20 Toy and Memorabilia Hauls at the Toy Convention 2019

A visit to the recent Toy Convention 2019, One cannot resists buying die-cast toy cars, stickers, toy figurine, posters, pins, manga, comics and other items which are collectibles.  Some of these items remind us of our childhood days.

20 Toys and Memorabilia Hauls at the Toy Convention 2019

20.) Disney and Funko Pop figurines– One of the most popular creators and innovators of licensed pop culture products. Among the items includes Jollibee, Darna and Spider man.

19.) K pop, Jpop and Chinese artists– Several merchandise bearing popular Korean pop, Japanese pop and Chinese pop artists can be bought at the event.

18.) Go Bots– These are popular cars initially manufactured by Tonka which can transform into robots. The incomplete set of about 50 sets sells for only Php 40,000!

17.) Kewpie dollsis a brand of dolls and figurines that were conceived as comic strip characters by cartoonist Rose O’Neill. At the recent Retrocon 2019, these toys were popular items sold.

16.) Hot Wheel die cast toys– One of the most popular toys for sale at the convention. Some mint condition sells an average of between Php 120 to Php 250.

15.) Cartoon Power Bank – Solid Business  takes  prides itself as the leading provider of office and banking equipment in the Philippines. The company is located at 303, 3rd floor Singson building, Plaza Moraga at the foot of Jones bridge in Manila.

14.) Tin Plates Creative metal tin design having different themes. Most of the desired collectibles came from licensed products.

13.) Posters– One of the most popular items sold at the convention. Collectors would categorized this into different categories, one of the most popular ones are movie posters.

12.) PEZ Toys– The name PEZ is an abbreviation of PfeffErminZ (German for peppermint). It is the brand name of an Austrian candy  which was first manufactured in 1927 and associated manual candy dispensers.Toy character head dispensers were introduced in 1955, after the candy was introduced in the United States.

Pez Toys for sale at Php 300

Colorful cartoon characters, anime characters. There is a local collecting community which specializes in these items.

11.) Mickey and Minnie Mouse – Popular Disney character toys in which several merchandise items are made. One of the most popular are stuffed toys.

10.) Coca-Cola die-cast toys– The soft drink brand is popular worldwide and some of the popular items made are die-cast toys, trucks, polar bear and commemorative bottles. There are several local collecting clubs which specialize this kind of theme.

9.) Bruder Trucks–  The are available in reputable department stores, toy shops and everywhere where toys can be bought. This includes agriculture machinery, emergency, commercial ones.

8.) Captain Barbell, Darna and Lastikman– Mars Ravelo’s booth- creator of these iconic Filipino fictional heroes had several items from t-shirt, pins, mugs, ID holder and tumbler for sale.

7.) Ballpen– This is one of the most affordable items at the toy convention.

6.) Viewmaster– This is the trademark name of a line of special-format stereoscopes . This was first introduced in the 1939 but the popularity of these became apparent in the 1960’s to the mid-1990’s.

5.) Comics– Local and international comic were popular items for sale and MUST buy at the convention. There were several comic book authors and illustrators that are present during the event.

4.) Pepsi can and products – Pepsi is an international beverage company. The company seldom manufacture collectible items even during the height of its popularity. Some collectors would hunt for these trademarks.

3.) Stickers– This come in many different kinds from collectible Voltes V stickers, anime , cartoon and self made ones. Buying stickers at the convention is very popular and affordable.

2.) Pins– Another very popular collectible items.

1.) Jollibee and other popular figurines- One of the most popular sold items. There are several FB group which specializes in these thematic toy collection.

Note : Special “Thanks” to Mr. Azrael Coladilla and Toy Convention 2019 organizers


Make it Epic PH: Hot Wheels Toy Exhibit at SM Block Atrium

SM North , Block Atrium -Quezon City , Philippines

Toy Kingdom in partnership with SM opened a toy exhibit for children and toy collectors . The exhibit is dubbed ” Make it Epic PH ” . Most of the exhibtors are members of the Diecast Car Toys Collectors of the Philippines and some other toy car collecting groups.


There are several hundreds of die cast toy cars exhibits , some of them are still in pristine or mint condition .

exhibition area

collection of several die-cast toy cars on display 

Ghost busters Ecto 1 and Ecto 2

Local retailer are selling this version at Php 1,099.75

Aside from the die cast toy car exhibition. The guest are treated to a play center where children can bring their die cast toys and play .


There is also a selling area within the exhibition area. One can buy the latest 2016 Hot wheel collectible series. 

The exhibit will be until this September 11, 2016 .

There is also an in-house promo where one can , Get 3 die-cast cars for the price of 2 when you buy at any Toy Kingdom (Official) stores until September 30, 2016.


2nd Xavier School Toy and Hobbies Convention 2011

Poster of the event

Father Cortina Sports Center , San Juan City , Metro Manila

Xavier School Toy Fair  entrance registration table

Xavier High School batch 1986 which is celebrating their 25th silver jubilee this year  in cooperation with Big Banner Tarpaulin, Kia Motors, Jollibee, De Lionghi Coffee Machines, Playkit Philippines, Rebisco, Suncrest Food Incorporated opened this  toy and hobby fair to the general public.

Suncrest booth gave away samples of cupcakes , biscuits and candies

The event also highlighted the  special participation of Die-cast toy Collectors of the Philippines and Die-cast Car collectors of the Philippines members  by scheduling their swap meet at the event.   The 2 -day fair is open to the public for an entrance fee of Php 50.00 .  The proceeds of the event will be donated to Xavier High School scholarship projects.

miniature Eiffel tower

There was also an on the spot raffle of toys and other freebies  to a lucky visitor during the event. The organizers also set-up  games, eyeball meet, class reunion and even toy exhibit from  collectors .

tarpaulin poster

Mr. Alvin Vy one of the organizer of the event said: “We had a toy drive together with one of the country’s leading fast-food restaurant, These toys will be donated to some orphanages and public schools. Last year we donated 3 boxes of educational toys in Urdaneta, Pangasinan “.There are over 25 commercial exhibitors; several play area for the kids and adults.


Another highlight of the event is a swapping corner where enterprising members of Die- cast  Collectors of the Philippines or simply known as DCPH and Die- cast Car Collectors of the Philippines  would swap or sell their collections.

swapping corner with enterprising members

Mr. Raj Zulueta

Mr. Raj Zulueta started to collect Marvel comics for more than 20 years and gradually shifted to die-cast toys. Now he had a hobby shop called Collectibles Unlimited located within Eton Cybepod in Ortigas across Robinson Galleria.

Anime manga and DC comics for sale

He is also quite active in toy trading and usually participates in several swap meet of the club.

For those interested in swapping or buying toys, you may contact him thru his cell phone (0915-698-36-97)

Shell Ferrari model cars

Pilipinas Shell launched its unique premium promotion that allows loyal motorists to own their very own Ferrari model car.

Shell has developed a set of six limited-edition models of Ferrari race and road cars from the past 60 years. These include the Enzo, the F430, the 575 Superamerica, the 360 Spider, the F50, and the Ferrari F2001 F1 race car.  This particular set with plastic casing is being sold at Php 1,800.00 per set.

model racing cars which is sold at Php 450.00

Mr. Thyrone Rodriguez with his angry bird customized die-cast toys

Mr. Thyrone E. Rodriguez a Mechanical Engineering Manager by profession and a graduate of Adamson University proudly showed his collections of Disney cars, movie themed cars and a certified Yoyo collector. He does die cast customization where popular angry bird game characters were painted on miniature die-cast toys.

Contact Information:

(0922-8497663) Email: scythel908@yahoo.com

educational toys

Play Room Entertainment, which sells educational and highly specialized toys from children to young adults.

They categorized their products into Learning Games, Catch the Match, Gopher II, Number Chase, M is for Mouse, Papa Bear, Pick a Paint, Right Turn, Left Turn, Time after Time.

Memory Games like Hear n Seek, Hop to It, Monkey Memory, Sherlock.

