10 Pastries and Breads from Dizon Bakery in Cavite City

Cavite City is not only known for its rich heritage churches, religious icons, sprawling plazas, ancestral houses but also its rich culinary heritage.


A visit to the city is incomplete without tasting and bringing home of their well-loved pastries, cookies, cakes and breads.


Dizon Bakery


Dizon Bakery


Dizon Bakery is one such iconic landmark, Its signage is simple and their recipe was handed down to at least three generations.


It was the grandparents of the current proprietor who started the business.


Mr. Jose Aguinaldo-Dizon ( third generation proprietor)

The bakery was one of the few approved supplier of breads and pastry when the United States Naval station from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s.


The baking equipment are heavy duty and they have a large space. We were fortunate that they allowed the group to see the process of making breads and how they still use the traditional furnace for baking.


industrial baking equiptment


a baker making pastries


traditional pugon

They still use pugon fired oven to cooked their breads and because they still use firewood in cooking their breads and pastries, Their breads and pastries had a distinct flavor and taste.




Ms. Zenith Dizon

10.) Vegan Chocolate Cookies – This are sold for Php 100 per pack, ideal for pasalubongs.


9.) Panderacion -Sold per pack and the soft bun goes well with local spread like mayonnaise , margarine, butter. This is more popularly called “Monay” in many parts of the country, But the owner changed the name to panderacion.


8.) Matsakaw– These toasted bread are ideal for snacks and goes well with hot chocolate, tea or coffee. ( Php 15 per pack)


7.) Kenkoy – The rectangular biscuit was named after a popular comic character Francisco “Kenkoy” Harabas . “Kenkoy” was popular until the late 1960’s. The biscuit goes well with hot chocolate, coffee, tea. (Php 35 per pack).

6.) Polvoron Cookies – These is a perfect combination of polvoron and cookie.


ensaimada special ( queso de bola with salted egg) and Ube flavored ensaimada


Ensaimadas ( ordinary )

5.) EnsaimadasРComes in salted egg or Ube flavored ones. This taste different from other ensaimadas / ensaymadas.  Ordinary ones cost Php 12.00


Empanadas with cheese and Empanada chicken ( Php 27.00)

4.) Empanadas – The empanadas is not cooked in cooking oil but baked on their pugon.

3.) Malunggay Pandesal – The pandesal is had an extra ingredient which adds more flavor and nutrient to the common bread. It is cooked in pugon which adds flavor and had a distinct taste.


Coconut bun or Pan de Coco ala Dizon


2.) Coconut Bread or Pan de Coco РThe coconut bread or Pan de Coco is a soft doughy bread with sweeten grated coconut meat. What makes this bread quite special is the  pandan leaves wrapped around the bun. Php 12.00 per piece.


1.) Salakot – This is a soft dough bread is called “salakot’ due to the shape of the bread. this goes well with Quesillo or Kesong Puti. This bread also goes well with almost any kind of sandwich spread, liver spread, scrambled egg or spam.¬† ( Php 65 per pack)


chocolate fudee






Aside from these specialties, The bakery had ube and monggo loaf, apas, sampalok, pacencia cookies, coconut cookies,peanut cookies, oatmeal cookies, French bread, wheat bread, butter toast, banana walnut bread, ube halaya, chocolate crinkles, leche flan, bread pudding, hopia, classic pullman bread, chocolate fudee, sansrival, yema cake buko, pineapple, apple and egg pies and others.


The breads,cakes and pastries can be pre-order and can be delivered via lalamove.

Dizon Bakery

Email : dizonbakery@gmail.com

FB and IG: @dizonbakery

Contact : (046) 431 1912/ (0936) 324 7498

Address: 618 P. Burgos Ave, Caridad, Cavite City, 4100 Cavite

Operations : Monday to Saturday

Operational Hours; 6:00 am to 8:30 pm


Reconnecting Our Roots : Binondo Heritage Group Goes to Tiong Se Academy

  Teletan Hall , Tiong Se Academy 708 Santa Elena Street,Binondo,ManilaPhilippines

























Binondo Heritage  Group, Tiong Se Academy officers and school officials,  Phil Lingnam Athletic Federation , Phil. Sen Hua Dragon and Lion Dance Group
























lion dancers enters the schools
Pagoda Philipines , Philippine Pink Panther Dragon and Lion Dance, Phil.Rui Lion Dance
Phil.Trigold Dragonlion , Phil.Wong Lion Dance and Tiong Se Lion Dance and
the Phil.DRAGON. And LION Dance Sports Asso.( Long-Shi Philippines

The event started with an official registration for Tiong Se Academy students, alumni , invited special guests., Binondo Heritage Group officers and members and Chinoy Television.























lions and dragon dancers associations






















The formal ceremonies started with a  photo opportunities then lion and dragon dancers were lined -up outside the school.



















firecrackers donated by dragon fireworks 

The firecrackers were donated by dragon fireworks and by the Binondo Fireworks and Firecrackers Lovers Organization





















Tiong Se Academy facade




















Ms. Carlos Chung – Vice Chairman – Tiong Se Academy


















Good Life by FlyAce Food Corporation

Good Life products such as pancit , bihon ,sesame oil and canned whole kernel corn are popular during festival and special occasions. The company also gave away sample of canned whole kernel corn and pancit canton to the participants and visitors of the event.















ready to eat and easy to open can – whole kernel corn

For Almost 50 years, Fly Ace Corporation has been bringing top quality food and beverage products to Filipino homes.

Website : http://www.flyacecorp.com/











Mr. Dewey Tan

Mr. Dewey Tan demonstrated his skills in Chinese calligraphy
















Tiong Se Academy students

The group led by  Ms.Tuesday Manan, Ms. Marjorie Liao, Mr. Jhonvid Bangayan , Ms. Angela de Jesus,  Ms. Trisha Galura among others .

















Group photo












Mr. Wilson Lee -Flores and other prominent members of the group














Dr. Judy Tan -Head Principal of Saint Stephen High School













Ms. Valerie Tan – Chinoy TV host and QTV Channel 11

The program was hosted by Ms. Valerie Tan, Mr. Joemar Colinares and Mr. Ivan Mandy .









Theais Satering Service 

The early morning breakfast was catered by Theais Catering – They are the ones who catered the Cha Misua ( vegetarian ) , Cha Misua -Meat , Misua soup , Pancit Bihon and hard boiled tea eggs.

Contact Person : Ms. Bebion Cheung -732-17-78 / 364-8417








King Chef sponsored packed meal for students and guests







Mr. Sherwin Tan

Sherwin Tan is an artist, currently with an ongoing exhibit from February 4 to March 4, 2016 at the Elements Gallery , SM Aura , Taguig City
















umbrella dance

There was also an umbrella dance performed by the students of the school




Eng Bee Tin and Ho-Land Bakery

Eng Bee Tin and Ho-Land Bakery sponsored snacks and gave away the new Matcha Green Tea flavored tikoy ( sticky rice cake )

There are interesting lectures about -Reconnecting with our Ancestral Roots РMy Search for familial roots by Mr. Eduardo dela Cruz 

Introduction to Geneology database/ website – Mr. Jerry Tieng





The History of Chinese Migration to the Philippines by Dr. Richard Chu

There is also a book signing autograph session and the book entitle ” Chinese and Chinese Mestizos of Manila ”¬† was sold at 10% discount specially for the event. I took the time to buy a copy and let the author autograph.

Introduction of Ateneo Confucius Institute  РDr. Cynthia Liang 

LCFM Intoduction Mr. Josiah Go

AFICS Speech and UPCSA – Mr. Steven Chua -AFICS President and Mr. Daniel Chan Ratilla



 winners of the raffle

At the end of the short lecture there was on the spot raffle for all the attendees of the event .  Merrian Webster Bookstore, Peerless Products , Fly Ace Food Corporation , Orocan , Goodlife provided some items for raffle.


audio-visual room

After the program , the founder of Binondo Heritage Group and some members took a chance to meet and have their luncheon together with Tiong Se Academy officials and board members .

