All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet at Aberdeen Court at Great Eastern Hotel

Aberdeen Court is offering both breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet for several years in Makati and in Quezon City branches.

It had been a while, since we have visited the restaurant and hotel premises for a buffet lunch.

buffet table area

We reach the hotel premises past 12:30 pm. We were able to get plates and got our desired seating place in just matters of minutes! That is a plus point for a restaurant which offers a buffet lunch and eat all you can dishes.

dining area

The sitting capacity of the restaurant is between 80 to 140 people at any given time. Some portion of the place is well lighted especially near the main entrance.

framed old photos

table setting

The dining area needed some uplifting and lighting up. There are some old photos at the wall which serves as nostalgia pieces. The tables at the dining area need some changes since the different mosaic pattern looks distracting.

fried rice and steamed white rice

green mussels in oyster sauce

deep fried lechon kawali

There were about a dozen or so dishes neatly presented at the buffet table- This consisted of ordinary steamed white rice, yang chow fried rice, noodles, mixed meat with vegetables ( chopseuy), assorted cold cuts, green mussels in oyster sauce, roasted chicken, pot rod beef with potatoes and sweet potatoes, sissig, lechon kawali, dimsum and sweet spicy dalag ( snake head).


roasted chicken and green mussles with oyster sauce

Dipping condiments like liver sauce, ketchup, sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce among others.

hototay and pumpkin soup

dessert table

The desserts includes fresh slices of pineapples, watermelon, cantaloupe, chocolate and strawberry flavored waffer sticks, mochi balls, marshmallow, a chocolate dipping saucer, gelatin, vegetable salad and do it yourself halo-halo mix.

vegetables, halo-halo and leche flan stored in a refrigerator

What makes this nice and hygienic is each halo-halo is individually separated and the slices of fruits, gelatin and leche flan were placed in a refrigerator a plus point.


mochi balls in grated coconut

I was given 1 ice tea and an unlimited filtered cold water by the waiter. Overall, for Php 350 buffet lunch is just a slight upgrade from a typical Chinese style fast food restaurant. The staffs replenished the buffet table only for a few times. Popular dishes like assorted cold-cuts meats, green mussels, roasted chicken and lechon kawali were not refilled during our entire stay at the restaurant.

mixed meat with vegetables ( chopseuy ) and stir fry noodles ( pancit canton)

In our 1 hour or so stay at the restaurant, there were only a handful of people despite it falls on a weekend. The management must try to upgrade the dishes and try to refill the dishes as much as possible.

group photo

You cannot eat as much at any restaurant with only Php 350? There are some better restaurants/ hotels within Quezon City which serves better dishes at the same rate or just slightly lower in price.

pot rod beef with potatoes and sweet potatoes, assorted cold-cut meat

Overall, we would give this place a 6.48 rating out of the maximum of 10 highest.

Policy- No sharing, no leftovers and no take-out of food.

Eat all you can breakfast Php 203/ person , Php 350 buffet lunch/ dinner , Php 250 children below 4 feet

Schedule: breakfast buffet : 6:00 am to 9:30 am, lunch : 11:00 am to 2:30 pm , dinner: 6:00 to 9:30pm

Address: Ground Floor, Great Eastern Hotel, 1403 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Landline  Tel No: +63 2 3718282

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