Imelda Marcos Jewelry Collection Being Appraise by Large Auction Houses

Christie’s auction house appraiser David Warren examines a set of jewelry from Roumeliotes Collection, one of three sets of the Marcos Jewelry Collection, during appraisal at the Central Bank of the Philippines Tuesday in Manila.

The Philippine government is having millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry seized from former first lady Imelda Marcos appraised Tuesday ahead of a possible auctioning of the collection. The jewelry was seized when Marcos’ family fled to Hawaii in 1986 following a revolt that ended her husband’s two decades in power. Bullit Marquez Associated Press

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The jewelry was seized when dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his family fled to Hawaii in 1986 following a popular revolt that ended his two decades in power. The pieces include a barrel-shaped diamond worth at least $5 million and a Cartier diamond tiara that’s likely multiple times more valuable than the previous estimate of $30,000 to $50,000.

The Marcos family allegedly amassed billions of dollars’ worth of ill-gotten wealth, and the dictator’s widow, now 86 and a member of Congress, became known for excesses, symbolized by her huge shoe collection and staggering jewelry.

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The jewelry collection, comprising three sets seized in various locations, was valued at $5 million to $7 million when it was last appraised in 1988 and 1991.

A 25-carat Indian pink diamond probably cut in the 18th century and worth at least $5 million was newly discovered to be part of the collection. It was previously listed as crystal and may have not been shown to appraisers, Warren said. Marcos’ briolette-cut or barrel-shaped pink diamond is from India’s famous Golconda region, which produced rare finds like the Hope Diamond and a 500-carat diamond that is part of the British crown jewels.

Pink diamonds are very rare. Warren said a 16-carat vivid pink diamond was sold by Christie’s this month in Geneva for $28.5 million.

The government allowed the press to see and film some of the 750 pieces of the three collections, which were kept in a vault at the central bank.

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There are other options in which the state could reap benefits from these jewelry collection which is said to be part of the vast collection of Imelda Marcos . According to some books and autobiographers . Imelda during her time had a penchant of buying rare jewelries , tiaras and master pieces from famous artists , royalties and jewelry stores. Some of the jewelry items had historical value.

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