Hello Colombia Prohibited in the Philippines

Miss Universe pageant is still fresh in the mind of Filipinos and every year, new types of firecrackers were being developed by the firecracker manufacturer’s in the Bocaue, Bulacan province which is nicknamed ” Firecracker Capital of the Philippines “.


 illegal firecracker PNP has discovered “Goodbye Bading.” and ” Hello Colombia Photo Credit: Chiara Zambrano/Twitter

For the past years, different names were identified to classify these firecrackers from the weaker ones to the stronger ones.  The creative minds of these sellers really know how to attract their customers.

With the pageant still fresh and controversy hound , The raid conducted by PNP on some firecracker stalls on tuesday December 29 yielded , the new names .

Banned firecrackers are those that contain a net explosive content of more than 0.2 grams or approximately 1/3 teaspoon under Republic Act 7183, the law that regulates the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices.

Goodbye Bading and Hello Colombia trended in local social media like twitter and instagram users.

Some of the newest types of crackers are:

  • Goodbye Bading (Goodbye Gay)
  • Crying Bading (Crying Gay)
  • Goodbye Universe
  • Hello Colombia
  • Goodbye Chicser
  • Yolanda
  • Pop Pop
  • ALDUB fireworks

Some of the weird names includes Gangnam Boom, End of the World, Babasi, and Pacman Ultrana all of which are banned.

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