum Operation: Tuesdays to Sunday

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

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