Tiong Se Academy FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/TiongSeAcademy/

A Visit to Herran Bakeshop : Iconic Bakery within Santa Ana, Manila


1986 Pedro Gil St. Ana Manila -Philippines

After a short eyeball and meeting somewhere in Makati ( Circuit )  , I decided to walk the stretch of J.P. Rizal and Pedro Gil aka formerly known as Herran street. It took me about 45 minutes to 50 minutes to walk from Makati city to Manila passing several old houses .

La Brioche

 Long time friends , acquaintances and relatives who lived along this street ( Manila side)  are the ones who first gave us some pastries and hopias whenever we have some reunion or just a simply as ( give away treat) pasalubong .

I remember to have visited this bakery several times whenever i was around Paco or Pedro Gil area. But never thought of blogging the bakery since i usually do not carry any type of cameras back then.

popular pastry items like taisan cake, butter cake , hopia baboy , banana loaf , hopia hapon

History :

This is one of the iconic Filipino-Chinese bakeries around this side of Manila ( district 6)  .

Wong Kay Ying together with some bakers and entrepreneurs from China. The bakery business was then introduced in Sta. Ana , Manila.

Pan de sal peddlers were the very first customers of the Mr. Wong wherein the breads were sold at a wholesale price and these men acted as his very first agents. started the business in 1956. That was how Herran Bread and Foodmart Inc. began.

Thirty years later, Mr. Raymond Lee Рson of Wong Kay Ying took over the business and introduced an optimized system of baking. He then placed everything in a higher level of quality and standards in order to keep up with the City’s growing and becoming dynamic market. He introduced several innovations in bread making, widen the variety of commodities being sold in the store, expanded the scope of the target market to which he made sure that these goods are in every baking goods shelf of the top supermarkets all over the Metro.

One of the tagline ” Freshly Baked Tasty Goodness” is printed on their packaging which indicates that their pastries are freshly made.

bakery also sells loaf breads, sandwich spread , spam and meat loaf

The bakery use the logo and brand¬† ‚ÄúHappy Sunshine‚ÄĚ bread (as it is its popular packaging) to the table of every Filipino family.

Now , 60 years after РThis iconic bakery which is located just near the ancestral house of Romualdez . The current bakery is known as La Brioche. According to some old timers, this bakery is even older.

There are several celebrities and local politicians that are regular clientele of the bakery.

Taisan Cake and Butter Cake

Hopia Hapon in 20 pieces pack

Popular Pastries

Taisan cake ( Php 22.00) , Butter cake  ( Php 32.00 ) , Hopia Baboy ( Php 20.00), Hopia Hapon small pack with 10 pieces ( Php 19.00) , Hopia Hapon big pack  20 pieces( Php 49.00)

Note : Price indicated are subject to availability and changes- current price as of February 10, 2016 visit.


Herran Bread and Foodmart Inc,1986 Pedro Gil St. Santa Ana,  Manila -Philippines

Contact :

563-51-44, 564-30-31, 564-30-33 Fax number (632) 564-30-30

Note and Full Disclosure : The sales ladies and guard are quite grumpy when it comes to people taking photos around their premises. I have to explain to them that it was a special request from my relatives to take photos of the items that i am buying since they send me blurred photos of taisan bread and butter cake. I will be featuring the bakery in my personal blog. It seems that they are clueless or was instructed by the management .

No wonder , why very few online sites and bloggers are keen to feature this bakery, despite being well-known within the area.

 How to Commute :

One can take any jeep Santa Ana tulay route from Pedro Gil ( PGH area) or Guadalupe MRT Makati jeep bound to PRC , Del Pan and Santa Ana.

 Source: http://herranbread.yocal.ph/

Website:  http://herranbread.net/#/home

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