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10 Ways to Enjoy Dining Experience at Hodai Japanese-Korean Fusion Restaurant

Hodai which means “all you can ” in Nihongo or Nippongo.  The restaurant is a fusion between Japanese, Korean and international dishes.

Hodai just recently open their doors last May 2019 and had been attracting great reviews and accolades from food connoisseurs and their customers. The cat in the logo is similar to neko cat which invites luck or customers to the place.

Hodai Japanese and fusion dishes buffet at #14 Examiner street

10 Ways to Enjoy Dining Experience

10.) Large Space– There use to be a large house which occupies about 600 square meters of lot with almost 400 square meters of dining space. The house was converted into a restaurant by the proprietors. Which have a sitting capacity of between 150 to 160 at any given time.  There is an amble parking space.

9.) Family Oriented– For those planning to dine at the restaurant, One can try to walk-in or make reservation in advance.

8.) Ambiance– Large windows and high ceiling allows natural light to enter inside the restaurant. Modern lighting and fixtures are an added bonus for those who wish to take photos and Instagram.

second floor

The second floor had nice wooden floors, simple wooden chairs and tables would greet customers.

7.) Friendly Staff – Another plus for visiting this restaurant are the friendly smiles and service oriented culture by the staff.

different kinds of sushi rolls

6.) Unlimited sushi rolls– If you will choose between GOLD or Silver unlimited and sushi rolls is one of the dishes included. one will surely enjoy their sushi rolls.

Hodai Gold and Silver  in-house promo

5.) Tempura– If you are lover of deep fried shrimp and vegetable tempura. This is a place to visit.

4.) Pork Tankatsu and Teriyaki– Deep fried pork tonkatsu with nice sauce and lettuce topped with chopped spring onions. Another dish is their teriyaki with their special sauce.

3.) Miso Soup and Rice– One would be delighted to know that there is free miso soup and white rice included in their promo.

Korean Fried Chicken

2.) Korean Fried Chicken– available in two flavors: deep fried chicken with glaze sweet sauce and garlic with sesame seeds. Another one is the spicy version. This dish is comparable to well-known korean style fried chicken in the industry.  Children, teens and adults will surely like it.

buffet dishes

1.) Affordable – There is an ongoing in-house promo for those who wanted to taste their dishes. It comes with ” Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold” promo. What is nice about their buffet is that the food serve is not sitting on a buffet table but served ala-carte style.

Promo:  Weekday
1+1 Gold set Php 599.00 (for 2 pax)

Weekend and Holidays

Silver set Php349.00 and Gold set Php 419.00

How to Commute:

1.) From EDSA Quezon Avenue, ride a jeepney bound to West Avenue/ SM North/ Project 6 ( from Delta Theater) and get off at Examiner Street. Walk towards the restaurant ( just in front of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Operation Sagip Center)

2.) From EDSA North, walk towards SM Savemore/ Paramount. One may opt to ride jeepney bound to Quiapo and get off at Examiner Street ( Php 9.00). Walk towards the restaurant.

3.) West Avenue: Another option is one can take a tricycle to the restaurant (P15 per person or Php 40 special )

4.) West Avenue- One can walk between 10 to 15 minutes walk from Paramount theater to Hodai .

Note: Promo prices posted at this site are subject to change without prior notice from the management of the Hodai restaurant. 

 Hodai Fusion restaurant

Address: #14 Examiner street near West Avenue,Barangay West Triangle, Quezon City

Contact : 0956 460 5848 / 0920-234-1200

Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm , 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Delightful Ga Mi Jung Korean Restaurant in Antipolo

Ga Mi Jung is not your typical Korean restaurant. They are in business for about 7 years. This is a MUST dine -in place when you visit Antipolo City, Rizal province

Ga Mi Jung entrance

At first glance, one may think that it is a Korean grocery or Kpop Karaoke, But the restaurant had attracted several loyal clientele over the years.

Ga Mi Jung

There are also a lot of locals and even Koreans who would dined-in at the place. This place is good for friend, family and hang-out place. A small portion had some Korean ice cream and foods.

ground floor

There are some celebrities like Mr. Dennis Padilla, local politicians among others.

second floor

The capacity is 40 ground floor and another 40 at the second floor. The second floor is more traditional as visitors are required to remove their shoes. Furniture and fixture adhere to Korean vibe.

menu board

value meal

The restaurant also serve unlimited samgyeopsal in which one can share between 2 to 4 people.


shredded mix vegetables

fried eggplant

scrambled egg with minced carrots and spring onions\

tofu with curry

appetizer like scrambled egg, shredded cabbage with carrots, kimchi and white rice.

Mandu– fried dumpling with sauce

Seonji -Haejangguk  ( Ox Blood Hangover soup ) – This is good with rice, not too spicy and there are bit of coagulated ox blood in rich soup.

Japchae – Korean two kind of noodles,  glass noodles and thick wheat noodles combined. Stir fry cooked in Korean soy sauce, carrots, pork meat and shredded onion leeks leaves topped with sesame seeds.


Jok Bal -a Korean dish made from pork pig trotters cooked in soy sauce , spices topped with sesame seeds , sliced fresh tomatoes and fresh lettuce leaves. The meat is wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves, sauce and adding some side dishes before eating.

Galbi Jjim/ Kalbi Jjim – it is a tender, delicious Korean braised short ribs cooked using some spices in soup base. A good compliment with white jasmine rice.

The group ordered rice, Sundae -Gukbap/ Soondae -Gukbap ( blood sausage pork intestine soup) , Galbi Jjim, Japchae, Mandu ( fried dumpling) and Gopchang ( pork intestine soup)

What we love about the restaurant is that they refill the side dishes. The staff were friendly and gave us endless cold water. Our group would rate this restaurant 7.25 out of 10.

Special “Thanks” Ms. Jo Quimpo, Mr. Lebon Ong and Sir. Ramon Calado for the warm invite.

Address: 256, Sumulong Highway, Barangay Mambugan, Antipolo City , Rizal 

Contact: (02) 451 1147 Globe : 0916-9696-921
Smart : 0921-732-9369

Operations: Mondays to Fridays from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm