Fun , Exciting Adventure and Conservation at the Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle

M. Adriatico street corner President Elpidio Qurino Avenue, Manila-Philippines


Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle highlighted their two famous residents . The Sulcata tortoise and Hyacinth macaw .  The  zoo was open to the public 15 years ago , which enables children , students and visitors to interact with the animals . The zoo is about 5,000 square meters and is located within the Manila zoo compound .  In fact , this area  was part of the zoo until 1998.  You need to pay an entrance fees in Manila Zoo before you can enter the premises.

Sulcata tortoise copulating

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is an interactive zoological facility .  – The zoo boast of  ” Mr. T ” ( Sulcata tortoise ( Geochelone sulcata ), a 50-year -old tortoise . The zoo also have a breeding facility were several dozens of these amazing land turtle are breed and hatching them requires extra-ordinary care . 

Mr. T- a 50-year old sulcata tortoise

It is the third-largest species of tortoise in the world. It is found in the in the countries of Burkina Faso, Chad , Eritrea, Ethiopia , Mali, Mauritania , Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan.

sulcata tortoise eggs

African Sulcata Tortoise got there name from the Latin word Sulcus which means “furrow”. Furrow describes the black lines on the scutes (the scales on the shell) of the tortoise.

3-month old sulcata tortoise

The select group of freelance media , journalists , bloggers were shown how the kinder zoo were able to breed some of their animals .

Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas , Mr. Pocholo Gonzales , Ms. Ada Cuaresma and Mr. Andrew San Fernando

The event was hosted by Ms. Ada Cuaresma , Mr. Andrew San Fernando and Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales ( Voice Master ) and Ms. Grace Bondad -Nicolas ( PR for media and bloggers )


children enjoyed holding the birds

The kinder zoo attracts thousands of students, families and tourists every year .  It is good that the kinder zoo had a very knowledgeable staffs which encourage visitors on how to properly handle their animals and their importance .

  Hyacinth Macaw ( Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

The zoo is proud to conserve 7 Hyacinth Macaw or Hyacinthine macaw, is a parrot native to central and eastern South America .

A kid with butterflies

Habitat loss , trapping wild birds for the pet trade and  has taken a heavy toll on their population in the wild, and as a result the species is classified as endangered on the  International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List , and it is protected by its listing on Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species  (CITES).

These 7 macaws have been in the aviary for the past 5 years to make them grow and mature . Sometimes this year , Kinder Zoo will no longer display the macaws that have been paired up and will set them up for breeding it its new breeding facility .

There are only about 4,000 birds that can be found in the wild and the macaws were purchased from a well-known bird breeder Mr. Antonio De Dios ( Birds International Incorporated ) of Quezon City .


Rufous hornbill

It is endemic country , where it occurs in primary, mature secondary and disturbed forests on 11 islands. At Kinder zoo, the endemic Rufous hornbills were being bred in captivity .  It is one of the zoo primary advocacy is to be able to breed rare and endangered animals. Group and education tours may be accommodated 

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Adventure Jungle ( Php 100.00 ) For inquiries : (02)522-61-79 , (02) 475-5775

One can also enjoy petting the animals , taking photos and climbing the walls, swimming pool and zip line  ( Php 250 )

Operation : 9:00am to 6:00pm Mondays to Sundays


Meralco Management & Leadership Center Foundation

MMLDC is short for Meralco Management & Leadership Development Center located in  Kilometer 27 Sumulong Highway in Antipolo, Rizal province.

But to thousands of others that have benefited from its programs, there is so much more to the 10-hectare expanse.

MMLDC started as an internal training facility for the 6,000- plus workforce of Meralco, including contractors, partners and managers. The utility was then undergoing a spate of transformation coming out of the 1980s and 1990s.

Before , Meralco conducts  a lot of out-of-town training; practically every week we were doing team building, living out of our suitcases . Then the management decided to  set up our own center to make it more convenient for the employees and the participants.

Manuel L. Lopez tarpaulin

On August 9, 1999, MMLDC was formally established, with the Academic Hall as the first structure to be opened. By 2000, the buzz was out about the new training center, with people from other companies requesting to rent the venue for their own training activities.

group photo

Social responsibility
As an educational foundation, MLDC’s stated vision is to create a brighter future through institutions and individuals who manifest and promote social responsibility through its five advocacies: ethical leadership, quality management, technical excellence, environmental stewardship, and safety and wellness practices.
In 2006, the corporate training and academic services programs were beefed up to complement the teambuilding programs, considered the centers bread and butter.

The big compound had old mango trees with huge Platycerium grande, bromeliad, tillandsias , orchids mounted on living trees in landscaped garden setting.

There were a lot of exotic bird  collection like parrots, budgerigars , peacocks, pigeons . There is a (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), or Hyacinthine Macaw or Hyacinth Macaw which is reputed on e of the rarest bird in the world which is endangered in the wild .

author with a common green parrot

The Hyacinth Macaw is an endangered species due to over collection for the cage bird trade and habitat loss. Annual grass fires set by farmers can destroy nest trees, and regions previously inhabited by this macaw are now unsuitable due to cattle-ranching, forest destruction , pet trade etc…

There was a short bird show which was duly reserved for the visiting POS members . The captive parrots and their trainers entertained the visitors . At the end of the bird show – the handlers let the visitors handle the parrot.

The group also went to a small museum and a gift shop within the compound.

The foundation is ideal for social functions like seminars, filed trip, corporate parties etc…

tranvia replica

Contact information:

Location : Km 27 Sumulong Highway , Antipolo City , Rizal

Telephone  632-8111/696 -3051

Telefax 696-1027/26

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