Recipe for a Home-style Chicken Mami

Hello to all my avid readers and followers ,

It had been raining for 2-days and i am sharing one of our versions of chicken mami soup.

shredded chicken meat

Using whole chicken with bones gives you more flavors. Plus we do not want to waste any parts of the chicken. For those who wanted a more healthier options , you can buy 2 to 2 1/2 kilos of chicken breast.

family style chicken mami

This is our  family version and we do not use chicken bullion , msg ( vetsin ) . For those in a hurry using 1 to 2 chicken cubes is an option . We buy our chicken at the wet market  early in the morning to assure the freshness of the chicken.

Our version is ideal for a family of 6 to 15 people at least.


1 to 2 whole chicken -large ( between 1 1/2 to 2 kilos )

6 to 8 chicken eggs ( boiled )

1 to 2 kilos of thin mami noodles -normally available in all wet market stalls

spring onions -washed and chopped

4 to 6 large onions ( Sibuyas de bumbay or Spanish onion ) chopped into small bits ( fried into golden brown for toppings)

plus 1 whole Onion for broth

10 to 20 cloves of garlic chopped into bits ( this will be fried into golden brown for topping)

1 teaspoon of  ground black pepper

3 to 4 medium or large carrots- julienne and blanched ( optional)

1/4 cup of fish sauce ( patis ) and 2 table spoon of soy sauce

1 medium size celery -chopped including leaves

1 whole radish ( labanos/ rabanos) sliced

1/2 kilo of cabbage ( Baguio cabbage or ordinary cabbage)  shopped into smaller bits

small dash of pork or chicken floss for toppings ( optional )

1 table spoon of rock salt (opt out, if you’re going to use chicken broth cubes)

few slices of ginger about 100 grams

few slices of fresh chillies -chopped (optional )


1.) Start to prepare cooking pot by pouring 4 (w/out broth cubes) to 6 (w/ broth cubes) liters of water by boiling.

2.) After 2 to 3 minutes minutes, add chicken

3.) Add some chopped celery , 1 whole onion , 1 whole carrot, 1 radish , slices of ginger into the water in order to add more natural flavors to the stock

4.) Add the fish sauce, rock salt and  soy sauce to the stock.

5.) Keep the lid closed , checking them from time to time and getting rid of any any floating fats or sebo/oil and scum on top of the soup. It will take between 45 minutes to 60 minutes to cook the entire chicken and vegetables w/ broth cubes and it will take anywhere from 90 mins to 120 mins (slow cooking) to extract the chicken flavor without using chicken broth cubes.

6.) Turn off the heat and leave the chicken stock for another 15 to 30 minutes let it sit to add more flavor to the stock and meat.

7.) Remove the chicken and slice and or shred them into bits. .

8.) In a wide individual serving bowl, arrange the cooked noodles, chopped cabbage, carrot strips, boiled egg, chicken, spring onions,  toasted garlic and pork/ chicken floss. Pour-in the hot broth.

9.) For those who wanted a extra spice to their Chicken Mami- You can add a little grounded pepper and sliced chilies

Toppings Preparation

1.) Prepare a frying fan using as 2 to 3 tablespoon of vegetable , corn , canola or olive oil (depending on what is available in your kitchen)

2.) After 2 to 3 minutes – add the shredded chicken skin and deep fry them into golden brown color similar to chicharon – they can be added as additional toppings to the mami .

3.) Fry the chopped onions first then add the chopped garlic -wait for a few minutes until golden brown .

4.) Thinly chopped the Baguio Cabbage or ordinary cabbage – you can serve them fresh or slight blanched .

Suggestion: The toppings can be presented under small serving plate ,  small bowl for pork/ chicken floss, fried garlic , fried onion , chopped cabbage , chopped carrots this will be much easier for those people to manage what toppings they wanted. – parang Korean style !

Note: These is our family style chicken mami  recipe and we sometimes change some of the ingredients depending on the availability  and some budgetary restrictions.  We also like our chicken mami to have more garlic, fried onion and a little spicy


Recipe for Home Style-Rice Congee

home style congee

It had been raining for the past several days and we decided to cook a hearty evening meal which can satisfy us in the rainy weather. I remember that i grow up eating different kinds of congee. This is more of an eclectic mixture of ingredients from Filipino, Chinese, Taiwan , Asian  .

Ingredients :

1 cup ordinary rice ( long grain )  , 1/2 cup sticky rice  ( washed once ) pre-soaked for 2 to 3 hours .

1/2 kilo of pork bones , 1/2 kilo chicken ( preferably breast )  , 200 grams of ground pork , 20 to 25 cloves of garlic chopped . 2 pieces Red onion ( sibuyas de bumbay ) chopped  , chopped spring onion. 2 pieces egg ( beaten ) , 2 medium- sized sweet potatoes ( camote) peeled , 1 to 2 chicken or pork bullion , pinch of black pepper and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil.

pork floss , ma-hu  or meat flakes

Optional ingredients:

pickled cucumber ( 100 grams ) , pork floss ( 100 grams ), 1 to 2 century egg ( sliced and refrigerated for 5 to 10 minutes before serving ) , sliced fish meat ,  4 to 6 pieces fish balls for soup , chili flakes  . ( each of the ingredients are served into small plates )

pickled cucumber or radish


1.) heat the cooking pot with water (2 liters) and add the 1/2 kilo pork bones, 1-2 pc peeled onion and salt (or chicken broth cubes) bring to a boil and immediately reduce heat.

Cooking time varies depending on the type of bones or meat used. simmer for 45 to 60 minutes (1 hrs or more) to get pork broth.

2.) add the 1/2 kilo chopped chicken then wait for another 30 to 45 minutes . After boiling – You can get the chicken ( you may fillet the meat ).

3.) strain the broth add the long grain rice and sticky rice to the broth . Combine all ingredients (except garnishes) in a huge pot . This time add the ground pork , bring to boil and simmer. Stir every 5 to 10mins gradually add water to adjust desired thickness / consistency of your congee . cooking time is about 1hr to 2 hrs.


4.) on a separate pan , try to put some oil , and fry the chopped onion and garlic

5. ) sprinkle with black/white pepper, a few drops of sesame oil , chopped scallions and fried garlic and onion before serving . ( option will be the chilli flakes )

6.) to make the presentation more colorful, additional ingredients such as pickled cucumber or pickle radish , pork floss , sliced century eggs, cooked fish fillet and other meat.

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