Shopping at Baguio Night Market

Harrison Road , Baguio City-Philippines

It was past 9:00pm when we left Azalea Hotel premises on our way to the famed Baguio Night Market or Baguio Ukay-Ukay Market .  The entire Harrison Street near Burnham ParkMelvin Jones grandstand is converted into a large street market .

fashion and travel bloggers

The word ” Ukay-Ukay ” came from Filipino phrase ‘halukay’ or hukay-hukay  which literally means “digging” or “make a mess.”

There were over 1,000 street hawkers and street food sellers along a kilometer or so of the street .  The busiest night will be during weekends and during the summer months , when there were a lot of tourists from Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. The street hawkers would start to sell their goods by 9:00pm and end sometime early morning , But if it is raining or if there are few customers , most of them will pack-up by 12:00 midnight .

stuffed toys

For first timers in Baguio , Not all the items being sold at the night market are pre-loved / second hand or ukay-ukay items. Some are brand new or imitation from popular brands. There are also native products like key chains, wood crafts and knitted bonnets made by the locals .

key chains , refrigerator magnets  

For old clothes , price range from as low as Php 10.00 to a few hundred of pesos. The fashion , lifestyle and travel bloggers participated in a contest where they were given Php 500 per group for a challenge to buy a complete outfit for about 1 to 1/2 hour .

food hawkers

I am looking for some matchbox toys but was quite disappointed not to see them .  I have seen that there are a lot of people walking within the street market .

fish balls, squid balls, tokneneng , calamares , kikiam on stick and fried chicken

I have met some foreign students and tourists, They are up for a different challenge , sampling local street foods  , local delicacies.

We left the street market at about 10:40pm on our way back to the hotel.







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