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2nd Floor, 111-A, Kamias Street, Quezon City

Chef Danny de la Cuesta

 Comida Chefs, Plato serves a multi-ethnic fusion where dining experience and where flavors clash on purpose . It is a multi-cultural mixture from different part of the country and the internationally known foods. There are also several healthy nutritious menus full of omega fiber, omega -3, vitamins and antioxidants . Plato brought favorite street dishes and transformed many these “ethnic” cuisines to become mainstream and expects you to sample even more of them regularly .

  Chef Danny de la Cuesta is a cross channel designer by profession .

ilocos longganisa and  burger patties

He have been designing fashion for over 45 years, He curate events, style homes and built up efficient kitchens.


He joined a national competition of San Miguel. A short culinary course in Le Cordon Bleu in London that came part of the prize extended to nine months of learning more skills.

Latija Comida ( Banana Cinnamon Trifle )

Upon returning from London, he was consulted for food brands, mostly for recipe development, cooking demos and mentoring.  He is also a food writer and his works has been published in Cook Magazine, The Business Mirror, Commuter Express and several publications.

Pandan Lemongrass Cooler

Pandan leaves lemon grass tea blend with pandan syrup – according to Chef Danny- It took 3 days to get the extract .


Spaghetti and Pancit Luglog – the spaghetti pasta was made by Chef Danny using organic ingredients .

Aside from the interesting fusion of street foods , the company is also offering their services to those who wanted to start their food business.

The place is quaint and can accommodate between 20 to 35 people . It is ideal for company board meetings, get together or simply a place to relax and chill out.


a.) Restaurant Solutions – The company is dedicated to helping Food Service Establishments on Start-up solutions inclusive of menu engineering , recipe development , new item creation , kitchen management , business operations , safety handling standards , private dinners and personal chef services.

b.) Signature Catering- the company provides private catering for parties , meetings or convention. For as low as Php 150 per head minimum of 150 people , They can set up to 7 kinds of dishes.

c.) Market Development – They also help  in marketing, publicity and promotion .


Caballete Artist’s Gallery : An Art Gallery and a Venue Place in Quezon City

111-A Kamias Street, Barangay Malaya 4- Quezon City

Caballete which is Spanish for ‘ easel” aims to cradle Filipino art pieces and place them in a pedestal where they belong , to emphasized talent rather than dictates of commercialism.

The art gallery open its doors to the public about one year ago. It is accessible in all modes of transportation and from EDSA Kamuning . It is just 2 light stop away and just in front of Shell gasoline station.

Mr. Ramon Araullo

Artists gallery was born out of a passion , A Passion of one man to start a collection in the mid- 1980’s and collect the best of Philippine visual art in order to showcase this collection and how the best of what the Filipino artist past and present have to offer.

The gallery had collection of different Filipino art masters

Mr. Vicente Manasala sketch

Among his priceless art collection is a 1975 sketch of National Artist – Mr. Vicente Manansala

Singkil dance by Mr. Angel Cacnio

Mr. Angel Cacnio spent his childhood in Malabon, his father would set out to sea with fishing nets, leaving, the sickly child by the shore, whose fascination with Filipino country folk along with their customs and traditions are seen in his vibrant watercolor and oil paintings.  Mr. Angel  Cacnio won a coin design contest by the Central Bank of the Philippines in 1967. He  designed the one centavo coin ( Lapu-lapu ) , the 50 centavo Marcelo H. Del Pilar coin  as well as our current 20 and 100 peso bills.

He was also a Gintong Parangal ng Malabon awardee for Art in 1981.

Ang Kiu Kok painting

Mr. Ramon Araullo gave us some interesting tips on how to start collecting art pieces.  Ang Kui Kok is another re-known art masters .He was taught  and trained by Filipino art masters, most notably  Mr. Vicente Manasala who was to become a lifelong friend and mentor.
HR. Ocampo 1972
The art gallery aims to encourage groups of friends from all ages to just hang out and witness the visuals and at the same time learn the roots of filipino art heritage through sharing of information from art practitioners and the art gallery is coming up with interesting workshops and trainings .
Caballete Artist’s Gallery
Store: 111-A Kamias Street, Barangay Malaya 4 , Quezon City
Store Operations: Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm
Contact : 945-25-73 Mobile (0927-2600-470)
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