Dice Games like Catz, Ratz n’ Batz, Chekov, Think Twice, Zippy

Strategy Card Games like Baker Dozen, Bull in a China Shop, Collide –O, David and Goliath, Limits, in Limbo, Strategem, Space Shuffle, Top Dogs

Strategy Board Games like Cosmic Cows, Cowabanga, Dead Man’s Treasures, King of the Beasts, Mother Sheep, Poison, Sitting Ducks Gallery, Unspeakable Words

Other Board Games which includes Golden Deuce, Little Italy, Killer Bunnies, Portabello Market

Contact Person: Mr. Alem Ang

Contact Information: (0917-811-2017/ 0922-89925)

Website: http://www.playrooment.com/

Email: ang.alem@gmail.com

Mr. Freddie S. Tan

Neutral Grounds are one of the country’s wholesale distributors of strategy war toys and strategy games. They also organized the strategy war games during the toy fair.

strategy war games is popular among the visitors

Contact Person: Mr. Freddie S. Tan

Address: 2nd Floor Madison Square Ortigas, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan 1503 Philippines

Phone: 496-4112

Faxphone: 632-725-7137

Mobile:  +63917-817-9509

Website: gamemaster@neutralgrounds.net  / www.neutralgrounds.net

Branches in Metro Manila

Level 3, Glorietta 4, Makati City

Phone: 8195800

 Sports, Hobbies & Fitness Area,  Alabang Town Center
Phone: 8502033

 3F, V-Mall Ortigas Avenue, San Juan
Phone: 7278583

Level 2 , Trinoma , Quezon City

 Phone: 9165078

 Level 4, SM Megamall B , Mandaluyong City
Phone: 4250275

 Digital Zone, Eaton Corinthian Cyberpod Mall , EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue , Quezon City
Phone: 6348982

Children enjoyed assembling robot figurines 

Model kits provide collectors  with the parts to make snap-assembly action figures, including stickers to enhance the characters. A trading card with vital statistics is also included with the kit and can be collected and stored in plastic sheet protectors.

Gundam toys on display

Gundam is an anime series centered around giant robots, or mecha, controlled by a human operator. The show made its first appearance in 1979 and is arguably the most popular example of mecha in the West. The Gundam franchise includes several animated series, films, video games, clothing and action figures, to name a few categories.

Trump Tower Manila booth

 Trump Tower is one of the latest project of Mr. Donald Trump in the Philippines ,  The tower is located in the City of Makati or “Modern Makati” is the undisputed financial, commercial, and social center of the Philippines. Makati is the hub of urban energy and vigor, where a multitude of exhilarating dining establishments, five-star hotels, the hottest nightspots and the country’s most popular shopping malls are located.

Website: http://trumptowermanila.com/

airplane and tanks model on display

Hot Wheels are die-cast model vehicles manufactured by Mattel and were introduced in 1967. Originally the cars and trucks were manufactured to approximately 1:64 scale and designed to be used on associated Hot Wheels track sets.

hot wheels ferrari model being sold at Php 100 each ( mint) condition

Hot Wheel Vehicles are authorized by the car makers General Motors, Ford Motor Company,  and  Chrysler Motors. Other car manufacturers  like Ferrari , Mazda and Toyota have licensed Hot Wheels to make a scale model of their cars.

hot wheels on sale a Php 50 per pack ( mint ) condition

Warrior figurine

These warrior figurine action toys previously  sold at Php 300.00 per piece ( Mint condition) , now it is being  sold for Php 50.00 per piece  during the Xavier toy fair.

King of Rock -Elvis Presley figurine toy

DC Universe action figure toys

Coca-Cola model toy cars

 t-shirt with comic characters for sale

Xavier High School  t-shirts for sale

The aim of the toy exhibit is not only for fun and profit but also to raise funds for the scholarship project to well-deserving students of the community.

It is also the appropriate venue for collectors to meet other fellow collectors with the same passion and hobby. The author also saw some friends  and met  new acquaintance during the meet-up .

 The author  salute the Xavier organizers,  members of the Die-cast Toy Collectors of the Philippines and Die-cast Car Collectors of the Philippines for their openness and friendly attitude.  This group also arranges a monthly swapping exchange .

According to one of the Xavier organizers , they might do this project on a yearly basis .

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